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His True Strength


This Xiao Shengyuns ability is actually duplication, and he can duplicate any skills.”

“Yeah, its rare to see such an ability.

If Im not wrong, this should be his ability to summon Spirits.”

“No wonder I havent seen his Holy Spirit appear.

So its this kind of ability.

Its very strong.”

“Yeah, but he hasnt showed the specific usage and limitations of his ability yet.

Lets observe a little more.”

Xiao Shengyun was not surprised at all to see Yan Wuyue in front of him.

Instead, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Yan Wuyue felt that the stars and moon energy in the surroundings had turned into an invisible weave of ropes in front of her.

Her movements slowed down.

“You can use it like this”

Yan Wuyue suddenly understood.

She swung the spear, and an energy blade made of stars and moon energy shot out.

In the blink of an eye, all the threads in front of her were cut off, but in the mean time, Xiao Shengyun had already reached the other side.

As soon as he got up, he saw the stars and moon energy gathering under Yan Wuyues feet as she landed.

The energy exploded the moment she touched ground, and Yan Wuyue immediately shot out towards Xiao Shengyun using the momentum from the explosion.

The two sides clashed, and Xiao Shengyun almost instantly fell into a disadvantage.

Even if he could obtain all of Yan Wuyues Passive Skills, he couldnt rival her mastery of close combat skills and experience.

“The combat ability of both sides is just not on the same level.

Its like the difference between a child and an adult.”

“As expected, though he can copy her abilities, theres still no way for him to make up for the skill gap in other aspects.”

“Thats not exactly right either.

Combat experience is something acquired and he can always gain it in the future.

His rare duplicating ability, though, is innate.”

“And it seems like hes can adapt his ability to match the strength of his opponent.”

“Interesting, we can consider recruiting him.”

Disregarding the surrounding commentary, Xiao Shengyun gathered his stars and moon energy and turned them into energy bombs that exploded near Yan Wuyue.

Yan Wuyue narrowed her eyes.

Her stars and moon energy immediately formed a shield in front of her, but the impact of the powerful explosion still pressured her to take a few steps back.

As Yan Wuyue retreated, Xiao Shengyun had already moved quickly to put some distance between them.

The long spear in his hand quickly turned into energy, and then condensed into a set of energy bow and arrow.

Xiao Shengyun had already realized that he was no match for Yan Wuyue in close combat.

No matter what method he used, Yan Wuyue could quickly see through and target his weak spot, which made him feel like he was walking on thin ice.

However, there was a reason why Xiao Shengyun could defeat so many opponents.

He did not simply rely on copying their abilities.

If that was the case, they would at most be on par with each other.

His true advantage came from his ability to further combine and merge his duplicated abilities!

He quickly drew his energy bow and arrow, and a condensed arrow made of stars and moon energy immediately materialized on the bowstring.

[Explosive Arrow]

The arrow left the bowstring.

Yan Wuyue didnt rush to receive it.

Her rich combat experience told her that archers were a group of sly foxes who exceled at sneaky tactics.

Another energy blade shot out from the her spear and collided with the arrow.

After a deafening boom, Yan Wuyue was surprised to see that the arrow had pierced through the explosion and continued blasting toward her.

She began charging her body with energy from the Stars and Moon Domain, which then turned into a spiral that enveloped the spear in her hand.

It wasnt that she didnt want to dodge.

Yan Wuyue sensed that the arrow that was locked on her, probably with a special mark used by archers.

The moment the arrow collided with the tip of the spear, the condensed energy on the arrow erupted with a blinding light.

With intense shock waves, the violent explosion swept toward Yan Wuyue.

But at the same time, the energy at the tip of Yan Wuyues spear also broke out.

The two energies collided and counteracted each other, but the powerful impact still managed to hit Yan Wuyue.

After taking several steps back, she finally dispelled the force that hit her.

Meanwhile, Xiao Shengyun had already pulled the bowstring again, and shot out three more energy arrows.

At the same time, energy arrows also appeared and hovered in the air around him, all pointing at Yan Wuyue.

“Not bad.

After understanding his weakness, he immediately switched his combat style to counter his opponents weakness.”


I was wondering how he managed to get this far with only his duplicating ability.

Now it makes more sense, he appears to be a clever person too.”

“Yeah, his name is Xiao Shengyun, right Add him to the list of special recruits.”


As they watched the combat, even the observers from the four major Research Institutes sitting in the front showed a satisfied expression on their faces.

Surprisingly, Yan Wuyue didnt take any defensive posture, nor did she take any offensive posture.

Her eyes glowed with the silver light of the stars and moon, and her body was surrounded by dappled, glimmering energy, generating a holy aura radiating from her.

She lifted her foot slightly and tapped the ground.

Ripples of energy instantly spread out, and the space around her began to appear slightly distorted.

Xiao Shengyun frowned.

He had a bad feeling about this.

Gritting his teeth, he decided to release the bowstring regardless.

A large number of energy arrows immediately barraged towards Yan Wuyue, blocking all of her escape routes.

Zhou Mingrui, who was still watching the battle, smiled.

He knew that Yan Wuyue would not be restricted so easily.

When the energy arrow reached her, the spear in Yan Wuyues hand turned into an energy shadow and directly reached forward.

The tip of the spear hit the energy arrow accurately.


An invisible energy emerged, and the energy arrow deviated from its course.

Yan Wuyues moved, her body turning into a fleeting shadow under her stars and moon energy.

The spear in her hand let out a burst of attacks towards the rest of the energy arrows.

One after another, the energy arrows were hit by the spear and deviated from their course.

Some of them collided with each other, causing violent explosions that engulfed other energy arrows as well.

Yan Wuyue, on the other hand, seemed to have blended into another spatial dimension, completely turning into a shadow figure that could not be captured.

“What!” Xiao Shengyun was shocked by this scene.

“What a high-level movement technique.

At the very least, its impossible to learn it in the Academy.

Did she learn it by herself ”

“Dont mention the Academy, even in our Research Institute, only a few movement techniques can reach this level of mobility.”

The people below the stage were astonished.

This was just a new student of Heavenly Saint Academy, not a senior student who was about to graduate, nor a student of the Research Institute.

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