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Toy Car Armored Car

“Dont be shy.

Be brave and express your feelings! Although I wont accept them, I might give you a few flirting tips if I happen to be in a good mood,” Zhao Anqi coyly said as she nudged Xiao Shengyun on the chest with her elbow.

“I dont need it, thank you,” Xiao Shengyun said, trying to suppress his unfriendly emotions.

He should have just kept his words to himself!

“Tsk, one look and I can tell youre a virgin.

You just missed a great opportunity.

I just know that your road to becoming attached will be extremely long and difficult in the future~.” After horribly insulting his lack of experience in a certain domain, Zhao Anqi turned away and ignored Xiao Shengyun.

When Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui heard that, their shoulders trembled violently as they tried to hold back their laughter.

Xiao Shengyuns face darkened completely.

But since the competition was about to start, he couldnt just lose his temper at his teammates.

With a gloomy mood, he could only turn to stare at his opponents with an unfriendly gaze.

Now, it was the other students turn to be depressed.

Even though they had an advantage in numbers, they somehow felt like Yan Wuyues team was looking at them like they were looking at cats, no, it was like tigers looking at sheep.

“The free-for-all elimination round begins now!”

As soon as the referee announced the start of the round, everyone moved.

Synchronously, they all went for Yan Wuyues team.

All sorts of summoned spirits appeared beside them.


Within a split second, Zhou Mingrui equipped his bone armor and wielded his burning Nether Flame Bone Blade.

The phantom energy around him churned restlessly as he charged towards the opponents.

Instead of avoiding blows and getting attacked for nothing, he would rather be the one attacking these people and making them terrified of him!

Yan Wuyue followed closely behind, surrounded by stars and moon energy, holding her long spear in hand.

Beside her, Xiao Shengyun was also wearing a bone armor.

However, it was a completely different style from Zhou Mingruis.

The latter was more inspired by the heavy infantry armor, the pinnacle of ancient Chinese armor in his previous life.

Xiao Shengyuns bone armor, on the other hand, was more like a smooth whole piece.

Enveloped by phantom energy, he was a short distance behind Yan Wuyue.

Zhao Anqi summoned her birdman spirit.

With her summoned spirit, she easily fly into the air and snipe at the enemy from a vantage point.

The other students totally did not expect that Yan Wuyues team dared to directly launch a counterattack instead of avoiding the mass attack.

They were simply out of their minds!

Immediately, those with long-range abilities saw the chance to launch their attacks at the team.

The team faced various sorts of physical, energy, and element combination attacks.

As these overwhelming attacks approached, Zhou Mingrui let out a low grunt.

A gigantic shield that could cover his entire body immediately appeared.

He further enhanced it with a thick layer of phantom energy.

Immediately after, countless attacks collided onto the shield.

Zhou Mingruis forward momentum was momentarily halted by the collision.

However, as the phantom energy in his body surged, he once again charged forward fearlessly.

Witnessing such a vicious scene, regardless of whether they were students in the arena or the spectators outside of the arena, everyone had their mouths agape.

A single person actually managed to withstand the joint attack of so many people, and even launch a counterattack.

Zhou Mingrui was truly terrifying!

“What are you guys waiting for Hurry up and keep attacking!”

One of the students shouted at those who were still watching.

This caused many of them to snap back to their senses and join in the siege.

The next second, Zhou Mingrui was forced to stop in his tracks once again.

The barrage of attacks even began to damage the arena ground beneath his feet.

However, the arena, which had obviously been specially modified for this fight, only showed a few cracks even under this level of bombarding.

Some of the students attempted to attack from the air, but Zhao Anqi was already there waiting for them.

She seized the opportunity and instantly knocked out the weaker students with her summoned spirit.

However, although summoned spirits with flying abilities were rare, they were up against a large number of people after all.

Dozens of students with the ability to fly rose to the sky.

They did not go after Zhou Mingrui.

Instead, they targeted Zhao Anqi.

Since they were unable to burst through Zhou Mingruis defense quickly, they decided to eliminate his teammates first.

After that, the rest should be easy to deal with.

It was unlikely for anyone who could qualify for the Heavenly Saint Academy to be a fool.

Even if they didnt communicate with one another beforehand, they still subconsciously cooperated in their attacks.

At an instant, a substantial portion of the attacks headed towards Zhao Anqi, sealing off all of her escape routes.

“Xiao Shengyun!”

Yan Wuyue growled.

At the same time, Xiao Shengyun had already formed a bone longbow in his hand, and his surging phantom energy immediately concentrated onto the bow.

As he advanced with the team, he raised his longbow and aimed with a phantom arrow.

Releasing the bowstring several times, the phantom arrows burst out, whistling through the air and directly heading for the attacks on Zhao Anqi.

Physical attacks or energy attacks alike were all shattered by Xiao Shengyuns phantom arrows, which continued to pierce forward.

Xiao Shengyun was like a cannon, releasing arrows one after another.

Him alone managed to reach an offensive scale of a whole team of archers.

With Xiao Shengyuns help, most of the powerful attacks were taken apart, and the remaining ones were not a threat to Zhao Anqi anymore.

At the same time, Zhou Mingrui had already charged to the frontlines of the students.

The giant bone shield in his hand sent several students and their summoned spirits flying.

Pulling the bone shield back, the Nether Flame Bone Blade in his other hand immediately slashed out.

The phantom energy on the blade formed an energy blade, directly blasting away three students blocking his path.

Zhou Mingrui took half a step forward and retracted his blade.

Simultaneously, he swung his bone shield forward again, blocking all the attacks that came at him.

Like a god of war, Zhou Mingrui charged into the crowd.

Nobody could defend against him for more than two strikes.

It was like a tiger charging into a flock of sheep.

His ferocious blows tore down literally anybodys defense.

Many students wanted to attack them from the side, but they had to face Xiao Shengyun, whose attributes were duplicated from Zhou Mingrui.

Although he wasnt as vicious as Zhou Mingrui, Xiao Shengyun could easily send anyone flying with a blow and still keep up with the pace of the team.

On the other hand, Zhao Anqi vigilantly dealt with the attacks and enemies from the air.

Those that she could not deal with were settled by Xiao Shengyun.

The second any breach in defense occurred, Yan Wuyue would instantly take over.

The team was like an armored vehicle moving at high speed.

They rampaged through the crowd of students without hesitation and continued to make their way further and further inwards.

As Zhou Mingrui charged forward, the number of students in the arena was decreasing at a visible rate.

It was impossible to stop this situation.

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