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Awakening of a New Skill

“Tsk, tsk.”

Yan Wuyue suddenly clicked her tongue.”I didnt expect this.

You were so proud before.

Why did your personality suddenly change, and you start to care about me”

“Could it be that youve been subdued by my beauty”

Zhou Mingrui became speechless.

He coughed lightly and said, “If we talk nicely, we can still be friends.”

“Alright, alright.

I know.” Yan Wuyue smiled again.

“I finally understand your character.

Lets go home and talk.

The sun is going to set soon, and the temperature is going to drop.”

Soon, the two of them arrived home.

“The freshmen tournament is about to begin in less than a day.

First, lets take a look at our current condition.”

After taking a shower, Yan Wuyue put on casual clothes and began to check the results of her cultivation with Zhou Mingrui.

“Ill talk about myself first.

I just completed the Silver grade Summoners assessment the day before yesterday, and Ive already awakened my skills.”

With that, Yan Wuyue directly showed the skills information.

[Skill Name: Coherence Enhancement]

[Skill Effect: Use a special dance to communicate with the energy in the body and the summoned spirit.

After the spiritual frequency is synchronized, the attack power, defense power, and movement speed of both parties can be increased by a percentage at the same time.]

[Skill Upgrade: The attributes of Coherence Enhancement will increase with the energy strength of the Summoner.

The skill will be upgraded to the next stage after the Summoners grade increases.]

[Skill Restriction: The distance between the Summoner and the summoned spirit cannot exceed 1000 meters.

Otherwise, the synchronization effect will weaken as the distance increases.]

After reading the description of the skills effects, Zhou Mingrui sighed, “If Im not wrong, you didnt awaken this skill in your previous life, right”

Yan Wuyue nodded and said, “In my last life, my awakening was inclined to self-attack.

The kind which my summoned spirit would strengthen me.”

“This Coherence Enhancement is the type where both sides have the same boost, cooperating while fighting.”

Zhou Mingrui shook his head and said, “Stop hiding it.

To put it simply, you were a Berserker in your past life.

That rhinoceros was just a tool to support you.

But in this life, youre my enhancing tool.

Ill be the main attacker while youll support me from the side.”

Yan Wuyue immediately looked at Zhou Mingrui with a slightly dissatisfied look and said, “I admit that you were very strong in your last close combat attack, but dont forget that Im a veteran.

You might not be able to beat me in close combat if you only rely on your skills.”

What a stubborn person.

Zhou Mingrui couldnt be bothered to continue arguing.

Instead, he displayed the attributes of his current skills.

[Life Type: Undead War Spirit]

[Life Level: LV30]

[Life Talent: Devour, Upgrade, Lotus Flower, Book of Dead Souls]

[Contract Status: Equality Contract]

[Contract Partner: Yan Wuyue]

The Life Type had changed from Undead Spirit to Undead War Spirit, which was obvious.

Zhou Mingrui immediately showed Yan Wuyue the new talent, Book of Dead Souls.

[Book of Dead Souls: Passive talent-type skill.

All undead-type skills casting time is halved, and the skill effects are doubled.

Attributes are currently fixed by multiple percentages.]

Zhou Mingrui chose to hide the other three options and his own attribute points.

After all, it would be a little too scary if he showed them.

He could only say that every attribute of his had already broken through 100 points, completely surpassing those of the same level.

Then, it was the skill bar.

[Skeleton Equipment: Using your skeleton to quickly create weapons and armor that suit you.

The attributes of the weapons and armor will increase with the level of the user.]

[Summoning of the Dead: Using the skeleton of any dead creature as the basic medium, summoning the undead to fight as the main body; the strength of the undead is based on the strength of the creature when it was alive and the integrity of the bone armor.

The strength of the spellcaster is the base of the increase.]

Yan Wuyues mouth gaped open when she saw the two skills.

She knew that if a Summoners talent was strong, the skills attributes would also be very powerful.

However, she did not expect Zhou Mingruis talent and skills to be so powerful.

However, Yan Wuyue quickly noticed something.

She looked at Zhou Mingrui in confusion and asked, “I remember that youre a melee type of summoned spirit.

How come the skill you awakened is different”

Zhou Mingrui had no other choice.

This skill had only appeared after he had awakened his magic perception.

“Forget it.

From the looks of it, you probably dont know either.

Anyway, the skill looks strong enough.

I just dont know how effective it will be.”

Suddenly, Yan Wuyues face lit up.

“Oh right, you only need the skeleton for this summoning.

Lets go outside and try.”

With that said, Yan Wuyue did not care if Zhou Mingrui agreed or not.

She pulled him downstairs to her own courtyard.

“Since you want to see it so much, Ill show you the effect.”

Zhou Mingrui helplessly closed his eyes and began to use the magical energy in his body.

As the skill was activated, it began to produce undead magic fluctuations.

Soon, the nearby trash can suddenly trembled.

Then, the lid of the trash can was knocked to the side.

A black shadow darted out of the trash can and quickly ran toward Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue.

When it stood still, Yan Wuyue saw that the black shadow was an “undead chicken” made of bones.

Looking at the undead chicken, which still retained its previous habit of pecking, walking around Zhou Mingrui, Yan Wuyue suddenly burst into laughter.

“Im dying of laughter.

Undead chicken, right Your skill is too interesting.

Ill get you some rabbit and puppy skeletons some other day.” Yan Wuyue said with a smile.

“Im just showing you a demonstration.

If you can get me some dragon bones, Ill be able to summon a living bone dragon for you.” Zhou Mingrui frowned as he looked at Yan Wuyue, who was laughing hard.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill try my best to get you some dragon bones or other powerful monsters skeletons tomorrow.” Yan Wuyue said, holding back her laughter.

After all, the freshmen tournament was just around the corner, and this wasnt something that could be joked about.

It was better to prepare as soon as possible.

“By the way, show me your skill.

Otherwise, I wouldnt know what it looks like.” Zhou Mingrui suddenly said.

“F-Forget it.

Ive already practiced the skill.

There wont be any problems when I use it directly.” Yan Wuyue suddenly stammered, and her cheeks were a little red.

Zhou Mingrui was instantly infuriated.

He said with dissatisfaction, “When you want me to perform for you, I did it.

I didnt reject you, and Ive also endured it when you laughed at me.

Why did you deny me when its your turn”

Seeing Zhou Mingruis anger, Yan Wuyue knew she was in the wrong, so she said, “Okay, Ill show you if you want to see, but youre not allowed to laugh or say anything else.

Just look at it obediently, understand”

Oh, it seemed like there would be something.

Zhou Mingrui immediately nodded in anticipation.

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