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“The resting period is over.

Finalists, please enter the fighting ring.

The battle will begin shortly.”

Once half an hour was up, the teacher referee announced in a loud voice.

By the time the match started, it was already the end of the school day in the late afternoon.

A large number of students had gathered around.

Some teachers and professors went straight to the competition arena and started watching the battle from the seats there.

“As expected, Yan Wuyue is one of the finalists.”

“Thats right.

With the abilities she displayed in the secret realm, even half of them would be sufficient to get her into the finals.”

“But whos that across her I dont think he was at the secret realm trial previously.”

“Yes, I went through the freshman bios before coming here.

But I dont have any impression of this child either.”

“But to have entered the finals, his talent and ability must be top-notch.

Im just not sure how many rounds he will last with Yan Wuyue.”

“Thats true.

Although theres no longer any suspense regarding the champion of the individual match, we should still be able to watch an exciting match.”

Below the stage, the spectating teachers, professors and some elite senior students were engaged in feverish discussion in whispers.

Many of the academys teachers and professors had been looking forward to the match between the two strongest freshmen for a long time.

Every year, the finals brought about surprises.

This year, especially, one of the finalists was Yan Wuyue, who had turned the tide in the previous incident.

Many senior students were especially curious, because it was rumored that Yan Wuyues abilities were on par with those in the third grade, or even higher.

It was not rare for there to be geniuses among the freshmen.

But everyone was curious to see how much of a genius they were.


Those students would tell you that to have reached the higher grades of Heavenly Saint Academy, you would either have been hit so much by other geniuses that you were already numb, or had hit other people so much that it had become an everyday thing.

Jealousy, dissatisfaction and envy did not exist in their dictionaries.

Because those were of no help to their progression at all.

The strong merely served as goals to strive towards, and stirred up their desire to become stronger.

As such, the students all relished in discussing the match that was about begin, intending to enjoy the battle.

To Yan Wuyues surprise, the black-haired man did not exhibit any confidence or pride by virtue of reaching the finals.

On the contrary, he had a warm smile on his face as soon as he entered the fighting ring.

“Finalists, please come forward,” the teacher referee signaled for both of them to step forward.

After explaining the rules, they dispersed.

“Can…can I shake your hand Youre my idol,” the black-haired man suddenly said.

Yan Wuyue raised an eyebrow.

She thought about it, and concluded that the student had probably seen her in action in the secret realm previously.

So she stretched out her hand, and shook his.

His icy cold, smooth skin made Yan Wuyue feel like she was shaking the hand of a girl.

“Thank you.

My name is Xiao Shengyun.

Nice to meet you.”

“My name is Yan Wuyue.

Nice to meet you.”

After shaking hands, Yan Wuyue felt that something was wrong.

But when she saw the opponents sincere smile and courteous words, she could only smile back in response.

“Somethings wrong.”

When she returned to the edge of the fighting ring, Yan Wuyue heard Zhou Mingrui say softly.

“You felt it too”

Yan Wuyue felt strange, but did not reveal anything on her face.

She communicated via telepathy, “When we shook hands, I felt some resistance.

At first, I thought I was just being too sensitive.”

“No,” Zhou Mingrui said as he looked at the black-haired youth, Xiao Shengyun, “He feels familiar.

I seem to have met him somewhere before.”

“The match is about to start.

We can only rely on you to think about it further now,” Yan Wuyue thought back, and realized that Zhou Mingrui had never told her about that.

“Forget it.

It doesnt matter.

The match will soon be over anyway,” Zhou Mingrui shook his head, indicating that he could not be bothered to think about it anymore.

“Be careful, dont let your guard down,” Yan Wuyue urged.

“Let the match begin!”

Once the teacher referee gave the command, he retreated down the fighting ring immediately.

With a flick of her hand, the spear appeared in Yan Wuyues hand.

The energy in her body began to vibrate gently.

No matter who she faced, Yan Wuyue never underestimated an opponent.

She adopted a fighting stance.

Zhou Mingrui stood at the side, still hidden in his cloak.

Given his strength, should he take Xiao Shengyun on, that guy probably would not even last one round.

Plus, it was not convenient for him to expose himself.

But in the next moment, Xiao Shengyuns actions stunned them both.

He raised his right hand and all of a sudden, black energy began to extend from his arm.

Soon, a spear identical to Yan Wuyues appeared in his hand.

That was actually not a big deal.

After all, Yan Wuyue was not the only one who used spears.

But following that, as a strange smile appeared on Xiao Shengyuns face, the black energy throughout his body began to transform rapidly.

Active Skill: [New Stars and Moon (Imitation)]

Stars and Moon Energy, both familiar and shocking to Yan Wuyue, began to appear on Xiao Shengyuns body.

Then, his pupils turned silver.

Passive Skill: [Stars and Moon Eyes (Imitation)]

“This guy…” Zhou Mingruis eyes narrowed when he saw that, “I know who he is already!”

But before Yan Wuyue could ask, Xiao Shengyuns body became a blur.

The next moment, he appeared in front of her.

Despite her shock earlier, Yan Wuyue had already subconsciously activated her skill, owing to her exceptionally rich combat experience.

As the Stars and Moon Energy on Yan Wuyues body quaked, and her eyes turned silver, a halo spread out and enveloped her.

However, at the same time, a halo also appeared on Xiao Shengyuns body.

As it spread out, it became one with Yan Wuyues Stars and Moon Domain.

When she saw that, Yan Wuyue remained calm.

In her years of battles, she had seen practically every kind of enemy, including those who imitated other peoples abilities.

So what if he had imitated all her abilities

Since it was her ability, Yan Wuyue was most familiar with it.

Plus, she was second to none when it came to combat experience!

“Just nice, I was just thinking about the expansion and development potential of my ability!”

With Stars and Moon Energy on the spear in her hand, Yan Wuyue gathered the air flow from all four directions and blasted it in Xiao Shengyuns direction.

“Youve got a domain, but you dont know how to use it!”

Xiao Shengyuns eyes narrowed.

Instantly, the energy in the Stars and Moon Domain moved at his will, and began to restrict Yan Wuyue.


Yan Wuyue gave him a look of contempt.

As her spear kept going, the energy around the Stars and Moon Domain suddenly turned violent.

Like an ocean in a storm, the energy surged wildly and like a massive wave, it thundered towards Xiao Shengyun.

Along the way, it even attracted more Stars and Moon Energy.

Xiao Shengyun quickly condensed Stars and Moon Energy on the spear in his hand.

As it spun at an extreme speed, it blocked the Stars and Moon Wave completely.

“Its over.”

At that moment, Yan Wuyue who had charged towards Xiao Shengyun along with the energy wave, stood before him.

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