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A Windfall

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui no longer dared to control the energy.

If he was not careful, he could very well destroy the ring.

Thus, he could only watch as his energy, under the guidance of his Spirit Eye, permeated the runes of the inner and outer rings in just a few seconds.

After penetrating the two ring layers, the energy quickly seeped into the center of the polygon.

From an outsiders point of view, the ring in Zhou Mingruis palm suddenly emitted a faint light.

Those who were in the know immediately knew that Zhou Mingrui had already begun cracking the ring.

Immediately, many people turned their attention to Zhou Mingrui.

They began to anticipate what he would be able to obtain from the ring.

A few seconds later, the ring began to glow brightly.

Many people around had seen ring gambling before, so they naturally knew that they had entered the final stage of cracking.

Soon, the ring suddenly trembled, and the light began to dim.

“Its been successfully cracked.” Someone around him reminded.

Indeed, Zhou Mingrui had already completely broken through the rings protective mechanism and had seen the contents of the ring.

The dazzling array of items nearly dazzled Zhou Mingruis eyes.

There were all sorts of large-sized magical equipment and weapons, small-sized magical accessories, bottles of unknown magical medicine, and all sorts of strange-looking materials and items.

However, what caught Zhou Mingruis attention the most was a palm-sized purple disk placed in the middle of the items.

The disks body was covered in a large number of complicated and exquisite patterns.

At the same time, there was a faint black mist swirling around it, giving Zhou Mingrui a sense of familiarity.

In the center of the disk was an exquisite skeleton with two red gemstones embedded in its eyes that emitted a faint glow.

While he was looking at it, a surge of energy entered the ring.

It followed Zhou Mingruis gaze and wrapped around the red disk.

In the next moment, the disk disappeared into the ring.

Just as Zhou Mingrui was reeling in shock, he suddenly realized that an item had mysteriously appeared in his mind.

When he retracted his ring, he saw that the item was the mysterious disk.

[Congratulations to the host for awakening the space of consciousness.

To use the space of consciousness, you only need to wrap energy around the item to move it.

To take it out, you only need to combine your thought and energy.]

The systems voice that hadnt appeared for a long time rang in Zhou Mingruis ears, giving him a shock.

“C-could this be the space of consciousness in the novels” He thought.

While Zhou Mingrui was in shock, he attempted to teleport the disk back into the ring with his consciousness.

In the blink of an eye, the disk reappeared in the rings space.

This made him elated.

This was equivalent to him having a free, super-large storage space.

After confirming, Zhou Mingrui did not hesitate.

He immediately transferred all the good stuff into his space of consciousness.

This way, he didnt have to take it out directly and let the people around him find out what he had earned.

“Little brother, whats inside the ring Why dont you take it out and let us see”

The people around them could not wait any longer.

Hence, they urged Zhou Mingrui to quickly retrieve the items.

“Darn it!” Zhou Mingrui suddenly roared, giving the people around him a fright.

Then, a metal staff appeared in his palm.

Blue lines were drawn on it, and a transparent crystal-like magic stone was inlaid at the top.

“Wow, this is at least a C-grade magic staff.

Its worth at least 7000.”

“Hes earning back his capital this time!”

“Damn, is the probability of obtaining good things from the rings in this stall so high”

When the surrounding people saw the staff in Zhou Mingruis hand, they immediately exclaimed in shock.

For magic equipment and tools, the best grade was S-grade, then A-grade to F-grade.

C-grade was used by mid-to high-grade mages.

Before the surrounding people could recover from their shock, they saw a ring appear on Zhou Mingruis hand.

“Holy shoot, its actually a C-grade magic booster ring!”

“A small magic artifact like a ring is comparable to the value of a higher grade magic equipment!”

“Yes, this ring is worth at least 5000.

If you meet a mage who needs this, you might even be able to sell it for 8000!”

“Boss, give me a ring!”

This magic ring immediately ignited the emotions of the surrounding people, and they all turned around to look for the stall owner to buy a ring.

“Look, this guy took out something again!”

Everyones attention was immediately drawn back to Zhou Mingruis hand.

“Oh my God, its actually a magic crystal, and looking at its color, its also a C-grade.

This thing is much more valuable than the previous two!”

“Yeah, its worth at least 8000!”

The surrounding crowd was in an uproar.

Many people no longer looked at Zhou Mingrui.

Instead, they turned around and began to buy rings from the stall owner.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingrui no longer took out anything.

At this moment, Yan Wuyue appeared in the crowd and immediately saw Zhou Mingrui.

Then, when she saw the item in Zhou Mingruis hand, she immediately understood.

She asked again to confirm, “Youve already opened the ring”

Zhou Mingrui nodded and said, “I can sell at least 20000 dollars for three items.”

When she heard this and thought about her own matters, she suddenly felt depressed and aggrieved.

All kinds of uncomfortable feelings were tangled together.

“Congratulations, youre right.

I didnt get those medicine.” Yan Wuyue didnt try to hide it and admitted her mistake directly.

“Its fine.

Its a small problem.

I dont mind.” Zhou Mingrui expressed that he did not take it to heart as he walked to Yan Wuyues side.

Zhou Mingrui continued, “If Im not mistaken, the person who snatched your medicine should be the man who carried the box, right”

Yan Wuyue turned around and saw that Zhao Ruian had followed them.

He was staring at them from not far away.

“Yes, thats him.”

Yan Wuyue turned around and said in a low voice, “Hes Zhao Anqis cousin.”

Zhou Mingrui revealed a smile when he heard that.

“Dont worry.

Ill help you to vent your anger.”

Then, he whispered a few words in Yan Wuyues ear.

He turned around and walked back to the front of the stall.

Then he said in a clear voice, “Everyone.

Please be quiet.”

The surrounding crowd immediately fell silent when they heard this.

At the same time, they looked at Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui pointed at the ring and said, “I have already completely cracked the ring.”


A tossed stone caused a thousand ripples, and the surroundings were in an uproar.

One had to know that in the ring gambling world, anyone who could crack an entire ring, except for those who were particularly unlucky, could be sold for at least 100,000 dollars.

And the item that Zhou Mingrui had taken out just now was proof of how much wealth could be in the ring.

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