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Quick Level Up

The moment he entered the space of the secret realm, Zhou Mingruis sharp senses detected the changes in the space before and after.

He also sensed the monsters “scent” that filled the air.

This wasnt the smell that ordinary people had, but the “smell” that belonged to the soul.

Twenty-four hours had passed, and he could now leave Yan Wuyue for a certain distance without being restricted.

However, if one were to sense carefully, they would be able to lock onto the other partys position through the connection between them.

Although he would return to the illusionary spirit world in a few days if he did not sign the contract, Zhou Mingrui would not give in to the other party.

At the same time, he did not owe her anything.

Why would he act friendly only to be snubbed

Zhou Mingrui did a silent whistle as he randomly picked a direction and strode forward.

As soon as Yan Wuyue entered the secret realm, she immediately took out a foldable alloy knife from her backpack.

She was no longer the Goddess of Redemption before her rebirth.

Without a contract with her summoned spirit, her physique was only slightly stronger than that of an ordinary person.

The only thing she could rely on now was her rich combat experience.

After carefully advancing a few hundred meters in the forest-like environment, a roar suddenly erupted beside her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Yan Wuyue saw a black shadow flash by, and then a huge force directly hit her and sent her flying several meters away.

After rolling on the ground a few times, Yan Wuyue finally stabilized her body.

At this time, Yan Wuyue saw the true face of the black shadow.

It was a mutant lion nearly four meters in size.

The mutant lion opened its mouth and roared, staring at the human in front of it.

Shaking her numb arm, Yan Wuyue began to control the frequency of her heartbeat by breathing quickly, forcing herself to calm down.

At this moment, panicking was the same as committing suicide.

The mutant lion would not give Yan Wuyue time to calm down.

After waiting for a few seconds, it rushed over with its big feet.

The strong airflow brought about by its body swept out like a hurricane, and the sharp fangs in its open bloody mouth came with a foul smell.

The two sides collided in the blink of an eye.

Five minutes later.

Yan Wuyue stabbed her alloy knife into the ground and sat on the ground, gasping for air.

“If I had a summoned spirit, I wouldnt be so tired after the various attributes were added.”

However, when she thought about how she had summoned a skeleton, she felt helpless.

It was impossible to sign a contract with that skeleton.

The growth attribute of that kind of summoned spirit was too poor.

A summoned spirit with high growth potential could even give the summoner more attributes than the summoner of a higher level, even if their level was lower than others.

“Ill definitely think of a way to solve this!”

Yan Wuyue encouraged herself again.

Then she stood up from the ground, brushed off the grass and soil on her body, and continued to move forward.

For this trial, they had to reach their destination within the stipulated time.

Of course, the first to arrive was not the winner, but the one who killed the most monsters in the trial secret realm and earned the most points would be the winner.

Of course, in the current situation, Yan Wuyue could only guarantee that she would try not to be at the bottom.


At this moment, pairs of eyes kept appearing in the shadows of the tall trees in the forest.

“Its been less than half a minute, and theyre already here following the smell of blood!”

Yan Wuyue was helpless.

She also wanted to move immediately after killing the mutant lion, but she was surrounded again in less than ten seconds.

One mutant lion after another walked out of the forest.

Their eyes had locked on Yan Wuyue, and it was full of hatred.

Feeling helpless, Yan Wuyue could only pick up her alloy knife again and put on a fighting posture to face the six mutant lions that suddenly surrounded her.

“I will not fall here!”

She gritted her teeth and charged at one of the mutant lions with a low roar.

Just as Yan Wuyue was surrounded, Zhou Mingrui arrived at a cave.

Just as he walked tens of meters deep into the cave, giant pythons as thick as an adults waist appeared from various holes in the cave and surrounded Zhou Mingrui.

Seeing dozens of pythons surrounding him, Zhou Mingrui raised his hand unhurriedly.

A purplish-black light flickered as a long bone saber appeared in his hand.

As though they had seen an opening, the dozens of pythons launched a rapid attack at Zhou Mingrui almost simultaneously.

The python that was as fast as lightning in the eyes of ordinary people was now in slow motion in his eyes.

Waving the bone saber in his hand, the skeleton that looked thin was like a butterfly in a flower bush.

It easily dodged the pythons attack and at the same time, slashed at their heart.

The moment Zhou Mingrui lowered the bone saber in his hand, dozens of pythons lay motionless on the ground amid a series of plopping sounds.

All of them showed no signs of life.

[Detected that the host has successfully killed creatures, and the talent, Devour, is activated]

The dozens of pythons turned into gray Undead Essence.

Following that, they flew to Zhou Mingruis side like magnets before fusing into his body.

[Level increased to LV1!]

[Level increased to LV2!]


[Level increased to LV5!]

Zhou Mingruis entire body began to glow faintly.

His height increased from 1.5 meters to around 1.63 meters.

His bone armor, which was only as thick as a finger, also began to gradually thicken.

The feeling of leveling up made Zhou Mingrui groan in joy.

When the light stopped, he immediately turned his head to look in the southeast direction.

There was a strong smell of monsters there.

As he sprinted, Zhou Mingrui came to the side of a group of feasting monsters.

The ferocious beasts that were tearing the fresh meat of their prey suddenly turned their heads to look at him.

Without another word, Zhou Mingrui charged forward with his bone saber.

With a swing of his blade, these strong fierce beasts were like little chicks.

They couldnt fight back at all as they fled in all directions.

However, in Zhou Mingruis eyes, these ferocious beasts were adorable experience babies.

How could he let them escape just like that

After a series of chaotic pursuits, the ferocious beasts were eventually killed by Zhou Mingrui, who was in the mood to kill.

[Level increased to LV6!]

[Level increased to LV7!]


Without thinking about it, Zhou Mingrui turned his head to look at the group of mutant lions that had been attracted by the smell of blood.

When they first saw the blood-soaked skeleton, they all shivered and ran away without hesitation.

Zhou Mingrui was not about to let go of these experience babies either.

He immediately chased after them as fast as he could.

With the help of his talent, the Lotus Flower, his attributes were higher than a normal level 20 monster after he reached level 7.

Like a tiger among a flock of sheep, Zhou Mingrui began slaughtering the monsters.

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