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In the face of Yan Wuyues sudden attack, Cao Rong did not show any signs of panic.

She smiled gently.

Then, with light-footed steps, she turned her body to one side, successfully dodging the razor sharp tip of the spear.

However, there was no way that Yan Wuyue would let her dodge so easily.

As soon as she saw Cao Rongs feet move, she withdrew her strength.

Yan Wuyue took a step forward and exerted force from her waist.

The perfectly straight tip of her spear, just like a water dragon turning around, instantly charged towards Cao Rong once again.

After the first dodge, an ordinary person would not have been able to generate enough energy to dodge again.

However, a multi-colored energy phantom suddenly appeared behind Cao Rong.

It looked like the wings of a butterfly.

Streaks of multi-colored patterns appeared on her fair skin, adding a touch of glamor to her already beautiful looks.

The moment the wings appeared, Cao Rongs body seemed to become weightless.

With feather-light movements, she dodged the attacking spear.

Yan Wuyue withdrew her spear, and appeared deep in thought.

“A butterfly-type summoned spirit”

Zhou Mingrui, who was watching the battle from the side, began to think about how he would fight should he meet such an opponent.

Yan Wuyue caught up again and attacked relentlessly.

However, no matter what type of attack she used, Cao Rong was able to dodge easily.

“Air flow!”

Who was Yan Wuyue She was once the Goddess of Battle.

She had come across countless types of skills and summoned spirits.

Very quickly, she found Cao Rongs type.

The key was the air flow.

Why was it difficult for humans to hit mosquitoes Because mosquitoes could sense an incoming attack from the air flow generated, and even use that air flow to fly away.

There were only three ways to defeat such an opponent.

The first was to use absolute speed.

Even an opponent who could dodge using air flow would no longer be able to dodge, once the speed of attack reached a certain level.

The second was to create a completely enclosed cage.

As the enclosed space shrank, the mosquito would run out of space to dodge and easily be crushed.

The third was to make use of the properties of air flow itself to capture the opponent.

That was also the most energy-saving method.

As long as your air flow technique was superior, your opponent would be at your mercy, just like a bird without its wings.

Yan Wuyue had already made up her mind.

Her eyes glowed with a faint fluorescent light as energy surged within her body.

Active Skill: [New Stars and Moon]

Skill Effect: [By using internal energy to construct the orbit of the stars and moon, internal energy will be transformed into Stars and Moon Energy, greatly enhancing overall personal attributes.

At the same time, it will automatically activate the talent Stars and Moon Eyes.]

Passive Skill: [Stars and Moon Eyes]

Skill Effect: [This passive skill is automatically activated when the active skill New Stars and Moon is initiated.

By suffusing both eyes with Stars and Moon Energy, the trajectory of energy or matter can be observed.

There is a high probability of seeing through mental illusory-type skills.]

All around Yan Wuyue, bright white energy particles started to appear.

Then with an explosive increase in speed, her entire body shot out like an arrow.

“As expected, she hasnt changed.

Shes still as stubborn as ever.”

Cao Rong smiled mockingly.

Her body continued to sway along with the air flow, like duckweed floating on water, as she dodged Yan Wuyues attacks again and again.

At the same time, she was ridiculing Yan Wuyue non-stop.

That made Zhou Mingrui, who was watching from the side, realize how vicious a womans mouth could be.

He thought about how Yan Wuyue had looked at that woman at the beginning, as well as her tone and demeanor in talking to her.

Zhou Mingrui concluded that something must have happened between them.

“Cao Rong, youre still as sharp-tongued as ever.”

Yan Wuyue fought back with a sneer.

At the same time, her attacks became faster and faster, to the point where the tip of her spear started to appear as a blurry phantom.

“This summoned spirit called Cao Rong is pretty rare.

Her movement technique has been greatly enhanced.

Shes very much worth training,” an observer judged.

“Mm, she has high training value.

Some special operations departments love talents like these, with high training value,” another observer said.

“But if these abilities are all she has, I dont think the big four will be interested,” one observer chuckled.

“Isnt that better for us Hahaha,” the observer laughed.

Seated even closer, about five to six seats away from each other, were four observers with very conspicuous logos on their chests.

“Old Yu, this lady suits your research institute quite well,” a middle-aged man said.

A white-haired old man five or six seats away chuckled and replied, “Lets wait and see, theres no hurry.”

In the ring, Yan Wuyues body was now covered with a misty white moonlight.

The spear in her hand had turned completely moon white.

The next moment, a moon white halo emanated from Yan Wuyues body, swiftly covering an area ten meters in diameter.

Active Skill: [Stars and Moon Domain]

Skill Type: [Domain skill]

Skill Description: [While in the New Stars and Moon state, this skill can be activated when the internal energy conversion rate reaches 70% and above.

It will cause Stars and Moon Energy to fill a circular area 10 meters in diameter.]

[Any life form marked as an enemy within the Stars and Moon Domain will be dealt a Stars and Moon Energy restriction.

The effect of the restriction will be determined by the life type and strength of the enemy.]

[Any life form marked as an ally within the Stars and Moon Domain will receive a Stars and Moon Energy blessing.

The effect of the blessing will be determined by the life type and strength of the ally.]

[The method and type of attack to be used in the Stars and Moon Domain will be determined by the domain initiator.]

When she sensed Stars and Moon Energy flooding the surrounding space, Cao Rongs expression changed.

She did not expect Yan Wuyue to awaken a domain-type skill.

Although Yan Wuyues Stars and Moon Energy was not overwhelmingly strong, it was extremely flexible.

It made Cao Rong feel like she had fallen into a high density sticky liquid, causing her speed of dodging to drop instantly.

On the other hand, Yan Wuyue had received an even stronger boost in the Stars and Moon Domain.

With the way things were going, Cao Rong felt that she could no longer hold on.

“Oh my God, its a domain skill.

Its even the type that can enhance and weaken overall attributes! I wonder if its the kind that has a group effect though.”

“I didnt expect this student to have both powerful combat skills and domain skills.

This is the perfect combination for combat-type talents!”

“This is already considered an A-grade in a combat-type talent assessment.

Looks like we have a surprise within this batch of students.”

“If shes an A-grade, those four guys will probably make their move.”

At that moment, the observers from the big four research institutes were silent.

None of them said a word.

But from the way they kept their eyes on the fighting ring without so much as blinking, it was clear that they were observing with a high level of concentration.

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