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A Dance

“Dont worry.

I promise to look at it with appreciation and wont have any distracting thoughts.” Zhou Mingrui raised his hand and promised.

“Only a ghost would believe you.” Yan Wuyue rolled her eyes, and she didnt forget to complain in her heart.

However, she had forgotten that Zhou Mingrui was, in a certain sense, a ghost.

Standing in the middle of the yard, Yan Wuyue closed her eyes and adjusted her breathing.

Then she activated the skill, Coherence Enhancement.

The moment the skill was activated, Yan Wuyues body began to move unconsciously.

A faint fluorescent light began to appear on Yan Wuyues body, drifting out with the movement of her body, like little starlight dancing in the wind.

This was also Zhou Mingruis first time taking such a close look at Yan Wuyues figure.

Despite working out all year round, she still maintained her slender waist and perfectly toned muscles.

Even the loose-fitting casual clothes couldnt cover her beautiful figure.

If Zhou Mingrui were to evaluate Yan Wuyues figure, he would say that it was so perfect that it was as if God had personally shaped it.

Every detail of her body was neither too big nor too small.

She had the golden ratio.

Her long hair fluttered in the wind.

Under her arched eyebrows were a pair of beautiful eyes that shone like the stars.

Her cheeks were slightly red beside her tall nose.

It was unknown if it was because Zhou Mingrui was looking at her or if it was triggered by her skill.

Her cherry lips that were slightly opened appeared tender, smooth, and moist even without the lipstick.

Her facial features matched each other, and she was so beautiful under the starlight that it was intoxicating.

Her snow-white skin was exposed to the air as she danced.

Zhou Mingruis eyes were fixed on her.

If he was still breathing, he would definitely be panting.

Zhou Mingrui, who had only had one ordinary girlfriend in his past life, had seen countless beauties on the internet that had been created through beauty filters.

He had also seen many beautiful and alluring figures under the selfless contribution of certain Japanese teachers.

Sometimes, he even thought that he would never have any reaction again if he saw someone of the opposite sex in this life, and even if the other party was naked.

Moreover, he was no longer in his human form.

But a skeleton.

But at that moment, Zhou Mingruis heart wavered for the first time.

Some people say that being moved is love at first sight.

But others say that being moved is the feeling of your heart suddenly being affected at a certain moment.

[External enhancement skill detected, do you accept the enhancement]

At that moment, the systems voice suddenly rang in his mind.

Zhou Mingrui did not hesitate to agree.

Special energy suddenly entered his body, but in the blink of an eye, it turned into a warm current that spread throughout his body.

[Youve received the buff “Phoenixs Dance Ignites the Soul”, which increases all your attributes by 30%.]

[It has been detected that the host has obtained an enhancement buff for the first time.

The talent, Lotus Flower, has triggered the evolution condition.]

[Evolution complete…]

[Ember Soul Lotus: The effect of a skill will be increased by 50% every time an external enhancement skill is received, and the attribute points obtained after each level up will be multiplied by five.]

At that moment, a faint glow appeared on Zhou Mingruis body.

It represented that the Coherence Enhancement skill had been activated.

However, with the advancement of the Ember Soul Lotuss talent, the dots of light on Zhou Mingruis body immediately brightened up, like stars in the sky.

The dancing Yan Wuyue came to Zhou Mingruis side, held his hand, and began to dance with him.

Zhou Mingrui didnt know how to dance, but under Yan Wuyues lead, the two of them began to move their bodies in unison under the moonlight.

It was clearly their first time, but the two of them seemed to have been good friends for many years, and they cooperated very well.

The two of them didnt notice that the faint fluorescent light around them had turned into bright starlights, like the bright galaxies in the universe.

Their spiritual consciousnesses were also being nourished by the starlight that was constantly entering their bodies, and they were being condensed at a constant speed.

The next morning.

“I only slept for four hours last night, but I feel so energetic now.

Its really strange.” Yan Wuyue thought it was a little unbelievable.

She had unknowingly fallen into a trance when she danced with Zhou Mingrui last night.

By the time she reacted, it was already late at night.

She had been worried that she would be in a worse state after waking up, but in the end, she realized that it was completely different from what she had imagined.

“Then sleep a little longer.

Theres still more than an hour of spare time anyway.” Zhou Mingrui smacked his lips and wanted to continue sleeping.

“Alright, hurry up and get up.

I want to tell you in advance about the situation of this competition.” Yan Wuyue stepped forward and patted Zhou Mingruis body.

“Just say it.

Im listening.” Zhou Mingrui mumbled without even turning around.

“You…” Yan Wuyue was so angry that she wanted to kick Zhou Mingrui, but she forced herself to hold back and said, “Then listen carefully.

When Im done, Im going to test you if youre listening carefully.”

“Alright, just say it.” Zhou Mingrui didnt know that his little bottom had almost been kicked as he lazily replied.

After organizing her words, Yan Wuyue coughed twice and said, “This years freshmen tournament is actually a stage for us to display our skills.”

“The talents, battle actions, battle wisdom, battle accomplishments, and other aspects that we have displayed in this tournament will be recorded by the school and used as a foundation to help us be assigned to suitable classes.”

“Dont look down on this tournament.

Although its just a comparison between freshmen, its precisely at this starting stage that the school will start to treat them differently.”

“And its not just the academy.

Your performance in the freshmen tournament will also be displayed on the academys platform.

Itll be an important reference material for the higher-level research institutes.”

“Some students who perform well in the freshmen tournament will receive an admission letter from some research institutes in advance.

They can directly study in that research institute after graduation without having to take an examination.”

Wasnt this the college entrance examination and university in his previous world

“Those research institutes, are they divided into different levels” Zhou Mingrui subconsciously asked.

Yan Wuyue nodded, slightly surprised.

“Thats right.

The research institutes are divided into three levels.

The first is the ordinary public research Institute, which is established by each city.

As long as your grades meet the minimum requirement, you can enter.

Most of the teachers and students there are just dawdling.”

“Then theres the private research institute, which is usually funded by large capital groups.

The teachers are much stronger than those in the public institute, but many of them get in through connections and money.”

“Finally, there are the four most famous research institutes in the country.

There are one or even more top powerhouses behind each research institute.

Under the influence of these top powerhouses, countless talented students will constantly flow into this place.”

Wasnt this just the difference between the three kinds of institutes Could it be that theyre identical

“Are there any special ones” Zhou Mingrui probed.

In the other world, there were still some low-key universities in the country that could beat the so-called top universities in some aspects.

“You know that too” Yan Wuyue was really surprised this time.

“Theres another independent research institute aside from these, and thats the Holy Spirit Empires Research Institute.”

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