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Goblin Kings pupils rapidly dilated when it saw Zhou Mingrui charging at it.

It knew that if it did not think of a way to block Zhong Mingruis attack, it would die without a doubt!

Under the extreme shock of death, the Goblin Kings eyes were filled with blood vessels.

The patterns on its body began to change in color at this moment.

They turned black to red in the blink of an eye.

Just as Zhou Mingruis spear tip was about to reach Goblin King, the red glow from its body burst forth as it broke free from the restraints of the skill.

It raised its large hands and grabbed the energy spear that was coming at it.

However, Zhou Mingruis charge was not that simple.

The moment Goblin Kings hand touched the energy spear, its body trembled.

The energy spear was still approaching its heart.


Goblin King let out an angry roar, and the muscles on his arms expanded once again.

The violent force stopped the energy spear from advancing.

However, the energy spear increased its momentum, and the Goblin Kings body was sent flying backward.

Along the way, Goblin Kings huge body knocked down a large number of trees.

The ground under its feet was plowed with two deep furrows.

However, seeing that the energy spear was no longer approaching his heart, Goblin Kings malevolent face relaxed a little.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingrui sneered and said, “Do you think you can stop my attack just like that”

The next moment, Zhou Mingruis eyes lit up with a light blue glow.

All the Undead Soul Energy in his body immediately gathered in his hands.

Zhou Mingrui loosened the grip on Nether Flame Bone Blade.

Then, he moved the blade forward a few centimeters.

It was less than ten centimeters away from Goblin Kings heart.

It caused Goblin Kings expression to change drastically, and he hurriedly used all his strength to grab onto it.

However, Zhou Mingrui smiled as he activated his skill once again.

[Double-Flame Charge]!

Spectral Hell Warhorses blue flames burned brightly, and its four hooves began to stomp quickly.

A new force instantly condensed.

Goblin Kings hands that were holding the spear suddenly twisted and his fingers were instantly deformed by the huge impact.

The spear tip was thrust forward.

The black energy barrier on Goblin Kings body was easily pierced through like tofu.

After the energy spear pierced through its tough skin, it directly entered its heart.


The energy spear was not only sharp.

The moment it pierced Goblin Kings heart, the violent energy was instantly detonated by Zhou Mingrui like a grenade.


Goblin Kings chest shook, and a large hole was blasted open by the violent phantom energy.

“Be careful, Goblin Kings life force is very strong.

Even without its heart, it can still survive for a short time.

It can still release with even more power before he dies.” Yan Wuyue quickly warned when she saw Goblin Kings fatal injury.

In her previous life, Yan Wuyue had read that after the team of adventurers had severely injured the Goblin King.

The Goblin Kings sudden outburst had caused two of them to be severely injured, and one of them had even died.

“Dream on!”

How could Zhou Mingrui not be prepared He had long sensed that Goblin Kings energy had not dissipated.

Instead, it was rapidly condensing.

He knew that this fellow would not die so quickly.

Indeed, Goblin Kings weak and dying appearance suddenly changed.

Its hands reached out at an even faster speed to grab Zhou Mingrui and Spectral Hell Warhorse.

The speed was so fast that even Zhou Mingrui, who was mentally prepared, was shocked.

However, just as Goblin King was about to get them, Zhou Mingrui and Spectral Hell Warhorse instantly faded.

[Ghost Phantom]!

Four of their afterimages appeared in the surroundings, not giving Goblin King any time to react.


The four afterimages attacked at the same time, and the four energy spears once again pierced the Goblin King.


Even in a dying state, Goblin Kings dark energy continued to surge.

His strength increased, and he grabbed the spear tip like a Berserker.

Furthermore, the black energy on Goblin Kings body began to form threads that extended to the energy spears body and approached Zhou Mingrui.

“Be careful.

Its probably trying to use its energy to pollute your energy so that your energy will stagnate.

It can also absorb your life force to maintain its body.

It might even recover from some injuries.” Yan Wuyue looked worried as she reminded Zhou Mingrui.


This was also why the dying Goblin King could heavily injure two people and kill one person in her previous life.

After all, the adventurers were all one rank higher than the Goblin King, and they could kill it.

“Energy absorption, huh Lets see what you got! “Zhou Mingruis eyes flickered as he activated his innate skill.


The moment the Devour skill was activated, a powerful suction force erupted from Zhou Mingruis body.

The black energy on Goblin Kings bodies began to shift at a discernible pace before being rapidly absorbed by Zhou Mingruis body.

This time, Goblin Kings face was no longer malevolent, only confusion and fear.

The human in front of it had completely exceeded its imagination.

Even its final outburst and the fatal killing move had been resolved by this human.

Of course, Zhou Mingruis Devour skill could not be used on living beings.

However, Goblin King was already on the brink of death.

Goblin Kings resistance to Devour had been greatly weakened, so Devour managed to absorb its life force.

With the loss of the black energy, Goblin Kings life force began to weaken, while the power of Devour grew stronger.

At that moment, Zhou Mingrui could feel his energy constantly increasing.

He was also beginning to break through his level.


Goblin King let out a final roar of unwillingness.

His hands could no longer hold onto Zhou Mingruis spear.

Then, the spear pierced through its damaged brain.

At that moment, the devouring process suddenly erupted.

Goblin Kings massive body began to wither rapidly.

Then, the massive energy transformed into a small whirlwind that converged into Zhou Mingruis body.

[Congratulations to the host for killing a level 40 quasi-gold monster, the Goblin King]

“Congratulations, youve leveled up to level 31.”

“Congratulations, youve leveled up to level 33.”

“Congratulations, youve leveled up to level 35.”

At that moment, the voice in his brain stopped.

Zhou Mingruis level also stopped increasing.

However, another voice suddenly rang out,”

[The hosts Synchronized Summoner has leveled up.

The host has received three times the experience points.

The host has leveled up to level 36.]

And it didnt stop.

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