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The Three-Way Conference

After retracting the Phantom Prison, the surrounding space returned to its previous state, and everyone came back to their senses.


Its only right that I lose to you.”

Xiao Shengyun took a deep breath and said, “In the past, Ive always relied on copying other peoples abilities and attributes, and then using other clever tactics to defeat them.”

“After listening to you, I realized that I was just a frog at the bottom of a well.”

Zhou Mingrui put down his teacup and looked at Xiao Shengyun.

“Your ability is really strong.

I can even confirm that this is one of the strongest abilities Ive ever seen.

Unfortunately, youve only touched the surface of it and didnt even explore your true potential.”

“Its like having a mountain of gold and silver, but only using it to buy food for survival.”

Yan Wuyue, who was sitting next to him, had a look of realization on her face, and then fell into deep thought.

“Do you understand now” Zhou Mingrui asked Xiao Shengyun.

“I generally understand what you mean now.

All thats left is to put it into practice.” Xiao Shengyun nodded.

“You can try it now.” Zhou Mingrui gestured.

Xiao Shengyun was not an idiot.

He knew the hidden meaning behind Zhou Mingruis words.

He began to put on a live performance.

After about 10 minutes of channeling, which nobody could confirm was fake or not, the same phantom energy gushed out, forming the same Phantom Prison that had enveloped the living room previously.

Many attempts later, a faint shadow finally appeared in front of Zhou Mingrui.

As he got more familiar with the manipulation of energy, the outline of shadow became increasingly clear, and finally, it turned into an exact replica of Xiao Shengyun.

“No, this is just a surface-level shadow, both of them could easily tell that its fake.” Zhou Mingrui shook his head.

Xiao Shengyun immediately closed his eyes, and a moment later, his aura was also released from the shadow.

“If I dont closely observe, I really wont be able to quickly tell if its real or fake,” Yan Wuyue said after looking at the shadow.

“Yes, you need to do some self-training to further improve some details.

Its already pretty impressive to be able to do this much as a beginner,” Zhou Mingrui complimented Xiao Shengyun.

“Thank you.” Xiao Shengyun dispersed his shadow and thanked him.

“Its nothing, no need to thank me,” Zhou Mingrui laughed.

“Im more curious about your summoned spirit.

What kind of spirit lets you copy other peoples attributes and abilities”

“If its okay, can you let us see your summoned spirit After all, were going to fight alongside one another soon, and I dont want to be completely clueless about your abilities.”

Xiao Shengyuns expression changed slightly, and a strange glint flashed past his eyes for a split second.

“Of course.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a black shadow left Xiao Shengyuns body and condensed into a group of people on the sofa next to him.

“My summoning spirit is calledShadow.

It can copy the attributes and skills of any life I touch,” Xiao Shengyun introduced.

“If I recall correctly, your shadow should be able to store multiple copied skills, right” Yan Wuyue asked.

“Yup, as my level increases, more and more skill storage grids will be opened,” Xiao Shengyun continued to explain.

“If you dont replace the skill, will it continue to exist” Zhou Mingrui pressed.

“Thats right.” Xiao Shengyun nodded.

“Your summoned spirit is so powerful” Zhao Anqi exclaimed.

“Doesnt that mean youre invincible”

“I dont think so.” Yan Wuyue shook her head.

“If Im not wrong,” she continued, “although the skills you copy will always exist, they can only retain the attributes at the moment of duplication, right”

Xiao Shengyun smiled bitterly and said, “Youre right, thats the case.”

Eyeing this scheming fellow, Zhou Mingrui said a little surly, “Im only cooperating with you because of the upcoming competition.

Otherwise, do you think Id be so nice to deal with”

As he spoke, Zhou Mingruis aura began to grow stronger, gushing towards Xiao Shengyun.

“You can try slacking off during the team competition.

You can even deliberately mess with us, but I can guarantee that if you really try that, Ill make sure to show you what true fear is.”

Zhou Mingruis eyes burned with phantom flames.

Xiao Shengyuns summoned spirit, the black shadow, seemed to have sensed something and immediately retreated back into his body.

All Xiao Shengyun sensed from his summoned spirit was intense fear.

This was the first time that he had felt such strong emotions from his summoned spirit.

Yan Wuyue held down Zhou Mingruis shoulder and interrupted, “Xiao Shengyun, I know you want to perform well and get into a good Research Institute.

Whether its for yourself or for others, you should think carefully before you act.”

“Youve been on your guard ever since you came in, and worst of all, youve been trying to play tricks on us.”

“I can also confidently say that with our abilities, we can choose any of the four major Research Institutes.

Even if we mess up the team competition, there wont be an issue.”

“As for you, think about it yourself.”

“Zhou Mingrui, send him off! Hes not welcome here.”

Zhou Mingrui was taken aback.

He gave Yan Wuyue a puzzled look, as if to ask, “How could you make me send off a guest”

Yan Wuyue raised her eyebrows and gestured with her chin, as if to say, “I cant be the one doing this, so you should do it.”

Zhou Mingrui had no choice but to stand up.

“Here, please.”

Xiao Shengyun was silent for a few seconds, then drew in a deep breath and said, “I understand.

I wont hold you guys back in the team competition.

I was too selfish before.

Im sorry about that.”

With that, he stood up and bowed to Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue before walking out the door.

“Hes been playing tricks from the start.

This guy can really act.” Glaring at Xiao Shengyuns departing figure, Zhou Mingrui scoffed and complained.

“Isnt this your first time meeting him” Zhao Anqi was confused.

Zhou Mingrui told them about his encounter with Xiao Shengyun in the woods.

The two were finally enlightened.

“So, he didnt tell us about his other ability, which is to alter his appearance” Yan Wuyue frowned.

“Hmph, thats why I got angry and exposed this guy for putting on a show since he arrived.

I couldnt stand him,” Zhou Mingrui snorted.

“Wow, if hes really like that, his whole existence seems to be a performance.

What an impressive talent!” Zhao Anqi exclaimed.

“Compared to this guy, my relatives are way too lame!”

“I cant believe that I used to think that my relatives were super disgusting for being fake.

Now, I just find them so pure and kind in comparison to Xiao Shengyun.”

Yan Wuyue laughed at Zhao Anqis exaggerated yelling, “Youre still young, so youve seen too little.

When you step into society, youll realize that there are many situations in this world that you cant imagine.”

Zhao Anqi chuckled, “Zhou Mingrui, I suddenly feel like my conditions were a little too simple just now.

Why dont we discuss it again For example, we can add an additional week”

“No!” Zhou Mingrui and Yan Wuyue rejected simultaneously.

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