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Most of the students looked at Yan Wuyue with admiration and respect in their eyes.

Many people believed Yan Wuyues hard work and effort saved everyone this time.

Although some students had seen Zhou Mingruis attack, he was Yan Wuyues summoned spirit.

It did not conflict with them giving Yan Wuyue credit.

Moreover, the students had seen Yan Wuyue confront more than a dozen powerful goblin guards to prevent the disaster from happening.

Hence, they firmly believed that Yan Wuyue was the one who saved them from the crisis.

These students kept promoting Yan Wuyues strength and her contributions to the students who didnt know what happened.

This was how all people thought the battle went down.

However, Zhao Anqi was an exception.

Zhao Anqis face was covered in dust, but her eyes were fixed in Yan Wuyues direction.

However, her target was not that woman.

Her gaze was completely locked on Zhou Mingrui, who was wearing a bone mask and had been silent the entire time.

He looked like an obedient child.

Zhao Anqi was the only one who knew that the person who had saved the disaster was actually Zhou Mingrui.

Furthermore, Zhou Mingruis strength completely exceeded everyones imagination.

Most importantly, he could think independently and execute his orders.

Zhao Anqi licked her lips.

“What a great prey, I must get him!”

Finally, after the principal and the vice-principals confirmed that the seal had weakened, they broke it.

A group of students walked out.

The teachers and many students asked the students, who were trapped in the seal, about the situation.

Then, they put all the pictures together.

The academys higher-ups finally confirmed the cause and effect of the whole incident.

They couldnt help but feel a little scared.

A dangerous crisis was about to happen.

If it wasnt for the help of talents among the students, then the Goblin King could have broken the seal.

In that case, all of the trapped students would all die horribly.

Although the students were all new students, many of them had powerful families or were children of important figures.

Even if the academy could withstand the anger of those people, its reputation and foundation would also take a disastrous decline.

It would be a completely different kind of disaster.

After beating up and reprimanding the person in charge of the detection team, the academys higher-ups finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Before the Goblin King completely broke the seal, my summoned spirit and I used all our strength to attack it.”

“When the Goblin King came out, it was severely injured.

That was why we were able to defeat it despite all odds.”

“Principal, this is what happened.”

After Yan Wuyues words, the senior officials on the high platform in front of her began to whisper to each other.

Yan Wuyue decided to hide the final process.

After all, if she revealed the truth, the higher-ups of the academy would be completely shocked.

Moreover, Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingruis true strengths would be revealed.

Zhou Mingrui was indeed very strong now, but he still had a limit.

He still did not have the strength to influence human society yet.

Among human beings, many people didnt agree with Yan Wuyues ideas.

She was also concerned about a mysterious organization.

Moreover, even if he concealed a part of his strength, the benefits he could obtain were exactly the same.

That was the reason Yan Wuyue hid the truth about how they defeated the Goblin King.

“Yan Wuyue, your performance was excellent.

Even the weak Goblin King is a powerful silver-level monster.

Even the senior students may not be able to win.”

“Your heroic act has been recognized by the academy.

We will reward you with the highest honor of the school, the Saint Soul Medal.

But please forgive us for not being able to hold a grand award ceremony for you, I hope you can understand the difficulties of the academy.”

Although the disaster was resolved and most of the students were saved, there were still a small number of students who died inside.

Not all the students were weak.

Some of them had strong strengths or backgrounds.

They would usually have life-saving props.

There were one or two students who were actually quite strong.

However, due to the academys background and influence, those individual families also chose to lay low after receiving sufficient compensation from the academy.

So for the sake of those peoples reputations, the academy decided to deal with this disaster as quietly as possible.

Seeing the principals helplessness, Yan Wuyue also nodded in understanding.

“Very good.

What a smart and obedient child.”

Many of the higher-ups suddenly found Yan Wuyue more pleasing to the eye.

They liked smart children who knew the big picture and when to advance and retreat.

“This years freshman secret realm trials first place is undoubtedly yours.

However, the following assessment will still be carried out.

I believe you still could obtain the first place with your strength.”

“Thus, if you decide to continue participating in the trial, we have no objections.

If you decide not to participate, we have also prepared a reward of equal value for you to the first place.”

Yan Wuyue raised his eyebrows and said, “Mr.

Principal, Ive decided to participate.”

“I know,” the principal smiled and continued, “youre doing this for the attention of the top universities, right”

“Actually, with the talent youve shown, even if you dont participate in this trial, we will still report your performance to all the advanced research institutes, and they will accept you.”

Yan Wuyue smiled and said, “The things you see with your own eyes are the most trustworthy, arent they”

“Hahaha! Youre right.

Since you understand this, I wont say anything more.

With your qualifications, you can choose any advanced research institute you like.

They might even come and beg you to enter.”

“Since thats the case, Ill give you the additional reward after the trial.

What do you think Of course, I can give it to you in advance if you want it now.”

“However, I suggest its best to eat the fruit after working hard so you can fully enjoy the sweetness.”

Yan Wuyue answered with a smile, “Then Ill listen to you.

Ill take them all after the trial.

And Ill work hard to get these rewards.”

“Youre a talented one.

Keep it up.” The principal and the higher-ups were all smiles.

They were even more satisfied with this beautiful girl.

On the way back to the dormitory, Yan Wuyue was thinking about what had just happened.

“What I thought that with your personality, you shouldnt have said those words just now.” At that moment, Zhou Mingrui suddenly spoke.

“Humans have to change after experiencing something.”

Yan Wuyue said indifferently, “Back then, I was too stubborn.

I didnt know how to be flexible in many things.

As a result, when I wanted to gather all my strength, I encountered many obstacles.”

Zhou Mingrui chuckled and said, “Thats true.

Thats why you become more rounded andwell-endowed.”

“Youre so annoying.

Why is your mind filled with such dirty thoughts Yan Wuyue immediately turned around and said.

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