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Chapter 203: Please Save Him

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Please Save Him

Yan Wuyue woke up after a long time.

She opened her eyes, looked around, and found herself in the medical room.

However, the next moment, memories from before she fainted came to her mind.

She hurriedly sent her consciousness into the summoned spirits exclusive space, only to discover that Zhou Mingrui had already transformed into a ball of light.

She checked his status, which showed [ Sleeping ].

“Oh, you are awake.”

At this moment, a clear voice suddenly rang out, calling back Yan Wuyues consciousness.

Yan Wuyue turned around and saw a female soldier in a majors uniform sitting next to her.

“You are…” Yan Wuyue asked in confusion.

“Lieutenant General Yu ordered me to take care of you and protect you in case anything happens.” The female major smiled, and there was a pink starfish swimming around her.

It was like it was under the sea.


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