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Combat Tactician Xiao Shengyun

All the Explosive Arrows were dodged by Yan Wuyue with her almost impossible body movements.

Except for a few people, almost no one in the whole arena could catch her movements.

Xiao Shengyun was shocked, but he didnt stop moving and continued to release a barrage of Explosive Arrows.

He knew that at their level, it was impossible to actually perform spatial abilities.

So, Yan Wuyue most likely just used an extremely fast moving technique.

The previous arrows couldnt hit her.

But what if he increased the number of arrows and launched a full-coverage attack on her

With the destructive characteristics of the Explosive Arrow, there was no way Yan Wuyue could remain completely unscathed!

As Xiao Shengyun considered his options, the ring was filled with incessant waves of explosions from the arrows.

“This consumes too much energy.

Its not a wise strategy.”

“He has no choice.

In his situation, this is his only way to quickly force Yan Wuyue to show up.

Otherwise, he will be defeated sooner or later.”

“But I have a feeling that this Xiao Shengyun isnt that simple either.”

The audience started to buzz, but it didnt distract the two from their intense combat.

Even in the face of the relentless explosive waves, Yan Wuyues fleeting shadow only showed a slight distortion, and she remained well hidden within.

Zhou Mingrui was sure that Yan Wuyue was channeling her energy from the Stars and Moon Domain to distort and break down light rays, just like a light prism.

To put it simply, this movement technique worked like an illusive mirage to conceal her real location from Xiao Shengyun.

Only Yan Wuyue, with her rich combat experience and incredible control of her body, could achieve such a mastery of movement technique that was even more powerful than an actual skill.

However, despite her powerful movement technique, Yan Wuyue was still inevitably slowed down by Xiao Shengyuns bombarding arrows.

After a series of unceasing attacks, Xiao Shengyun suddenly narrowed his eyes and stopped creating Explosive Arrows.

Instead, his energy rapidly gathered and condensed into an icy-blue Frost Arrow.

Compared to the previous arrows that only existed in the form of energy, this arrow has almost materialized physically, and even began to release wisps of white mist.

As if he had already locked onto Yan Wuyues position, Xiao Shengyun released the arrow without hesitation.

As the Frost Arrow shot out, it left behind traces of frost in the surrounding air.

It was clear how incredibly freezing this arrow was.

Yan Wuyues face turned serious.

She moved her body again, intending to avoid the arrow.

However, just as she was about to dodge it, the Frost Arrow suddenly split into seven individual arrows, all of which were no weaker than the original one in terms of energy and temperature.

[Frozen Kingdom]

The seven Frost Arrows completely locked Yan Wuyues movement from all directions, allowing her no chance of escape.

As the Frost Arrows shot towards her, they abruptly exploded mid-air, scattering ice fragments in all directions.

Immediately, an immensely strong and cold gust of air swept out.

Even the atmospheric air was frozen by these intense fragments.

Especially, the space that the seven Frost Arrows had exploded into seemed to have fallen into a completely frozen age of ice.

Yan Wuyues entire body was covered with hard frozen ice.

It would take a lot of strength for her to even move a finger under such frigid coldness.

Even while using energy from the Stars and Moon Domain, she struggled to melt through the thick ice.

Most importantly, Yan Wuyue knew that Xiao Shengyun must already be preparing for a big move next.

As expected, another huge translucent arrow began to appear on Xiao Shengyuns bow.

This time, the arrow did not carry any cold air.

Instead, it was flashing with electric snakes, obviously an arrow with Thunder attributes.

“As expected, archers are all a bunch of sly foxes.” Zhou Mingrui could not help but shake his head at this scene.

However, he had no intention of intervening.

After all, it was obvious that Yan Wuyue wanted to settle this battle by herself.

As Xiao Shengyun released the Thunder Arrow, tiny lightning bolts instantly appeared in the air, and the arrow shot directly towards Yan Wuyue with a roaring sound.

Yan Wuyue had stopped moving and began to gather all the stars and moon energty around her body.

Even her Stars and Moon Domain had shrunk its range to a one-meter radius.

As the range of the domain shrank, the condensed energy within the Stars and Moon Domain became almost physically tangible.

The instant the Thunder Arrow entered the Stars and Moon Domain, a large amount of stars and moon energy immediately gathered in front of the arrow to intercept it as much as possible.

Although the impact of the arrow was blocked, the bolts of thunder still exploded within the domain.

“This Xiao Shengyuns tactical intelligence is really impressive.

He used arrows with different attributes to pierce through different battle environments and even managed to set up a continuous attack strategy with his combination of arrows.”

“Youre right, but Im curious.

After repeatedly using his skills, how much energy does he even have left”

“Well see.

Its impossible for a candidate with such a strong sense of strategy to not be prepared for this.”

Sure enough, while Yan Wuyue was restrained by the thunderbolts, Xiao Shengyun had already condensed three more arrows.

At the same time, he dashed around Yan Wuyue multiple times.

Each time he shot an arrow, he followed up by moving a certain distance.

Every time an arrow hit the ground, a pattern appeared where it hit.

The situation made Zhou Mingrui feel as if Xiao Shengyun was a cunning spider.

After capturing his prey, he is now wrapping it in a dense network of spider threads to completely exhaust its remaining energy.

Yan Wuyue had also noticed that the energy fluctuations outside were getting increasingly complicated.

She didnt even need to look to know that the her opponent was planning to trap her completely.

“If thats the case, I have no choice but to use this.”

Yan Wuyues eyes narrowed.

The energy within the Stars and Moon Domain began to flow back, and the stars and moon energy in her body began to gather in her hand.

Soon, the spear she was holding turned into pure energy form.

With an indomitable spear technique, Yan Wuyue gathered a whirlpool of energy at the tip of her spear and blasted straight into the chaotic energy ahead.

The energy grew into an intense hurricane as it was released, directly shattering more than half of Xiao Shengyuns blockade.

“This is… A dual control of energy compression and outburst.

Even the lower-year students in the Research Institute cant do this, but she has already mastered it.”

“Yeah, Yan Wuyue is really amazingly talented.

She deserves to receive the title of the strongest first year this year.”

“Lets wait a little more, I still dont think Xiao Shengyun is that simple.” Just as everyone was commending Yan Wuyue, a voice with a different opinion rang out.

This brought everyones attention back to Xiao Shengyun.

Surprisingly, he didnt look frustrated at his imminent defeat.

In fact, he was still dashing around quickly.

However, he was moving towards another direction this time.


Zhou Mingrui was stunned for a split second.

He did not expect Xiao Shengyun to go for him.

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