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Ive Been Summoned by the Goddess

Looking up, young and energetic faces under the sun and the familiar teachers on the stage could be seen.

Some young parents in the audience were looking at her with eager eyes.

All of this made Yan Wuyue feel a little unreal.

It was as if she was in a fantasy.

Three days ago, she was still in the most terrifying stage of the “great calamity”.

Those strange and terrifying monsters were all over the sky and ground.

Yan Wuyue had also become one of the leaders of the future human race through continuous fighting and meritorious deeds.

She was called the “God of Redemption” and had a great reputation.

However, in the final battle, she had led the last hope of mankind to fight against countless monsters and died of exhaustion.

When she woke up, she realized that she had been reborn and returned ten years before the great calamity.

This year was also the year she began her career as a Summoner.

Since she was reborn, Yan Wuyue naturally wouldnt waste this precious opportunity.

She quickly sorted out all her memories before her rebirth and quickly identified what she needed to change next.

The most important thing was naturally the first summoning.

The Summoners in the Qianling continent were divided into grades, and every grade could help their summoned spirits to improve their strength.

With every 10 levels, the summoned spirits rank would also increase.

There was a total of nine ranks, from Black Iron to Mythical, and the highest level was level 100.

Unfortunately, even though Yan Wuyue had reached the Diamond grade, she was still helpless in the face of such horror.

Therefore, the most important thing in this life was to make up for this.

Otherwise, no matter how much effort she put in other places, it would be useless.

The summoned spirit was the foundation of Qianling Worlds strength.

After her rebirth, Yan Wuyue calculated the time of the summoning ceremony and made some changes to her summoning array in advance.

In the history of Qianling World, the summoning array had been perfected and modified by thousands of heroes over the years.

It had been improved to a near-perfect state.

In fact, everyone had already gotten used to it and thought that this was the most perfect summoning array.

Yan Wuyues change came from an ancient and broken sheepskin book that she had obtained by chance before her rebirth.

It became incomplete literature that had been baptized by the passage of time.

Although it was incomplete, Yan Wuyue used her power to get more than ten ancient language experts to analyze it together according to the ancient characters left on it.

Later on, she discovered that as long as she followed the method recorded on it, she would be able to strengthen the connection between the summoning array and the legendary illusionary spirit world where the summoned creatures were.

In fact, to put it another way, it meant that by replacing the bait that everyone had been using with a better one, they could attract bigger fish.

After receiving the news, Yan Wuyue arranged for a group of newly awakened Summoners.

Later, she found that the change did raise the evaluation of the first summoned spirit by one or two ranks.

Just as she was about to work with several other human leaders to promote it in the race, the outbreak of the great calamity came early, which caused this matter to be delayed.

Now, it could be used here.

This time, she raised the rank of her summoned spirit to Resplendent, and Yan Wuyue was confident that she could enter the Legendary grade completely.

If she could get a Glory grade summoned spirit, she was confident that she could even reach the Epic grade that no one had been able to reach in her previous life!

In this way, even if she had to face another great calamity, Yan Wuyue would still have enough confidence!

“Wuyue, you can rest assured.

With the talent you have shown before, this time you will definitely be able to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.”

At this moment, several female students standing next to Yan Wuyue began to flatter her.

“Yeah, Wuyue, unlike you, Id be so lucky if I could summon a spirit with D rank potential.

I envy you so much.”

“Hmph, you must know that Wuyue is the pride of the newcomer department of Heavenly Saint Academy.

Almost all the teachers in the department say that Wuyue can at least summon a C rank or even a B rank potential spirit.”

“Thats right.

If its a C rank summoned spirit, one can directly become the top student in the academys first year.

If its a B rank summoned spirit, one can directly enter the core class.”

“With Wuyues talent, needless to say, it must be a B rank potential or above!”

Yan Wuyue only nodded slightly to acknowledge the flattery of the people around her.

Her former status and power had made her almost immune to these things.

Soon, after the teachers finished their speech, the summoning ceremony officially began.

As the promising candidate favored by the teachers, Yan Wuyue was naturally arranged to be one of the first five in order to summon a powerful spirit and inspire the confidence of the other students.

Under the teachers guidance, Yan Wuyue and the other four students quickly came to their respective positions.

After finding the right position, she and the other four took out the summoning materials that they had already prepared, but when they squatted down, they quickly began to modify the summoning array.

In the end, Yan Wuyue only got up a dozen seconds later than the other students, and the teachers didnt care about it.

“The summoning ritual begins!”

When the senior teachers voice fell, the five of them immediately began to concentrate, and the energy in their bodies continued to flow into the summoning array under their feet.

When it received the energy from the five of them, the summoning platform also began to stimulate its own energy reaction.

The originally dull summoning array suddenly lit up with a gradually dazzling light.

Then, under the constraint of the summoning array, the light condensed into five beams of light that soared into the sky.

The straight momentum even scattered the clouds in the sky.

At first glance, the light of the five peoples summoning array seemed to be the same.

But if a Summoner who was higher than Pride grade carefully observed it, he would find that the light of Yan Wuyues summoning array was more solid and without fluctuations, as if it was about to become a real entity.

Just as everyone on the field was eagerly waiting, Yan Wuyue noticed that something was wrong with the summoning array under her feet.

Although the energy fluctuations were still very stable, her strong sixth sense told her that something was happening to the summoning array that she could not understand.

A moment later, the summoning array under Yan Wuyues feet began to tremble slightly.

Then, tiny electric snakes flickered around the summoning array and spread in all directions.

The surrounding audience couldnt help but exclaim when they saw this scene!

“As expected of Yan Wuyue.

Even her summoning ritual is different from others.

The difference is too obvious!”

“Thats right.

Is she going to summon a high-rank spirit”

“D rank C rank”

“Perhaps, she can even summon a spirit with B rank potential!”

“Then shell be able to become the top student of the academy in an instant!”

At this moment, except for Yan Wuyue, the light pillars of the four Summoners began to shrink and then slowly dimmed back into their respective bodies.

Only Yan Wuyues summoning light pillar was still in the field.

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