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A Big Profit


Seeing the person who came, Qin Yuying suddenly lost her previous domineering aura and directly turned into a gentle kitten.

“You still know how to call me brother.

How can you mess around like this” Qin Shijun furrowed his brows and said angrily.

“Brother! I know what Im doing.

This is all part of the plan.” Qin Yuying grabbed Qin Shijuns arm and said coquettishly.

“A plan Youre just causing trouble!” Qin Shijun did not break free from Qin Yuyings hand.

Instead, he used his finger to tap her head.

“841,000 going once!” The auctioneer began the slow countdown.

The interval between each bid was at least several times longer than before.

After all, with such a high bid, the bidder needed more time to consider.

This was just a small auction technique.

“Brother, listen to me, its like this… ” Qin Yuying knew this, so she didnt rush to bid.

Instead, she began to explain to her brother what had happened.

“841,000 going twice!”

By now, Qin Shijun had also found out what had happened.

However, he still frowned and said, “Even though it seems like you wont suffer any losses, but it will affect the Qin familys reputation.”


Qin Yuying snorted after bidding, “Its just a second-rate clan.

Why should we be afraid of them”

Qin Shijun shook his head.

“You… Youre not willing to learn from your second brother.

The Zhao family is probably testing us.”

“Test what” Qin Yuying frowned.

Qin Shijun narrowed his eyes.”Hes trying to test if we can allow a new first-rate clan to join us.

Do you think a second-rate clan would dare to pay such a huge price to provoke us”

“Perhaps that ring is very important to the Zhao family, but do you think the Zhao family can withstand our Qin familys wrath”

Qin Yuying scratched her head and said, “You guys are thinking too much.

I dont care about these things.”

“Alright, Ill take care of this.

Help me contact your friend now.” Qin Shijun said in a gentle tone.

“Brother!” Qin Yuying wanted to act coquettishly again.

“Eh” Qin Shijun glared at her, and Qin Yuying could only dial the number.

In the stands, Yan Wuyue looked at Zhou Mingrui after picking up the phone.

“Its Qin Shijun.

He asked me to put him through to the person in charge of this plan.”

Zhou Mingrui pondered for two seconds before he picked up the phone.

“I dont care what my sister promised you.

From now on, the cooperation between you two is terminated.

If the other party bids higher, we will not continue to increase the bid.” Qin Shijuns voice was heard from the phone.

“Hahaha, okay.

We are very grateful for Miss Qin and the Qin familys help this time.

We will send someone to send a gift to Miss Qin to express our gratitude later.” Zhou Mingrui expressed his gratitude.

“No need.

Dont use my sisters kindness to do such things in the future.

Ill let it go this time, but if theres a next time, dont blame me for being rude.” Qin Shijun hung up the phone.

Although 800,000 was a lot, as one of the top families in Shangjing Province, he didnt care about this amount.

However, what Qin Shijun couldnt accept the most was that those people actually dared to use his younger sister to achieve their goals.

This was what made him the angriest.

“It seems that he is very disgusted with you for using his sister.

You have to be careful in the future.” Yan Wuyue teased.

“So what I dont need to look at his face in the future.” Zhou Mingrui was naturally unhappy with Qin Shijuns attitude.

However, he had no choice.

The other party was much stronger now and had more resources under its control.

Seeing that Zhou Mingrui was finally showing his drive, Yan Wuyue felt that this trip was not in vain.

The favor that she owed was worth it.


This time, the Zhao family was ruthless.

They directly increased the bid to 900,000, with an expression that said they were definitely going to buy it.

Qin Yuying had already been taken away by Qin Shijun, so no one else could continue to bid.

“900,000 going once!”

“900,000 going thrice!”

When the gavel hit, the clan elders of the Zhao family heaved a sigh of relief.

They had finally taken down the ring.

Although the price they had to pay was a little high, as long as they could get this ring, everything would be worth it!

When he got the card with 600,000 and the storage ring with 300,000 dollars worth of goods, Yan Wuyue couldnt believe it.

She had planned so hard before, but they were only worth hundreds of thousands at most.

In the end, she didnt even get those medicine.

On the other hand, Zhou Mingrui had received a huge sum of 900,000 dollars the moment he made a move.

He had even managed to get her medicine back.

This made Yan Wuyue fall into deep self-doubt.

Standing beside Yan Wuyue and seeing her expression, Zhou Mingrui could guess what she was thinking.

After some thought, Zhou Mingrui consoled her, “This matter also depends on luck and other things.

For example, that young lady of the Qin family had a key role in this plan.

If it wasnt for her, things wouldnt have gone so smoothly.”

“I know youre just trying to comfort me, but it sounds good.

Thank you.” Yan Wuyue covered her mouth and chuckled.

“No, this is impossible!”

Just as the two of them walked out of the Starry Sky Auction House, an angry voice resounded in the surroundings.

“There must be a problem.

This is impossible.

I want to see your manager!” The angry voice continued.

“Theyre so impatient.” Zhou Mingrui could naturally tell who the voice belonged to and could guess what had happened.


Zhao, dont forget, you know the risks of ring gambling before the auction starts.

Also, dont forget the agreement you signed with the auction house.” The manager of the auction house said very politely.

“Other than the three items that are worth 20000, the rest of the items in this ring are rubbish.

We spent 450,000 to buy this!” Zhao Ruian shouted in anger.

The other clan elders of the Zhao family were also staring at the manager with dark expressions.

“What, does the Zhao family think that the Starry Sky Auction House is playing tricks”

The auction managers smile disappeared, and he said in an indifferent tone, “Our Starry Sky Auction House has at least tens of millions of funds moving around every day.

Why would we cause trouble for this bit of money”

“You guys, dont you think too highly of yourself”

Hearing the managers words, Zhao Ruian was so angry that veins popped out on his forehead, and his fists were clenched tightly.

Even though he wasnt the one who made the decision, he still had to take some responsibility.

But this time, the pot was not just ordinarily big.

Even a part of it was enough to crush him to death.

So now, he looked angry on the surface, but he was actually panicking on the inside.

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