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A Battle with a Teacher

“The difference in strength between both sides is too big.

Apart from the girl with a good figure, the rest of Yan Wuyues team dont act like in experienced freshmen at all.”

“Youre right.

I almost thought I was watching graduates abuse elementary school students.

This is a battle on a completely different level.”

“Do you think Yan Wuyues team will annihilate everyone within fifteen minutes and win the team competition”

“Its hard to say.

Lets see how long they can drag this out.

I dont think anyone can actually defeat Yan Wuyues team, but maybe they could at least stop them.”

“I think so too.

Right now, there are just too many people in the arena and most of them dont know each other.

They are cant cooperate smoothly with each other during battle, and their lack of coordination may even cause greater confusion.”

“Well see.

Well know when there are fewer people.”

The atmosphere was very different at the seats belonging to the Research Institute scouts.

“After all, they are all elites recruited by the Heavenly Saint Academy.

They cant all be so incompetent.

For now, they are just trying to adapt to the confusion.”

“Yes, and its only in this situation that we can evaluate the candidates ability to adapt and make immediate decisions.

Their true mental capacity and training value can then be assessed.”

“Yan Wuyue is probably unaware that while were testing her, were also using her to test the candidates.

After all, the knife testing stone must be hard enough to truly test the sharpness and toughness of the knife.”

“Actually, I think she already knew.

Look at their formation.

Its like theyre completely prepared for this.”

“From the evaluation report, Yan Wuyues comprehensive combat evaluation score is very high.

Whether its combat IQ or combat skills, she is one of the best, even when compared to all the students over the years.”

“Seems like everyones already thinking about how to recruit her.

I might as well try and find some unpolished jades among the other students.

Even if I cant get Yan Wuyue, Ill get some promising students first.”

“Haha, thats pretty unusual, old Lu.

You havent even given it a shot and youre already giving up.”

“Mind your own business, haha.

I like to be prepared for different situations.”


Ignoring the comments from the crowd, the students in the arena were already in a complete mess.

Many of them were sent flying the instant they were hit by Zhou Mingruis attack, and they immediately lost consciousness.

Meanwhile, rescue teachers at the side of the arena quickly made their moves and rushed to the side of those students at lightning speed.

These students were then carried away from the arena for medical treatment.

Although the scene appeared very chaotic, with the skillfulness of the teachers, they could easily slip into any gaps in the battle, such that their movements would not affect any parties.

This level of battle is simply childs play for them.


However, accidents will always happen.

A group of students, unclear if they were having a mental breakdown or if they did it on purpose, after witnessing Zhou Mingruis ferocity, stopped dead in their advancing tracks.

Their retreating actions blocked the path of one of the rescue teachers, forcing her to change her direction midway.

However, at the same time, Zhou Mingrui also changed his attacking direction as he noticed the change in the crowd.

Yet, he was unaware of the rescue teachers movements.

After he confirmed his new direction, his phantom energy surged and he immediately accelerated.


The rescue teacher noticed Zhou Mingruis sudden increase in speed and was alarmed.

Initially, she had estimated Zhou Mingruis speed and believed that she could easily dodge his attack if any accidents were to happen.

However, she did not expect him to be able to boost his speed again.

The student she was supposed to rescue was not far ahead, and with Zhou Mingruis sudden speed burst, she could no longer dodge the incoming attack.

In the split of a second, the rescue teacher made a decision.

Her body began to glow as she released the ability of her summoned spirit in preparation for Zhou Mingruis attack.

A large amount of earth instantly covered her whole body, forming a solid stone armor.

This was the ability of the pangolin-like summoned spirit on her shoulder – earth manipulation.

She had heard of Yan Wuyue and her summoned spirit, and she knew that Yan Wuyue was an exceptionally powerful freshman.

However, no matter how strong Yan Wuyue was, she was still a first year student.

The rescue teacher was two and a half levels higher than Yan Wuyue, so she believed she could easily defend against Yan Wuyues attack, no matter the situation.

When Zhou Mingruis attack arrived, the rescue teacher immediately knew that she underestimated them.

Zhou Mingrui didnt bother to check who the person in front of him was.

He ferociously charged forward with his bone shield.

With his attributes, an ordinary freshman without enhancement from a defense or strength-type summoned spirit would definitely be sent flying from one hit.

After a loud bang, a puzzled look appeared on Zhou Mingruis face

His attacks, which had always been invincible, were actually blocked.

Moreover, he could sense that the other person didnt get sent flying either.

Without hesitation, Zhou Mingrui pulled his shield back.

The Nether Flame Bone Blade in his other hand was already imbued with phantom energy as he slashed forward.

“This b*stard doesnt even look at his opponent”

At this moment, the rescue teacher was so frustrated that she wanted to beat Zhou Mingrui up.

She did not have the time to yell for him to stop, so all she could do was to once again defend against his attack.

As expected of a teacher representing the Academy, an earth shield immediately formed on her arm, blocking Zhou Mingruis blade in the nick of the time.

The rescue teacher was confident that, although the shield was formed in a hurry, it could at least withstand the attack of an opponent of the same level once before shattering.

However, unexpectedly, her shield shattered the moment Zhou Mingruis blade made contact.

“Are you kidding me”

The rescue teacher was stunned and instinctively activated her skill.

[Earth Armor]

A brown light flashed, and the originally thin layer of earth armor on her turned into material as hard as steel.


Zhou Mingrui felt a tremendous counterforce as his blade struck the earth armor, forcing him to stop in his tracks.

“Weve encountered a tough one!”

As this thought flashed across Zhou Mingruis mind, he immediately activated his skill, [Phantom Riot].

In a chaotic battle, stopping was the last thing one should do, because that would mean being surrounded and drowned by countless enemies.

The moment the skill was activated, Zhou Mingruis body was immediately enveloped by phantom energy, which produced a glowing light that radiated and spread around his body.

“This little b*stard is actually using a skill.

Doesnt he know who the person in front of him is”

When the rescue teacher saw that Zhou Mingrui had actually activated his skill, she was about to voice out her identity.

However, Zhou Mingrui did not waste any time to launch another attack.

His Nether Flame Bone Blade, with increased speed and strength, slashed out, cutting off the words of the rescue teacher.

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