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Yan Wuyues Astonishing Skill

[ Stop the sh*t.

You cant even do the most basic energy microscopic vision, let alone control the auxiliary particles of the energy core with your spiritual power! ]

Yan Wuyue mocked Zhou Mingrui, but he didnt care.

[ I really cant do that, but you can.


[ I know you well.

Since you proposed this secret skill, you must have a way to complete the steps.

Am I right ]

After hearing Zhou Mingruis words, Yan Wuyue trembled slightly.

However, she could only swallow his anger in this urgent situation.

[ Zhou Mingrui, thats what you said.

Dont blame me for the terrifying side effects of this secret skill if anything happens.


Yan Wuyue complained, but Zhou Mingrui kept a smile.

[ Dont worry.

I got it.

Everything will be fine no matter what.


The principle behind the secret skill, Fission, was actually very simple.

Everything in the visible world was made up of particles, even energy.

The increase in energy was also due to the fission of the core of the energy particles, which then proceeded to form new energy particles.

The core of each energy particle was made up of three auxiliary particles and the particle core, where the key to fission was in.

When the core particle was undergoing fission, the three auxiliary particles not only protected the core particle from external interference but restricted the core particle from another fission.

The key point of Fission, the secret skill, was to use external forces to limit the closing of the auxiliary particles, allowing the core particles to start fission continuously, producing more and more powerful energy.

This was the core of the fission.

This was similar to the principle of “nuclear fission” from Zhou Mingruis previous life, so he was able to quickly understand how it worked.

However, if one of the steps went wrong, it was very likely to cause side effects.

The auxiliary particle would form inertia and lose the movement of the particle itself after being pulled too much.

Once the fission continued, it would turn into something that Zhou Mingrui was familiar with, cancer.

Once the energy had turned cancerous, the only thing he could do was to cut off all the energy that came into contact with it.

In the best scenario, he might lose some energy, which would take him some time to recover.

In the worst case, the energy damage would lead to a drop or even a fall in level.

” Zhou Mingrui, Ill be using my spiritual power to assist you right away.

Otherwise, you wont be able to control your spiritual power to such a fine level, so you must watch it clearly.

After Yan Wuyue finished speaking, she placed her palm on Zhou Mingruis back and transferred her spiritual power into his body.

Under Zhou Mingruis immediate guidance, both of their spiritual power could immediately dive into a more microscopic vision.

Yan Wuyue was indeed the former goddess of war, and her control of spiritual power amazed Zhou Mingrui.

Like a surgeon with decades of experience, spiritual power was the scalpel of magic in her hand.

Under her accurate control, the auxiliary particles of Zhou Mingruis energy core were all firmly blocked from regrouping the moment they split.

Furthermore, it wasnt just a single energy particle but most in Zhou Mingruis body.

This was what surprised Zhou Mingrui the most.

If he had been the operator, he would not have even been able to see the existence of energy particles at this stage, not even perform such fine control.

“Alright, the flow of time in the microscopic world is different, and staying here for too long will consume more spiritual power.

Yan Wuyue warned him, [ You have to remember that from now on, your energy will be greatly improved in both quantity and quality, but you must not force it when it reaches the critical point.


[ Because that will seriously damage your energy core structure.

When that happens, it will take more than just a month or two to solve the problem.


[ It might even cause you to drop more than ten levels, and it will be more difficult to level up again.


However, Zhou Mingrui laughed and said, [ Dont tell me you forgot the treasure I got from the auction.

Even if theres a problem, it can still fix the side effects.


Yan Wuyue finally understood and asked, [ Youve already thought about the solution ]

Zhou Mingrui laughed out loud.

[ Do you seriously think I have no brain Ive been with you for so long, so Ive learned a thing or two from you, alright ]

Yan Wuyue thought for a while and said, [ Theres a backup plan, but we still have to be careful and take precautions.

Thats it.

Lets get started! ]

[ Okay! ]

After saying that, their consciousnesses began to leave the microscopic world and return to reality.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui felt the energy in his body begin to expand, and an even more powerful force exploded at the same time.

Although Zhou Mingrui did not have Yan Wuyues micro-control ability, he still could manage to process the powerful energy.

Under his control, the energy flowed all over his body, and all the attributes of this body began to strengthen.

At this moment, the goblin kings body was growing rapidly under the power of fission.

Its six-meters body suddenly expanded to 8.5 meters, and a strong energy aura surged out.

At that moment, six level-5 monsters charged forward and surrounded Zhou Mingrui from all directions.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui, who had completed the fission process, felt as though a nuclear bomb had been buried in his body as energy constantly surged out!

Looking at the level-5 monsters charging at him, Zhou Mingrui held Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand and slashed out immediately.

The next moment, an energy blade instantly separated from the blade.

The ground was like paper under this blade, and a chasm was split open by the energy blade.

The leading monsters bloody-red eyes revealed a hint of fear.

However, under the control of the figure of lights consciousness, it still charged forward.

Without making a sound, the energy blade sliced through the level-5 monsters body, and the monster that was still running was suddenly split in half in the next second.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingrui knew that he had not controlled the strength of his attack well.

Swiftly throwing a kick with his left foot, Zhou Mingrui turned around and slashed out with his Nether Flame Bone Blade.

A circular arc immediately swept across the other four monsters that had already charged in front of him.

Thud! The four monsters all stopped, turned into pieces, and fell to the ground.

[ Fu*k! I should stop using the blade.

I cant even control it at all! ]

Zhou Mingrui put back his Nether Flame Bone Blade, clenched his fist, and punched the other monster.

Boom! His fist penetrated the monsters body, coming out with blood spraying into the air.

[ Holy sh*t! ] Zhou Mingrui cursed.

He turned around and elbowed the head of a monster that was trying to sneak up on him from behind, which then crashed to the ground.

At this moment, Zhou Mingrui knew that he was definitely able to control his strength perfectly!

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