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Get Down Here!

The double-edged long ax had a few cuts and a few faint blood spots.

It was obvious that it had been through a lot of battles.

[Counting down to five seconds, four, three, two, one]

As soon as the countdown ended, the light screen between the two of them disappeared.

Zhou Mingrui felt a strong gust of air pressing down on him.

This was because Yifeng had already swung his ax at the first possible moment.

The sound of air being compressed and torn apart rang in Zhou Mingruis ears.

However, he had already raised the bone sword in his hand one step ahead of him.


The double-edged ax struck the bone sword, and a slightly muffled sound of collision resounded in the arena.

However, the spectating students were all shocked.

This was because Zhou Mingrui had only raised one hand.

The bone sword in his hand was placed horizontally in front of him.

And Yifengs double-edged giant ax just happened to be on the body of this bone sword.

“H-how is this possible”

At this moment, everyone who saw it was shocked except for Yan Wuyue.

They seemed to see a child raising his hand to catch an adults fist, and the child still had a relaxed expression.

“Is this all youve got”

Zhou Mingruis voice turned deep after he wore the helmet.

It sounded like he came from the netherworld.

“Shut up.

Im being merciful.


Yifeng was instantly infuriated by those words.

With an angry roar, the muscles in his arms swelled up.

His powerful strength brought back his confidence as he once again brandished the double-edged ax in his hand and slashed it at Zhou Mingrui.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he remained unflustered.

The bone sword in his hand drew a strange circle, but he managed to stab the side of the double-edged ax first despite being the second to move.

With this stab, the powerful force of the double-edged ax was instantly stagnated.

Zhou Mingrui took a step forward with his left foot.

After the tip of the bone sword created a spark on the double-edged ax, it smashed into Yifengs chest.


Yifeng took a few steps back in pain, but with the lower half of his bird body, he quickly regained his center of gravity.

However, just as he stood firm while he was still dizzy, Zhou Mingrui appeared in front of him in a flash.

He mercilessly kicked him in the chest.

This time, Yifeng completely lost his center of gravity and directly fell on the stage.

This time, Zhou Mingrui did not press on with his victory.

Instead, he quickly took a few steps back and made room for him.

“10000 dollars.”

Zhou Mingrui said indifferently.

“What are you doing, Yifeng You were defeated by a skeleton”

Zhao Anqi suddenly shouted.

She couldnt believe that her summoned spirit could be defeated by Yan Wuyues skeleton.

Yifeng, who had fallen to the ground, was also doubting his life.

He had not expected himself to actually be knocked down, and an indescribable feeling of suppression instantly turned into anger.

The other party did not continue to attack.

It was obvious that they wanted to use him as a money tree and keep knocking him down.


Yifeng jumped to his feet, and his entire body stood up.

Several blue veins protruded from his forehead, and the muscles on his upper body began to tremble.

“Be careful.

He might have awakened the Berserk skill, which will improve his physical fitness.

The only disadvantage is that it wont last for long.

After it ends, he will enter a state of weakness for some time.”

Yan Wuyue immediately reminded him.

As a future powerhouse at the top of the pyramid, she naturally knew most of the skills of different types of summoned spirits.

She even remembered the general effects clearly.

Yifengs summoned spirit state was obviously the active skill “Berserk” that could be easily awakened among the orc summoned spirits.

“Theres no need to worry.”

However, Zhou Mingrui did not mind at all.

He continued to allow Yifeng to activate its Berserk state.

“You will regret this!”

As soon as Yi Feng finished speaking, his eyes were instantly filled with red blood vessels, and his skin also appeared flushed.


A pair of wings spread open from its back as it charged at Zhou Mingrui at a speed that was nearly twice as fast as before.

The double-edged ax in its hand also transformed into a black shadow as it slashed down at Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingruis arm glowed as it was immediately covered by a thicker layer of bone.

He raised his sword and met the double-edged ax.

“You reckless thing!”

Seeing that the other party actually dared to face him head-on when he had activated Berserk, Yifeng immediately laughed wildly in his heart.

He could already foresee that Zhou Mingrui would be sent flying by his ax.

He would not be able to get up after he crashed to the ground.

However, the next moment, when the weapons of both sides collided, the development of the situation was completely out of Yifengs expectations.

The violent strength that he was so proud of was unable to force Zhou Mingrui to take a single step back when he faced him!

“H-how is this possible”

After entering Berserk, Yifengs heart had become incomparably restless, but at this moment, it was as if a basin of ice water had been poured on it, and he was chilled from head to toe.


The air currents swirled wildly as Yifeng controlled its wings and swept them towards Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui only had a pair of hands, but Yifeng had a pair of wings!

Looking at the wing that was sweeping toward him, Zhou Mingrui suddenly exerted strength in his legs.

A powerful force erupted from his waist, pushing Yifeng back a few steps.

Immediately after, the bone sword in his hand turned into a white phantom and cut towards Yifengs wings.


With a tragic cry, Yifengs left wing was sliced open by Zhou Mingruis bone sword, leaving a deep wound.

If he had not retreated quickly, it was very likely that his wing would have been severed.

Enduring the pain from his wound, the original arrogance Yifeng had completely disappeared.

Now, if anyone told him that this skeleton in front of him was a good-for-nothing, he would definitely fight that guy with all his might!

He was actually able to fight head-on with him in a Berserk state and even forced him to retreat.

In terms of strength, he was definitely stronger than him!

“Go on, Yifeng, why arent you attacking”

Zhao Anqi, who was behind him, immediately urged him.

After all, she wasnt Yifeng.

She couldnt sense how terrifying Zhou Mingrui was.

“No, its my turn.”

After Zhou Mingrui finished speaking, he took a step forward and rapidly approached Yifeng.

Under the Berserk state, Yifeng knew that he still had the strength to fight.

Hence, he roared and charged at Zhou Mingrui again.

Just as the two parties were about to collide, Yifengs body suddenly flew up and dodged Zhou Mingruis attack.

Immediately after, Yifeng endured the pain and flapped his wings like an eagle as he swooped down towards Zhou Mingrui.

“I already expected you to be able to fly.”

A white bone shield had already formed in Zhou Mingruis hand.

He raised his hand to the sky, blocking Yifengs attack.

At the same time, his other hand reached out and grabbed Yifengs left foot.

“Get down here!”

Zhou Mingrui bellowed.

With a burst of strength in his arms, he yanked Yifeng down and slammed him to the ground.

“20000 dollars.”

Zhou Mingrui looked at Yifeng, who was lying on the ground.

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