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Ace in the Hole

The summoned spirit immediately nodded and raised its arms over its head.

Its body began to glow, and the light spots in the air suddenly froze into ice and stopped in the air.

In an instant, a large area of the sky was covered in frost, and a strong cold air spread out.

However, all the ice blocks exploded into powder in the next second.

Moreover, the light spots suddenly accelerated and charged toward the beast tide below.

“Never mind.

we cant catch them.” Lieutenant General Yu raised his hand to stop his subordinate, his expression turning serious.

After the countless light spots entered the beast tide, they quickly fused with the monsters.

The next second, every monster in the beast tide began to roar.

The beast tide, which was attacking normally, immediately became violent and aggressive.

This change immediately made the ordinary warriors and Summoners more stressed, for there were too many monsters.

Even after experiencing Zhou Mingruis massacre, the number had only decreased by a small portion.

A large number of monsters suddenly joined the attack, so many warriors and Summoners began to make mistakes due to nervousness under the high pressure.

The entire defensive line was in imminent danger.

“Captains, go!”

At this moment, all the captains received the attack order from their watches, and they all rushed forward without hesitation.

With support from the captains, the experienced soldiers immediately filled in the gaps.

At the same time, they blocked the first wave of the monsters vicious attacks.

Finally, the defensive line hanging in the balance stabilized.

However, the number of human soldiers was still a lot less than the beast tide on the battlefield.

“Where are the reinforcements now” Lieutenant General Yu asked as he looked at his watch.

“Sir, the nearest reinforcement has 30,000 elite soldiers, but it will take them 2 hours to arrive.

The higher-ranking officers will need at least 40 minutes to an hour to come here.” the voice of the general staff officer came from his watch.

“Whats going on Why are the reinforcements taking so long this time” Lieutenant General Yu frowned.

“I am not sure, but the weather in other places has started to change drastically, except for our military district.

The transport aircraft are all seriously affected! ” the chief of staff said helplessly.

“When it rains, it pours.” Lieutenant General Yu had no other choice.

After all, he couldnt ask the reinforcements to rush over by foot.

“Sir, were already doing our best to stop them.

If level-6 and above monsters dont join the battle, we can still hold on for an hour,” a major general stepped forward and said.

“Are you kidding me Do you seriously think those level 6 and 7 monsters will sit on the sidelines They are just waiting for the right moment, so our current mission is to keep an eye on those hidden ones! ” Lieutenant General Yu raised his head and looked into the distance, where their enemies were hiding.

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