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A Summoned Beast With F Rank Potential

Like a crane in a flock of chickens, she naturally became the focus of everyones discussion.

After more than ten minutes, the other four students had already left the stage, and only Yan Wuyue was left.

At this time, everyone was watching anxiously as the light pillar gradually shrank and finally disappeared into the air.

“This, this is a skeleton”

“My eyes arent playing tricks on me, are they”

When the light dissipated, what came into everyones eyes was Yan Wuyue and the Jade-white skeleton in front of her.

Not only were the onlookers dumbfounded, but even Yan Wuyue herself was stunned.

Skeletons were undead summoned spirits, and they were one of the lowest grades.

At that moment, the energy detection pillar behind the summoning platform activated its automatic detection.

However, no one noticed that at the bottom of the detection pillar, several electric snakes suddenly appeared in the core device used to measure energy levels.

Then, it underwent a dramatic change and dimmed.

The performance of the detection pillar was that the energy bar that was about to rush up instantly fell back down and stabilized at the toughness point.

“This, the energy indicator has stopped moving at F rank.”

“Whats the situation”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

The teachers from the newcomer compound immediately rushed up to the high platform, ready to check on the situation.

However, the summoning array on the summoning platform had been destroyed by the energy just now, and the energy detection pillar had also stopped, so there was no problem at all.

The teacher did not give up.

With a wave of her hand, a light flashed, and a butterfly with a colorful tail appeared behind her.

“H-how is this possible”

Through the communication with the summoned spirit, the teachers face was filled with disbelief.

“Teacher, whats going on”

Yan Wuyue, who had come back to her senses, quickly asked.

This teacher had been taking care of her since she entered the academy, and she was very good to her.

“Sigh, Wuyue.

Im powerless.”

The teacher sighed, shook her head, and walked down the stage with a disappointed look on her face.

Yan Wuyue frowned, but it would be a joke to stay here in such a situation.

So she stepped down from the summoning platform and left the ceremony.

“I didnt expect that the most dazzling star in the newcomer academy, the highly anticipated genius Yan Wuyue, would actually summon a skeleton”

“Thats right.

Everyone originally thought that she could at least summon a spirit with D or C rank potential.

Who would have thought…”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, doesnt that mean that she wont be able to make a comeback in the future”

“Of course.

No matter how much of a genius she is, summoning a spirit with F rank potential will take her a long time to reach D rank.”

“Sigh, a genius that everyone has their eyes on has been crippled for life.”

“Hahaha, I was worried about what would happen if I summoned an E rank spirit.

Now Im not worried at all.

Theres already someone worse off than me.”

The moment Zhou Mingrui regained his vision, he heard the various conversations in the crowd.

From the initial whispers, it quickly escalated to normal communication, and some people even deliberately raised their voices.

“These guys seem to be laughing at the girl who summoned me because my potential level is too low”

Zhou Mingrui pondered for a moment before he came up with a rough analysis of the situation.

“Im afraid that these snobs dont know my true strength.”

Just as Zhou Mingrui was about to release his aura, a figure quickly walked past him.

He had no choice but to ignore these noisy guys and quickly follow Yan Wuyue.

When he passed by the crowd, Zhou Mingrui noticed that the girls had made way for him.

Their faces were filled with disdain, and a few of them even had looks of disgust.

However, Zhou Mingrui did not know that these girls were the ones who had been surrounding Yan Wuyue and constantly flattering her.

Otherwise, with his personality, he would definitely spit at these guys who turned hostile faster than flipping a book.

He followed Yan Wuyue all the way to a deserted place.

Then, he saw the girl sitting on a relatively flat stone with an expressionless face, staring at the distant scenery in a daze.

“Um, may I ask for your name”

After some time, Zhou Mingrui, who felt that his presence was too low, spoke up to break the awkwardness.

“You can speak”

Yan Wuyue turned around and asked curiously.

“Ahem, I feel that your words are rather impolite.” Zhou Mingrui faked a pose and coughed.

“So what if Im impolite Youre just a skeleton, so what Youre not a high-rank summoned spirit.”

“Forget it.

It has nothing to do with me.

Theres no hope for mankind anyway.”

With that, Yan Wuyue turned back to look at the distant scenery.

“It seems that shes very angry with me, but I didnt offend her.

I was going to tell her that Im not a low-rank summoned spirit but forget it,” he thought.

Zhou Mingrui was an ordinary person, so he was very displeased to be rebuked for no reason.

“Look, Yan Wuyue actually came here!”

“Yeah, shes probably crying secretly after summoning a little skeleton.”

“Sigh, to think that I liked her before, but now it seems that shes just a pretty face.”

“Youre going a little too far by saying that.”

“So what if its too much People who can only summon F-rank trash are trash.

I dont believe she can do anything to me.”

“You were so arrogant and ignored us before, but now it seems like youre just so-so.”

“Thats right, she summoned a little skeleton with low-rank potential.

She must be so angry that she wants to cry now.”

At this moment, two boys passed by and saw Yan Wuyue sitting on a rock and enjoying the scenery.

They started to mock her.

Hearing this, Yan Wuyue frowned, but she didnt say anything.

Instead, she took a deep breath and quickly got up and left.

Zhou Mingrui was displeased to hear this, but he had no choice but to follow Yan Wuyue.

After all, as a summoned spirit who had just arrived at the Qianling World, he could not be too far away from the Summoner.

“Those two fellows said that to your face, and youre still indifferent”

Zhou Mingrui, who was following behind, could not help but ask.

If it were him, he would have attacked long ago.

What the hell!

“A dog is barking beside you.

Do you want to bite back like a dog”

Yan Wuyue answered without turning her head.

“Youre right, but I can see that youre not more than fifteen years old.

You shouldnt have such thoughts.”

Zhou Mingrui rubbed his boney, fleshless chin.

Using his point of view before his rebirth, how could a girl in her puberty tolerate such a situation

“Theyre just a bunch of brats.

I dont have the time or mood to deal with these guys.”

“Interesting…” Zhou Mingrui thought.

Yan Wuyue walked away resolutely.

Behind her, Zhou Mingrui tilted his head.

The soul flames in his eyes flickered as if he was thinking about something.

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