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Being Targeted

“Fine, fine.

Whats with the big reaction” Zhao Anqi pursed her lips and grumbled, “Im going to be helping you guys for the team competition, but youre not even willing to fulfil my simple conditions.”

Zhou Mingrui retorted rather fiercely, “If you dont agree, we can terminate our contract right now.

You can do whatever you want for the team competition!”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Anqi hurriedly said, “Please dont.

I was just kidding.

Dont mind me and my jokes~.” Thinking about her annoying relatives, Zhao Anqi shuddered disdainfully and quickly tried to smooth things over with the two of them.

“Alright, lets stop joking around.

Its time to focus on our general strategy and coordination for tomorrows competition.” Yan Wuyue interrupted.

“Im okay with anything.

Ill just do whatever you guys ask me to do.

Unlike you, I dont have the brains to be a combat commander.” Zhao Anqi shrugged.

She had witnessed Yan Wuyues capability and commanding ability in the secret realm.

Shes not dumb enough to try and steal the limelight from someone this strong.

Yan Wuyue nodded, satisfied with Zhao Anqis self-awareness.

She continued, “Okay, in that case, Ill be leading the battle tomorrow.

As for Xiao Shengyun, he should be able to realize the best course of action for himself soon.”

After Zhao Anqi left, Yan Wuyue sat down and continued, “Everyones gone, but theres one more thing I have to say.”

Zhou Mingrui was lying on the sofa with his legs crossed casually.

“What is it”

“If Im not wrong,” Yan Wuyue speculated, “the school will target us in the team competition this time.”

“Target us” Zhou Mingrui sat up and asked curiously.

After taking a sip of milk, Yan Wuyue continued, “Yes, giving Zhao Anqi and Xiao Shengyun to us is already a sign.

Then, they will probably strategically group up people with complementing abilities to compete with us.”

“Of course, this is just my own speculations.

With our capability, Im sure we can easily win the team competition even if we face restrictions.”

Yan Wuyues deduction process was very rational.

“But isnt the purpose of this team competition to show our leadership and mental capacity Why would the Academy do this to us” Zhou Mingrui asked.

“Is there a contradiction between these two goals” Yan Wuyue said with a smile.

“Oh… I dont think so.” Zhou Mingrui scratched his head.

“We showed them our overwhelming dominance during the individual competition.

Of course they had to secretly change some things to make the team competition less boring,” Yan Wuyue said confidently.

“But if thats the case, why would they still put Xiao Shengyun in our team With his ability, he could still cause us some trouble if they put him in other teams.” Zhou Mingrui was puzzled.

“Thats where youre mistaken.

If Xiao Shengyun were to be placed in another team, with the way you completely crushed him in the previous match, wouldnt that just be like feeding us” Yan Wuyue reminded him.

“Thats true,” Zhou Mingrui realized.

“So, youre saying that our team is going to be everyones target in this team competition”

The corners of Yan Wuyues mouth curled up, and her confident expression became more obvious.

She smiled and said, “If Im not wrong about this, the school might even change the rules and rewards of the competition for us.

Maybe at this moment, other candidates have already received the notice that defeating our group will give them additional points.”

Zhou Mingrui was astounded.

“That cant be.

Thats a little too much.”

Yan Wuyue rolled her eyes and said, “How else do you want the other candidates to willingly go on with the competition They might as well just surrender if they see us.

Saves them the suffering, right”

Zhou Mingrui sighed, “You said that this was just your speculation, but it seems like youre pretty sure about it.”

“Haha, youre right.

Lets wait and see how theyre going to mess with us tomorrow.”

Yan Wuyue got up and walked to Zhou Mingrui.

She patted his shoulder and said, “Be good tomorrow.

Dont fool around.

Otherwise, things might get troublesome.”

Zhou Mingrui waved her off.

“I know.

I know.”

“I believe all of you are done reading through the revised rules of the team competition.

What are your thoughts”

In a conference room, everyone in charge of the competition was present, including the referees.

On the table, in front of each person, was a notice about the changes in rules and terms of the team competition.

“Vice Dean, arent these changes and new regulations too much Theyre obviously targeted at Yan Wuyue,” one of the referees asked.

“If we dont make any changes, isnt this team competition going to be useless” The Vice Dean knocked on the table and questioned back.

“But if its so obvious, anyone with eyes can tell.

Im afraid people will talk,” another teacher said worriedly.

“Anyone with eyes” The Dean, who was beside the Vice Dean, asserted, “Who didnt notice the overpowering strength of Yan Wuyue and her summoned spirit from the individual competition Why dont you ask her to drop out of the team competition instead ”

“This…” The teacher was at a loss for words.

Another teacher chimed in and asked, “Vice Dean and Dean, I agree with your opinions.

However, why didnt we randomize the groupings Manipulating the team members in the group seems a little…”

“Are you trying to say that this is unfair to the candidates” the Vice Dean snorted.

The teacher nodded.

“Then have you ever considered this” the Dean continued, “If they were randomly grouped and met Yan Wuyues team, wouldnt they have even less room to perform”

The teacher was stunned.

The Deans argument kind of made sense.

“We are being responsible to those students here,” the Vice Dean continued, “We are giving them a chance to fully display their abilities in front of scouts from the Research Institutes.”


A researcher from one of the Research Institutes cut in, “You guys dont have to argue much over this.

I can assure you that Yan Wuyue might, no, she should have already figured out that you are planning to do something to her tomorrow.”

“So, you dont have to worry at all.

Just directly announce everything tomorrow.”

Another researcher laughed and said, “Yes, we understand that the Academy has good intentions.

Just go ahead with your plans, we are interested to see how far this Yan Wuyue can go.”

“Not just us, I assume the four of you dont have any objections as well, right”

Everyone turned to looked at the four chairs on the other end of the conference room, where the four well-dressed scouts from the Research Institutes were seated at.

Ten minutes later, all the candidates participating in the team competition received a message on their mobile phones.

[Any participating teams who can cause a certain level of trouble for Yan Wuyues team will receive a generous gift from the Academy, regardless of the outcome of the match.]

[The candidates who can inflict any heavy damage to Yan Wuyues team will receive prizes of equal value to the top three, regardless of whether they enter the top five ranks.]

[If you defeat Yan Wuyues team, youll immediately win the first place of this team competition.

Youll also get double of the first place rewards, and additional rewards from the Academy.]

The message instantly caused an uproar within the candidates.

They quickly contacted their teammates and began detailed and close discussions in preparation for the next day.

Even those who were originally hostile towards each other, facing the temptation of huge rewards, decided to put aside any grudges and began to work together.

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