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A Full Forced Attack

“Yan Wuyues summoned spirit is that powerful”

“Yeah, even a teacher is on the defending end.

Thats amazing.”

“You guys know nothing.

This is because the teacher cant use her full strength when her mission is to rescue other students.

Otherwise, at her level, she could easily defeat that summoned spirit.”

“But even so, would you be able to achieve Yan Wuyues level if it were you”

“Okay, thats just unreasonable!”

Apart from the students exclamations, the researchers were also in shock.

“It must be the adrenaline, hes so worked up that he cant even recognize the teacher.”

“Although that teacher is only at platinum grade and about level 60, its impossible for a student that hasnt reached gold grade to deal with her.

“So, seems like Yan Wuyues summoned spirit has the strength to fight above his level”

“Sigh, hes performing so well.

Well have to change our rewards again.

Otherwise, how are we going to win him over This guy is really giving us a headache.”

“I feel like youre in pain and happy at the same time”

“Lets just continue watching, Im very curious about the potential of Yan Wuyues team!”

Everyones eyes were glued to the arena, with most of their attention put on Zhou Mingrui and the teacher.

The rescue teacher was taken aback by the attack.

She never expected Zhou Mingrui to be so aggressive, and was forced to take a couple of steps back from the impact.

“My main task now is to rescue the students.

I cant waste too much time with him.”

The rescue teacher did not return the attacks because she was more focused on her mission.

Her figure flashed across the arena as she sped up to rescue the unconscious student.

However, Zhou Mingrui, who was practically invincible before this, suddenly had awoken his desire to fight because of the rescue teacher.

Seeing that she was about to leave, he immediately activated his Phantom Prison, and threads of phantom energy instantly appeared in the surrounding space.

The rescue teachers expression darkened.

How can he be like this She didnt even want to fight with him anymore, and he actually decided to use his domain to trap her

With a buzz, the rescue teachers energy surged, and the energy belonging to a rank above level 60 erupted.

She could not allow Zhou Mingrui to complete his domain.

Otherwise, there would be no end to her trouble.

She could forcefully break through his domain, but that would have an irreversible impact on Zhou Mingruis condition during the competition.

On the other hand, Zhou Mingrui got a shock when he felt the intense energy from his unknown opponent.

However, he could not cancel the Phantom Prison once it had been activated, even if he wanted to.

“Damn it, Im still too late!”

As the teacher was ready to burst out before the domain was complete, she found that the surrounding area had already changed and had been completely sealed off by phantom energy.

Several other students who were affected were stunned, but they immediately realized that they had fallen into the domain.

“Zhou Mingrui, youve got the wrong person.”

Behind him, Yan Wuyue could not help but cover her face in embarrassment.

She had been focused on observing her surroundings and did not pay much attention to the front, as she was confident in Zhou Mingruis ability to deal with any incoming problems.

It was only when she suddenly felt the powerful energy fluctuation, that she realized that the opponent was actually a teacher.

Just as she was about to stop him, Zhou Mingrui had already used his domain to confine the teacher.

“Uh… How am I supposed to know that there would be other people in the arena” Zhou Mingrui protested meekly.

Zhao Anqi and Xiao Shengyun were also speechless.

They, too, were not aware of this happening until they felt the energy fluctuation.

“Alright, hurry up, close the domain and let her out!” Yan Wuyue urged.

“Alright,” he answered as he prepared to deactivate his domain.

“Wait,” the rescue teacher called out.

“Teacher, Im sorry.

We didnt do it on purpose.” Yan Wuyue thought that the teacher was angry and quickly apologized.

“No, that student I was going to rescue has already received help, so Im not in a rush.

In fact, before I leave, I am very curious about how strong you are,” the rescue teacher said as she watched Zhou Mingrui.

“Teacher, what do you mean” Yan Wuyue asked.

“You can just call me Ms.


Since the outside world cant see whats going on here, use your strongest attack.

I want to see how powerful you are,” the teacher said.

“This… This might not be a good idea, Ms.

Zhang,” Yan Wuyue said hesitantly.

“If you can do it, I wont pursue your actions from just now,” Ms.

Zhang smiled.

“Its fine, its just one attack.

Let me try.” Zhou Mingrui patted Yan Wuyues shoulder and smiled.

He knew that if he wanted to quickly resolve this matter, he had to do as the teacher said.

Since she asked for it, he would let her see how strong he truly was.

“Pardon me, Ms.

Zhang!” Zhou Mingrui stepped forward and said.

“Go ahead and attack me.

No matter what, Im above level 60, so theres no way I would be injured by your attack.” Ms.

Zhang said with a smile.


Zhou Mingrui no longer hesitated.

The phantom energy in his body began to circulate rapidly and his eyes began to glow.

A series of strange runes appeared on the surface of his skin and formed a circle with a strange pattern, settling down between Zhou Mingruis brows.

[Samsara Territory]!


Zhang was taken aback.

Her sharp senses detected that the space around her had changed once again.

She couldnt even sense the situation outside at all.

Looking around, she was surrounded by an indescribable, distorted world of illusion, which made her feel a little dizzy.

“This is another domain skill! But at his level, no one should be able to have two domain skills.”


Zhangs expression turned serious.

A summoned spirit of Zhou Mingruis level should not be able to comprehend two domain skills.

She could feel that this domain skill was different from the previous one.

However, one thing about it remained the same.

It was able to weaken her strength.

When she first heard about Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingrui, she thought that the rumors were probably slightly exaggerated.

After all, no matter how strong the freshmen were, she had watched at least seven to eight freshmen tournaments, and the most outstanding ones were only so-so.

But today, she truly understood what it meant to be unrivaled in talent, to be blessed by the heavens.

Even though she has not experienced Zhou Mingruis attack yet, his performance so far was enough for her to be amazed.


Zhang, this is my strongest state.

Im ready to make my move!”

In the darkness, Zhou Mingruis body was burning with translucent phantom flames.

At the same time, a faint, enormous phantom shadow stood in the void behind him.

A sense of oppression filled the air.

“Alright, come on.

Im ready too.” Ms Zhang, as someone who is over level 60, she was naturally confident to take his blow.

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