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Captain Zheng Isnt Nobody

Hearing Captain Zhengs words, all the new soldiers changed their expressions and started whispering to each other.

“What Do you think were here on vacation” Captain Zheng suddenly shouted.

The soldiers present immediately quivered in fear and quickly shut their mouths.

“Attention, line up!”

Captain Zheng looked at the soldiers who had lined up again and said coldly, “From the moment you entered this gate, youve become an official soldier.

Everything is about military rules for you.”

“If I see anyone flinches, the emergency military rule gives me the power to kill you on the spot!”

“Now, follow me!”

The soldiers looked at each other, but they could only line up obediently and run behind the group.

Soon, they arrived at a large square.

Within a few minutes, the place was filled with soldiers, but they all stood straight under strict military discipline.

“Guys, welcome to the B-3 defense line.”

A few minutes later, a major general in a neat military uniform appeared and began to speak on the stage in front of the square.

“Its your blessing and curse to be able to come here.

Youre lucky because you can contribute to your country, your people, and your family and friends.

“Unfortunately, as the third line of defense, we have no way to retreat with the defense line of the big city behind us.”

“The soldiers at the two front lines can retreat here, but we cant.

There is no way for us to retreat.”

“We have to do everything we can to keep the super beast tide out.

We cant even let them get close to our defense line.”

“You know very well whats behind you, so I wont waste my time explaining.

Good luck! God bless Hanxia!” The major general punched his chest and shouted.

“God bless Hanxia!” All the soldiers present shouted in unison.

The roar reverberated and spread in all directions.

Zhou Mingrui stood at the corner as though it had nothing to do with him.

After the general left, the leaders immediately showed their team members the residences.

“The male dormitory is on the left, and the female dormitory is on the right.

Youll have five minutes to pack and come back to gather!

After Captain Zheng finished speaking, he immediately pressed the timer on his watch.

[Ill go up myself.

Wait for me downstairs.] Yan Wuyue then went to the dormitory with her luggage.

In less than five minutes, everyone had packed up and regrouped.

Captain Zheng nodded, brought everyone to the building, stood, and waited with the other soldiers.

Ten minutes later, the hall was filled with soldiers.

An officer confirmed and walked directly to the giant screen in front of the hall.

“Ill explain the key information of this beast tide and your responsibilities.”

“The beast tide this time has been confirmed to be a super monster tide.

From the information we got so far, the beast tide is made up of flying and land monsters.

We cant estimate the number at the moment, and we cant identify the leader yet.

However, the highest-level monsters weve discovered are ranked 8.

“We are in charge of three defense lines, and the second defense line is in danger.

Our last hope is on the third defense line, which is also the strongest one!”

“You are all newbies, so your main job now is to learn the rules of the battlefield and various orders under the leadership of the experienced soldiers.

I hope you can adapt quickly during this period.

“We might have to face the beast tide at any time, so I hope that you will learn as soon as possible for the country and for yourself to increase your chances of survival on the battlefield.”

After the short speech, the general left in a hurry.

The new soldiers below the stage looked at each other.

Apparently, they could see how tense the current situation was.

“Lets go.” Captain Zheng turned around and left with his soldiers.

For the rest of the day, Captain Zheng started teaching the new soldiers what they needed to pay attention to when fighting monsters, as well as how to deal with the attacks of different types of monsters.

These were all knowledge that couldnt be learned in class, and many people were amazed.

At this moment, everyone was more than serious.

After all, what they were learning could help them to survive on the battlefield.

During this period, Yan Wuyues performance made Captain Zheng impressed for her performance in every aspect was outstanding.

Moreover, Yan Wuyue even did some of the things he taught better than him.

If it wasnt for the insufficient information and appearance, Captain Zheng would even think that Yan Wuyue was actually an experienced veteran.

After a days training, they were back in their dormitories.

As there were fewer female soldiers, Yan Wuyue was the only one living in the dormitory, which made things easier for Zhou Mingrui.

[Captain Zheng seems to care a lot about you.] Zhou Mingrui said with a teasing tone.

[Is that even a question If he didnt notice my performance today, then he really wasnt a qualified soldier.

] Yan Wuyue snorted and said.

[ Why do you want to impress him, then ] Zhou Mingrui asked curiously.

[ He is cute.

Are you happy now] Yan Wuyue teased.

[ Alright, but seriously, I would kill myself if you had a crush on him.] Zhou Mingrui said in disdain.

[ I want him to be impressed with me to let him know I am potential.] Yan Wuyue blinked.

[ Are you saying that this guy has an extraordinary background ] Zhou Mingrui could tell what Yan Wuyue was thinking.

[Ive been observing him since the first time I met him.

Have you ever seen a Captain not respect a lieutenant colonel ] Yan Wuyue explained.

[Thats true.]

Zhou Mingrui recalled the scene he saw today.

He didnt pay much attention to it at the time, but he found Yan Wuyue was right after thinking about it.

[I also noticed that the way the general looked at him was different.

You know what that means, right] Yan Wuyue looked at Zhou Mingrui, wanting him to analyze the situation.

[Its very simple.

Either Captain Zheng is from a distinguished family, or he is very capable.

Either one of these two facts can help you get better resources in the army,] Zhou Mingrui answered without thinking.

Getting the conclusion was like a walk in the park, for there were only a few possibilities in the army that could make anyone ignore the hierarchy.

[Thats right.

I think hell come to me tomorrow.

] Yan Wuyue said with certainty.

[Youre really that sure ] Zhou Mingrui raised his brows.

Upon hearing this, Yan Wuyue revealed a confident smile and said, [if it was before the beast tide, I wouldnt be this confident.

But now, I am sure about that.]

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