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Xiao Shengyun Won

“It was you!”

As Zhou Mingrui made eye contact with Xiao Shengyun, he finally remembered.

He was that shameless disguised person that he had met in the forest.

At this moment, Xiao Shengyun had already accelerated with all his might and charged toward Zhou Mingrui, who was only a few meters away.

“Youre asking for death!”

Zhou Mingruis expression turned cold as the Nether Flame Bone Blade instantly materialized in his hand.

Suddenly, bolts of lightning shot up from under his feet.

The arrows that had been restraining Yan Wuyue previously had dissipated without Zhou Mingrui knowing.

Zhou Mingrui soon realized that his body had already been enveloped in frosty drafts of air.

At the same time, bolts of lightning covered his entire body.

His movements were immediately restricted, but the phantom energy in his eyes surged.

Under Zhong Mingruis full power, these restrictions would not even last a second.

However, within this precious second, before he escaped the restrictions, Xiao Shengyuns energy burst out and formed a strange pattern underneath Zhou Mingrui.

[Elemental Cage]

A beam of rainbow-coloured light instantly began to envelope Zhou Mingrui.

The moment it completely covered him, Xiao Shengyun managed to touch Zhou Mingruis hand.

With a deep buzz, Zhou Mingrui was completely enveloped by the rainbow energy.

“W-what kind of strategy is this”

“Xiao Shengyun obviously used up all his energy with this last move, but Yan Wuyue is no longer restrained now.

How is he going to win ”

“No, maybe he has something else up his sleeve.

My intuition has never been wrong.”

“Ha-ha, to be honest, Im now wondering how far Xiao Shengyun can go instead.

This match is really captivating!”

Yan Wuyue had already broken out of the restraint when the crowd began to make a commotion.

But when she realized Xiao Shengyun really used up all his energy, she was also surprised.

As she saw that Zhou Mingrui was completely sealed off instead, a strange expression appeared on her face.

Kneeling on one knee from exhaustion, Xiao Shengyun looked at Yan Wuyue, but there was no sign of dejection on his face.

“What are you trying to do”

Yan Wuyue looked at Xiao Shengyun.

She could feel that his energy was running low, almost all drained from him.

“You think that youve already won”

Xiao Shengyun chuckled.

Yan Wuyue didnt answer, because she had already raised her spear and charged at Xiao Shengyun.

There were only two explanations for Xiao Shengyuns behavior at this moment.

One was that he was bluffing to buy time, and the other was that he still could turn the situation around, but he just needed more time.

Yan Wuyue would never make the mistake to give him a fighting chance.

With surging stars and moon energy, her spear whistled towards Xiao Shengyun.

“What a pity.

If you were just a little faster, the outcome would have been different.”

Just as everyone thought that the match was over, when the referee was about to intervene, waves of translucent energy erupted from Xiao Shengyuns body.


Yan Wuyue couldnt be more familiar with this energy.

It was Zhou Mingruis phantom energy.

“Haha, I didnt expect this! I really didnt expect that he was the strongest!”

Xiao Shengyuns wild laughter echoed in all directions, and Yan Wuyues spear stopped in place.

Two fingers belonging to Zhou Mingrui, covered in bone armor, was pinching the spear tip firmly, making it impossible for it to move forward even an inch.

“This is bad!”

Yan Wuyue immediately retracted her spear and retreated.

When the energy storm dissipated, a figure covered in bone armor and surrounded by phantom energy appeared.

“How did Zhou Mingrui even get touched by him”

For the first time, Yan Wuyues face turned serious.

She has witnessed Zhou Mingruis strength.

He was already strong before he killed the Goblin King, and she had no idea how much more powerful he became after that.

“No wonder you guys were able to escape from the Goblin King.

With such power, I even suspect that you were the ones who killed him.”

Xiao Shengyun clenched his fists and felt the immense power within him.

There was an almost endless supply of phantom energy in his body.

He could not help but feel lucky that Zhou Mingrui did not make a move during his battle with Yan Wuyue.

“Looking at the strength of this phantom energy, the seal will only be able to trap him for a minute.

Let me take care of this troublesome woman first!”

After estimating how much time he had left, Xiao Shengyun condensed an enormous longsword in his hand, turned into a black shadow, and pounced at Yan Wuyue.

With a clang, Yan Wuyue raised her weapon as fast as she could to block his attack, but the massive force of impact still sent her flying.

Under the protection of her stars and moon energy, Yan Wuyue was only slightly shaken from the exchange.

“Dont even think about escaping.”

However, before she could even stand up straight, Xiao Shengyun appeared in front of her again, and his bone longsword slashed out.

With her strong combat experience, Yan Wuyue had already held the spear in a defensive stance in advance, but she was still sent flying by the force from the longsword.

Yan Wuyue landed on the ground and tumbled to the side from the momentum.

Feeling the sharp pain in her arm, she took a deep breath and prepared to thrust her spear out again.


The long spear that she just thrust out was violently swept away, and then a big foot kicked her in the stomach.

Once again, Yan Wuyue was sent flying.

But this time, Xiao Shengyun sped up and caught up with her.

The bone longsword in his hand swung again.

At this dangerous moment, Yan Wuyue managed to gather up the strength in the air and use the fine control of her muscles to move her body slightly out of the way.

The sound of the bone sword cutting through the air rang through Yan Wuyues ears.

“Youre in a hurry.

Zhou Mingrui should be coming out soon, right” Yan Wuyue pointed out.

“So what You cant escape!” Xiao Shengyun laughed.

As long as he could push Yan Wuyue out of the arena, even if Zhou Mingrui broke the seal and came out, he would still be the winner.

“Lets see how long you can hold on!” Xiao Shengyun shouted, and the phantom energy in his body beginning to surge like boiling water.

[Phantom Riot]

Xiao Shengyuns energy once again expanded.

His bone longsword directly split Yan Wuyues spear, and at the same time, he released a punch to her abdomen.

Yan Wuyue tumbled several times in the air and fell to the ground.

Xiao Shengyun flashed to her side and thrust his longsword towards her.

The bone longsword sliced through her stars and moon energy as if it was tofu.

“Youve lost.”

The tip of his longsword pointed at Yan Wuyues neck, Xiao Shengyuns bone mask disappeared and revealed his confident smile.

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