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The assessment

“Our mission this time is to scout a place in the outer ring.

According to our intelligence, there may be traces of the main culprit of the beast tide here.

Everyone should pay attention to all the details.”

Polar Bear looked around and said, “If anything happens, remember to inform your teammates immediately.

“Sloth and Giraffe will be in one group, Red-tailed Monkey will be in my group, and Red Fox will be in charge of her assessment!”

When Red Fox heard this, she immediately said unwillingly, “Captain, I dont mind working more than others, but why do you want me to assess the newbie this time Do I have to do shi*ty work every time”

Polar Bear raised an eyebrow and said, “Shi*ty job I got it.

You can swap with Sloth and let her take the newbies assessment.”

Red Fox immediately waved her hand.

“No, Captain, I am happy to be in charge of her assessment.

Thank you for your kindness.”

“You are so annoying.”

Polar Bear snorted and looked at the other teammates.

“Alright, safety is your priority.

Lets go!”

The three groups immediately set off in different directions while Yan Wuyue and Red Fox went to the right.

After walking for a distance, Red Fox stopped and looked at Yan Wuyue behind her.

“Alright, Snow Leopard, do you see that basin in front”

Yan Wuyue took a step forward, looked in the direction, and found a basin formed by the surrounding high slopes in front of them.

She squinted her eyes and saw a large number of monsters in the basin.

At this moment, they were all lying down quietly as if they were resting.

“Your mission is to enter that basin and pick three fruits from that tree.

If you can kill a monster, you will get extra points,” Red Fox said indifferently.

Zhou Mingrui raised his brows slightly as he wondered if the mission was difficult or not.

If it were anyone else, it would be a bit challenging.

After all, it was impossible to completely avoid the monsters in the basin without any special invisibility skill.

However, Yan Wuyue didnt have it.

Moreover, it was nearly impossible to kill a monster.

If they were besieged, only their speed and fighting skill could save them.

This was obviously a test of Yan Wuyues stealth ability, explosive speed, body movement, tactical choice, and other aspects.

The Spector Special Forces didnt want a reckless teammate but someone who could complete assigned missions in all kinds of special environments.

“What, are you scared”

Red Fox noticed Yan Wuyue didnt say a word, so she laughed.

“Its okay.

If youre scared and dont want to do it, tell me.

Ill carry you back.”

“Im not scared,” Yan Wuyue shook her head.

Im just wondering if youll be scared after hearing what Im going to say next.”

“Scared” Red Fox sneered.

“Come on! Tell me! I want to be scared out of sh*t!”

“Ill add another condition.

I wont bring my summoned spirit with me but go alone.” As Yan Wuyue spoke, she began to put on the head cover and put her hair into it.

“What” Red Fox couldnt believe what she had heard.

She looked at Yan Wuyue and confirmed again, “Are you sure youre not kidding me Youre not going to bring your summoned spirit to complete the mission”

“Im dead serious,” Yan Wuyue answered with certainty.

“Snow Leopard, Im also dead serious.

This is just an assessment, and we dont want you to die here.

If you insist on putting yourself in danger, I wont be responsible for anything!” This time, Red Fox was no longer smiling.

Instead, she put on a serious face.

“I can be responsible for my own words and actions.

Alright, I am going to complete the mission now.” Without waiting for Red Fox to reply, Yan Wuyue jumped down from the high slope.

“You …” Red Fox didnt know what to say.

Zhou Mingrui, who was standing to the side, felt proud of Yan Wuyue and chuckled.

However, he soon realized that Red Foxs gaze was on him, and she said, “Um, Snow Leopards summoned spirit, can you speak”

Zhou Mingrui chose to remain silent.

Out of his expectations, Red Fox did not care if Zhou Mingrui was listening and started to talk, “Maybe your Summoner is crazy She didnt even bring you along and wanted to complete this mission by herself ”

“Is she always like this”


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