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Secret Skill-Reverse Flame

“I can understand your worries.” Yan Wuyue understood what Lieutenant General Yu needed to consider.

[ You see Ive already tried my best.

I tried my best to convince him, but it was useless.


Yan Wuyue said helplessly, [Its impossible to change someone in high places decision unless you have a good enough reason.]

However, Zhou Mingrui was calm.

[ Forget it.

Youve already tried your best.

As for the outcome, lets just wait and see.

Its such a shame that we are now powerful enough to change the situation.]

While Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui were discussing, Lieutenant General Yu, who was fighting against the figure of light, also made an announcement to everyone.

“Im sure youve all heard it.

Although Snow Leopards words are likely to be true, based on what Ive seen and the information I got, this is the best choice for now.”

“Of course, if this is a wrong decision, I will take all the blame and make up for it with everything I have.”

After Lieutenant General Yu finished speaking, he pressed another button on his watch.

“Southeast Military District, listen up.

We will launch the main attack in 10 minutes, and the mission is to eliminate all the monsters in front of the first defense line!

After saying that, Lieutenant General Yu looked at the figure of light in front of him and raised the long sword in his hand to aim at his enemy.

The figure of light seemed to have sensed Lieutenant General Yus killing intent.

The light threads on its body began to expand rapidly, wrapped around itself, and formed a huge cocoon of light.

In just a second, the cocoon of light suddenly exploded and formed a large curtain of light, directly blocking most of the sky in the field of vision.

“Do you think expanding your body will work”

Lieutenant General Yu snorted coldly.

His entire bodys armor lit up with a fiery red glow, and the flames quickly extended to his longsword.

[Reverse Slash]

Lieutenant General Yus figure moved, and by the time everyone heard the sonic boom, his longsword had already slashed toward the enlarged figure of light.

It was a decent sword attack, which directly cut the light curtain and tore a red crack more than a meter long.

However, this intimidating wound was nothing to the huge light curtain and couldnt even be considered a wound.

In the blink of an eye, the light curtain even began to heal automatically.

However, at this time, the wound was ignited with red flames and could not be healed under the constant burning.

As the flame burned, the wound began to grow larger and larger, and the light curtain immediately noticed this and realized that something was wrong.

His body began to glow, and try to stop the flames with all his might, but he was unable to make the flames burn even more fiercely.

Although his form was changed immediately, the wound shrank proportionally.

At this time, the flame was still expanding and burning.

[ This is one of Lieutenant General Yus secret skills, ] Yan Wuyue explained.

[ This secret skill is perfect for dealing with enemies of unknown forms, for the flame cant be put out.

Moreover, it would keep burning and pushing the wound open.

] Zhou Mingrui was amazed by the secret skill.

An enemy like the figure of light was rather tricky, so It would be very difficult to deal with him with simple attacking strategies.

However, this secret skill made many troublesome enemies easy to be defeated.

[ Hmph, dont underestimate this simple strike.

It might be hard for you to reach his state of attacking and controlling skills.


[ Its not that Im looking down on you, but youre not capable of controlling the huge amount of energy in your body, compressing it, and then attacking in one go in such a short time.


[ I remember that the higher consciousness in your body has taught you before, so Im sure you know how difficult it is to attack.]

[ Moreover, whats even more terrifying about this secret skill is that flame.

Its not an ordinary flame, but thats a combination of force, spiritual energy, and some special elements.


[ Whether the target is a physical, spiritual, or special life form, as its still in this space, the flame can find it and burn it till it doesnt exist in this world.]

Yan Wuyue sighed, [ I couldnt use this secret skill after practicing it for ten years in my previous life.


Zhou Mingrui looked at Yan Wuyue as if he was trying to say something.

“Why do I have to listen to all this” he thought.

However, he immediately understood Yan Wuyues words and asked, [ Did you just say that you know this secret skill ]

Yan Wuyue looked at him as if she knew he would say so.

” [ Lieutenant General Yu passed the skill to me.

Do you want to learn it ]

Zhou Mingrui looked at Yan Wuyue and asked suspiciously, [ Are you trying to make a deal ]

Moreover, Zhou Mingrui had a feeling that he had fallen into a trap but didnt mind.

[ Do you want to learn or not I can understand if you dont want to.

Were about to start a war with the beast tide anyway, ] Yan Wuyue asked.

[ I want to! ] Zhou Mingrui made up his mind right away and asked, [ Tell me the conditions then.


[ Not now.

Well talk about it one day.

] Yan Wuyue then told Zhou Mingrui the core of the secret skill.

After learning about the secret skill, Zhou Mingrui finally understood why Yan Wuyue said that it was difficult to learn and use it.

The requirements were pretty challenging.

At this moment, the figure of light that was constantly struggling in the sky was completely enraged.

After it emitted a series of spatial ripples, its originally blazing white body suddenly turned pink.

All of a sudden, the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of monsters below began to turn red.

Moreover, they started to move.

The mighty monster army began to advance, and their target was the last line of defense.

“Alright, our war is here.”

At this moment, all the special combat teams stood up.

Polar Bear looked at Yan Wuyue and said, “You are the newbie, so getting used to our fighting strategy right away might be a bit hard now.

Also, I am afraid we cant pay extra attention to you.

Why dont you follow behind us to let us cover you later”

“Captain, I think Id better fight side by side with my summoned spirit.

I dont think I will be useful in that position,” Yan Wuyue refused.

Polar Bear didnt try to stop her.

Instead, she said seriously, “the edge and sides of the beast tide are filled with lower-level monsters.

The battlefield there is suitable for you.

Do not go in alone, understand ”

“I understand, captain,” Yan Wuyue answered immediately.

“Then lets go.

Good luck!” Polar Bear turned around and left with the others.

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