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“Just this” The goblin wizard sneered when it saw that they were only a group of low-level undead puppets.

Zhou Mingrui did not answer.

Instead, with a thought, the undead puppets immediately launched their attacks.

The goblin wizards raised their hands and shot out bolts of green lightning in the blink of an eye.

Although they were not as powerful as the previous ones, their casting speed was fast.

Before the undead puppets could reach the goblin wizards, the green lightning snakes had already struck them.

The moment the puppets were hit by the lightning snakes, their bodies stiffened, and their movements began to slow down.

Finally, after the second lightning snake hit them, they turned back into bones and scattered on the ground.

In less than ten seconds, the dozens of skeleton puppets were shattered and returned to the pile of bones on the ground.

“What other moves do you have” The goblin wizard was enraged as it began to speak to Zhou Mingrui in a teasing tone.

However, the goblin wizard did not notice that Zhou Mingrui, who had just finished the incantation, was already looking at him with pity.

“What” At this time, the goblin wizards expression changed.

He had noticed the change in the magic particles in the air.

With their sharp senses, they quickly turned their attention to a pile of bones not far away.

“Somethings wrong!”

The goblin wizard immediately gathered their energy as fast as they could when they sensed it.

Green electric snakes shot toward the skeleton.

However, before the lightning snakes could touch the skeletons, they were blocked by an invisible barrier of light.

They could not get close to the skeletons.

“Its too late!”

The wizard could already tell that Zhou Mingruis necromancy could no longer be stopped.

Hence, he immediately turned to his companion and said, “Use the Black Death Catastrophe!”

The other goblin wizards were shocked, but they quickly understood.

All the goblin wizards raised their curved magic staffs and started humming.

Rays of green light appeared out of thin air, like comets that constantly rotated around the goblin wizards, emitting an extremely uneasy aura.

“Stop daydreaming.

Those with long-range attacks, attack with me!”

No matter how stupid Zhao Anqi was, she could tell that both parties were prepared to use their ultimate moves to finish the battle.

Therefore, the best way to help Zhou Mingrui was to distract those ugly monsters as much as possible.

The puppets summoned by the goblin wizards had been defeated by their joint forces, which gave the students confidence again.

As a result, the students who had long-range attacks started to display their abilities.

All sorts of physical, energy and magic attacks were launched at the goblin wizards.

However, they were all blocked by a layer of dark green energy shield.

There was no way to break the energy shield at all.

Still, the continuous and concentrated attacks had impacted the goblin wizards.

Zhou Mingrui could feel his power was rapidly depleting.

However, the aura from the skeleton in front of him grew stronger and stronger.

It had even reached a level that surprised Zhou Mingrui.

The skeletons body even began to turn illusionary from energy.

From the overall appearance of the illusionary figure, it should be a beast-like creature on all fours.

At this time, the goblin wizards attack had already taken shape.

Even if the students tried their best to delay it, they were still unable to resist the combined attacks of the eight goblin wizards.

A large amount of green energy immediately began to spread.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingrui quickly shouted, “Hurry up and leave.

Dont touch the green energy, or youll die!”

The students were shocked by his shout.

Then, they turned around and ran without hesitation.

Even if Zhou Mingrui didnt say anything, they saw that the plants that came into contact with the green energy instantly withered and turned to dust.

It was enough to tell how terrifying the green energy was.

However, how could the goblin wizards watch them leave Two of the wizards immediately controlled the green energy and began to approach the escaping students.

The green energy was extremely fast, covering a large distance in the blink of an eye.

However, it didnt actively touch the students, but surrounded them and forced them back.

After all, they were going to take their souls back and offer them to their king.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingruis worries were put to rest.

At that moment, his necromancy was about to end.

He had also expended about 90% of the magic power in his body.

The skeleton could no longer be called a skeleton.

An energy flickering with a faint light had completely wrapped around the original bone armor.


A searing blast of air immediately swept through the surroundings as a robust horse appeared in front of Zhou Mingrui.

The cheetah-like muscles on its body seemed to have been chiseled with knives and axes, and the muscle lines looked gorgeous.

The energy hair on its back fluttered in the wind as if it was burning with white flames.

In the originally empty eye sockets, two white flames suddenly appeared out of thin air as the horses body was completely formed.

The moment the flames appeared, a terrifying energy aura immediately surged out.

The green energy electric snakes that were heading towards Zhou Mingrui stopped in mid-air as though something was pulling them back.

Its four hooves were also burning with white flames, crackling in the air.

Although there were so many flames, it didnt feel any heat around it.

The temperature had even dropped.

“Hello, master.”

At that moment, an ethereal female voice with a reverberating effect suddenly appeared in Zhou Mingruis mind.

“Its you” Zhou Mingrui looked at the flame horse in front of him and subconsciously activated his spiritual eye.

[Name: Spectral Hell Warhorse]

[Level: 40]

[Rank: quasi-gold]

[Skills: Flame Charge, War Stomp, Hell Howl, Phantom Eye, Ghost Phantom]

Level 40, quasi-gold!

The data displayed in the two columns made Zhou Mingruis eyes light up.

He knew the horse was once a powerful creature when it was alive.

After all, the strength of the undead summoned by a king was largely dependent on the strength of the caster.

But to be able to reach the level 40 standard of a gold grade, it also proved that the Spectral Hell Warhorse must have been very strong when it was alive.

At this moment, the black death light scattered around the area had been condensed into a single beam by the goblin wizards.

It shot directly towards Zhou Mingrui and the Spectral Hell Warhorse.

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