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“Its strength has increased by at least two times.

This guy was concealing his abilities earlier.”

Zhou Mingrui thought as he felt the immense force from the opponents fist.

From what Zheng Haolong had said earlier, he had clearly planned to conceal his abilities, and then surprise everyone with the true extent of his powers at the finals.

Unfortunately, Zheng Haolong had met him and could no longer hide them.

Zhou Mingrui felt his gloominess dissipate a little.

There was no other reason.

Now the more Zheng Haolong suffered, the happier Zhou Mingrui felt!

In his excitement, Zhou Mingrui unconsciously exerted more strength through his fist.

As a result, the giant gorilla who thought it had the upper hand, scrunched up its face the moment their fists came into contact.

Then, the giant gorillas entire body jolted and retreated five or six steps before coming to a complete stop.

“How can it be Hes weaker than the opponent!” Zheng Haolong had a look of disbelief.

As the Summoner, he knew full well how powerful the giant gorilla was at full strength.

However, seeing that Zhou Mingruis expression was still completely relaxed, he clearly had not used all his power.

That caused Zheng Haolong to start to lose hope.

If it was an ordinary sparring match, Zheng Haolong would have admitted defeat straight away.

But he could not do that this time!

For the sake of his parents who had raised him with great difficulty and taken on debt to send him to school, in order to let them live a good life, and for the sake of the woman who was waiting for him to return home in glory, Zheng Haolong had to grab every opportunity.

As long as he could show everything he had to the observers from the research institutes, it would be worth it.

“In that case, Ill go all out this time!”

Zheng Haolongs thoughts were transmitted to the giant gorillas brain via the contract.

Influenced by the strong conviction, the giant gorilla let out an angry roar.

The muscles all over its body expanded slightly again.

“Those two have such a high level of understanding between them.

Just a freshman, and hes already able to influence the summoned spirit through contract synchronization.

This freshman is worth paying attention to.”

“This student can be trained as a Booster.

He has pretty good potential.”

“Yeah, the foundation of the summoned spirit is not bad too.

If trained properly, it can become a very strong combat force.”

Below the fighting ring, looks of surprise flashed in the eyes of observers from various research institutes.

After a flurry of whispers, they quickly quietened down.

After all, there were surprises among the freshmen every year.

Not to mention, they were currently at the Heavenly Saint Academy, the place with the highest rate of producing talents.

In the arena, the re-strengthened giant gorilla let out an angry roar.

With powerful footsteps, it charged towards Zhou Mingrui once again and used all its strength to deliver an explosive punch.

If it was an actual life-or-death battle, Zhou Mingrui could have finished his opponent off by now.

Because Zheng Haolong was the type who transferred all his personal beliefs and enhancement attributes to his summoned spirit.

He was very weak himself, and relied completely on the strength of his summoned spirit to protect him.

“Compared to most people, youre already very outstanding.

Its a pity you met me.

Its a pity your sister offended me,” Zhou Mingrui gently shook his head.

He actually admired people like Zheng Haolong.

If not for that woman.

Those who were diligent always affected the people around them, causing those people to unconsciously work harder themselves.

When he saw the giant gorilla charging towards him, Zhou Mingrui simply raised one hand.

He had no intention of dodging or retaliating.

The next moment, Zheng Haolong saw that the giant gorillas full-force attack had been easily resisted by the opponent.

Moreover, his expression remained calm and he showed no signs of distress.

Zheng Haolong and the giant gorilla were both deeply disappointed.

They were now beginning to question the strength they had been so proud of.

“What Not attacking anymore Its my turn then.”

Zhou Mingrui suddenly smiled.

He instantly dropped his defense-only stance.

His palms transformed into knives, and chopped the giant gorillas wrist at rapid speed.

Immediately, the gorillas wrist became numb and lost all strength.

In a moment of desperation, the giant gorilla had wanted to use the other hand to grab Zhou Mingrui.

But it then realized that a fist the size of a claypot had already made contact with its chest.

“Let me teach you how an attack should be done!”

With a dull sound, the giant gorilla felt an enormous force land on its chest.

It rarely felt pain, but this time it did.

Before the gorilla could react, another powerful fist had already landed on its chin, causing it to stagger and almost lose its balance.

The giant gorilla had never experienced anything like that in close combat.

It could only rely on its bodys natural reaction to keep fighting.

However, Zhou Mingruis continuous attacks were fast and furious, like flowing water.

The giant gorilla felt like a tiny boat being tossed about by waves in the vast ocean.

It had no ability to resist at all.

Zheng Haolong looked worried as well.

But if the giant gorilla with such strong physical attributes could not do anything, he who was even weaker had no choice but to watch anxiously.

Through the spiritual link of the summoning contract, he could sense what the giant gorilla was feeling.

It felt completely helpless, and was even starting to fear.

Zheng Haolong clenched his fists.

He knew he should give up at that point.

But when he saw the research institute observers again from the corner of his eye, he wavered once more.

A series of dull sounds rang in his ear.

The giant gorillas defense had been completely broken at that point.

It had turned into a sandbag that could only passively endure attacks.

“Get up.

To me, youre the strongest summoned spirit.

We cannot give up!”

Zheng Haolong roared like crazy in his heart, but the giant gorilla had already lost hope.

By that point, it knew that even if it became twice as powerful, it would only be beaten up by that man with no chance of retaliation.

Its defense might hold out for a while, but it was only a matter of time before it was defeated.

When he saw what was happening, Zheng Haolong opened his mouth helplessly, intending to announce his forfeiture.

However, before he could utter a sound, a dark shadow appeared in front of him.

“Who gave you permission to forfeit”

A cruel smile appeared on Zhou Mingruis face.

He had already punched Zheng Haolong in the stomach before that, sending the words he intended to say back into his mouth.

This time, Zhou Mingrui had controlled his strength perfectly.

The damage was great enough to prevent him from saying a word, but not enough to make him unconscious.

“We still have some personal grudges to settle,” he whispered into Zheng Haolongs ear, then kneed him on the chin.

After that, Zhou Mingrui began to exercise precise strength control.

His target was Zheng Haolong, the human sandbag.

As for the giant gorilla, Zhou Mingrui had already punched it unconscious as Zheng Haolong was about to announce his forfeiture.

It would not cause any interference.

Zhou Mingrui tried every move he could think of on Zheng Haolong, but ensured that he would not faint or surrender.

“Is there a personal grudge here”

At first, the spectators thought that it was a fierce battle.

But as they kept watching, they sensed that something was not quite right.

It was clear that one side was controlling his strength to torture the other.

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