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His Strongest Blow

If Ms.

Zhang were to see Zhou Mingruis attributes at this moment, she would definitely regret her choices.

If the attribute interface could be displayed as a bar graph, then each bar of Zhou Mingruis current attributes had almost doubled.

[Samsara Territory (active): Connects with the core power of the phantom world, creating a special domain that could drag a marked single enemy into it.

Once in the Samsara Territory, the targets attributes will be transferred in percentage to the user.]


Zhangs attributes, which were over level 60, were absorbed by the overlapping effects of the Phantom Prison and the Samsara Territory, and were all added to Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui felt unprecedentedly powerful.

His body was filled with energy that was even more turbulent than before.


The surging energy had already formed a small energy tide around Zhou Mingrui.

“It seems like youve obtained a power that doesnt belong to you,” Ms.

Zhang smiled, “Your control of energy is not good enough.”

“Youre right, but its enough for this attack.” The corners of Zhou Mingruis lips curled up as he spoke.

Energy began to gather in his hands.

With the support of his powerful attributes, Zhou Mingrui was still able to control it, although it was slightly difficult.

To put it simply, the current Zhou Mingrui was like a car that was pulling a fully-loaded truck.

Fortunately, the cars structure and engine were strong enough to move such a large amount of goods.

With a loud bang, energy exploded beneath Zhou Mingruis feet, giving him a burst of speed as he charged towards Ms.


On Ms Zhangs shoulder, the pangolin-like summoned spirits gray eyes suddenly glowed with a bright yellow light, and immense earth elemental energy immediately covered her body.

[Dense Matter]

With the surge of earth elemental energy, a large amount of earth began to gather in front of Ms.


Was the earth very soft and loose


When the density of the soil has reached a certain level, it could surpass steel and even diamond!

In the blink of an eye, a round shield appeared in front of Ms Zhang.

The round shield looked so smooth that it could even reflect light.

Even if you used a microscope, you wouldnt be able to see any protruding parts on it.

It was comparable to the handiwork of modern machinery.

When the Nether Flame Bone Blade struck the shield, Zhou Mingrui felt as though he had struck a shield made of steel.

However, even if it was a real steel shield, with Zhou Mingruis current strength, he could easily deform a steel plate that was 1cm thick.

With the enhancement from his phantom energy, he could even split it in two.

Yet, the moment his blade struck the shield, his wrist immediately felt a terrifying recoil.

Thankfully, his attributes and muscles were sufficiently strong.

Otherwise, he might not even be able to hold onto the blade.

Under the pressure of the powerful force, a strong air current spread out, and even managed to mess up the hair of the other three who were watching not so far away.

They were all stunned by this scene.

When Zhou Mingrui swung his blade, they had already sensed the terrifying power it held.

It was as if a prehistoric giant beast was standing in front of them.

All of them felt an immense pressure weighing down on themselves.

“Hes so strong.

No wonder I wasnt his match last time.

If he really used his full strength back then, I probably wouldnt even dare think about fighting him.”

Xiao Shengyun has been beaten into submission.

For their previous battle, he still assumed that he had lost because he was unfamiliar with his skills and power.

But now, looking at Zhou Mingruis true strength, he was really convinced that he would have lost no matter what.

The blade in Zhou Mingruis hand did not bounce off.

Instead, the energy on it condensed into a sharp edge that continued pushing into the shield.

Just the recoil was unable to affect Zhou Mingrui.

The phantom energy on the blade continued to burst out and clash with the round shield.

However, with each impact, the shield would deliver back a powerful force that constantly offset the energy from Zhou Mingruis blade.

The terrifying energy reverberations constantly bounced back and forth, clashing with new energy from both sides.

This caused a small energy vortex to appear in front of Zhou Mingrui.

The phantom flames on Zhou Mingruis body fluctuated, and he felt his hand go numb.

“As expected of a teacher above level 60.

Even my fully charged attack cant break through this shield.”

Zhou Mingrui gave up and retracted his blade.

He knew that he had no way of cracking the shield at the moment.

“You are the most talented and strongest freshman in the seven batches Ive seen since I started working at the Academy.

I wont pursue your mistake this time.

I will also help you explain and resolve the issue with the Academy, so you dont have to worry about this incident.”


Zhang waved her hand and a light flashed past.

The seemingly ordinary but extremely hard shield immediately turned into yellow dapples of light and dissipated into the air.

Zhou Mingrui also removed his Phantom Prison and Samsara Territory, and the surrounding space returned to normal.

When the surroundings brightened up again, everyones questioning gaze immediately gathered to their spot.

Although it seemed like a long time had passed in the domain, only 30 seconds had passed in reality.

When Zhou Mingrui appeared, everyone around took a few steps back in shock.

To them, his body exuded an inexplicable, soul-stirring aura.

It was as though they had seen a terrifying creature.

“Theres something wrong with him.

The energy fluctuations on his body are way higher than before.”

“Yeah, ordinary skills shouldnt be able to do this.

It seems that this summoned spirit has a very strong skill, but we dont know its specific effects and flaws.”

“This has deepened my interest in Yan Wuyue.

Im sorry, I just remembered I have something to do.

Please excuse me.”

“Oh, I suddenly need to go to the toilet.

Excuse me for a moment.”

“Ah, I have to go buy something.

Excuse me for a while.”

“You bunch of b*stards, do you think I dont know what youre trying to do Youre really a bunch of…”

Very quickly, the scouts from the Research Institutes all stood up and left.

Those who noticed were left confused, not knowing what had happened.

In the arena, Ms.

Zhang had already left in a flash.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he swept his gaze across the remaining students.

A smile appeared on his handsome face.

In the eyes of the students, this was like the smile of a demon.

“Theres still about nine minutes before the competition ends.

We still have time to have some fun,” Zhou Mingrui said.

“Alright, lets enjoy ourselves then.” Yan Wuyue knew that the competition would not be affected by the previous interruption, so she just decided let him be.

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