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The Reappearance Zhang Mian

“For me, I have no intention of becoming the strongest.

I just want to live a comfortable life,” Zhao Anqi laughed.

“You have a strong family and background that your elders fought and achieved for you.

If I want these, I can only depend on myself to do it.”

“Youve never given your best in anything, so you dont know how hard it is for others to fight for things that are so easily obtained by you.

Xiao Shengyun had a determined look on his face.

They were from two different worlds.

One had been living a life of luxury, while the other had been poor and tenacious since young.

The two completely different lives had caused the two to have completely different values.

Xiao Shengyuns suffering and pain corresponded to Zhao Anqis indulgence from a young age.

Therefore, he felt that he should be more mentally capable than Zhao Anqi.

“Tsk, dont make yourself sound so high and mighty.

My happiness was thanks to my fathers hard work for half of his life.

He gave it to me willingly.”

Zhao Anqi wrinkled her nose.

“Dont tell me, when you have money and have children, youre going to throw them out and let them suffer like you and earn their own money” she asked.

Xiao Shengyun was at a loss for words.

He opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it again.

Because he didnt know how to refute what she had said.

After all, if he became rich in the future, he too wouldnt let his children suffer.

If that happened, part of the significance of his hard work would be lost.

“Im sorry.” After a while, Xiao Shengyun suddenly apologized.

It was Zhao Anqis turn to be surprised.

She knew Xiao Shengyun was a proud person.

It was almost impossible to get him to apologize.

[Why do I feel like Xiao Shengyun is interested in Zhao Anqi]

Zhou Mingruis slightly teasing voice immediately rang in Yan Wuyues mind.

Yan Wuyues eyes flickered as she replied, [Oh, dont you feel uncomfortable I remember that Zhao Anqi was trying to seduce you before.]

Zhou Mingrui frowned and replied, [Why are you shifting the focus onto me again I already said that it had nothing to do with me and I was already controlling myself.]

Yan Wuyue turned away.

[You know it yourself.

Im too lazy to say anything else.]

Zhou Mingrui was speechless.

All he could do was secretly curse at how troublesome women were.

After that, Xiao Shengyun and Zhao Anqi won three matches in a row.

Originally, they thought that there would be problems with their chemistry, but it turned out that their chemistry was surprisingly good.

This piqued Yan Wuyue and Zhou Mingruis curiosity.

“Im quite curious about how you two work together in a battle.”

When the two of them left the stage, Zhou Mingrui immediately asked.

“Its just good coordination in combat.

I think its normal, nothing special.” Xiao Shengyun said indifferently.

“How should I put it Xiao Shengyun was the one who was supporting my movements, and we had a clear division of labor.

Thats why we were able to cooperate like this.” Zhao Anqi expressed her thoughts.

“Hmm” Zhou Mingrui was a little shocked when he heard that.

He looked at Xiao Shengyun, who was sitting next to him, and asked in a low voice, “You mean, Xiao Shengyun took the initiative to cooperate with you”

“Yeah, whats the problem” Zhao Anqi asked, tilting her head.

Xiao Shengyun shook his head, “No, nothings wrong.”

[Tsk, tsk.

Just as I guessed.

Its a pity that he fell for the wrong person.] Zhou Mingrui clicked his tongue in wonder.

What kind of person was Zhao Anqi

With Xiao Shengyuns grumpy personality and inability to say nice things to anyone, it was basically impossible for him to pursue her.

Zhou Mingrui could tell that Zhao Anqi was the type to only like what she wanted.

She was the type who would not even spare a glance at those who tried to please her.

Soon, it was time for the next match.

“Zhang Mian, how dare you show up!”

Just as the battle was about to begin, an angry voice suddenly rang out.

“Why cant I”

Someone in the arena next to them recognized Zhao Mian, who had been missing all this while.

“You were hiding like a mouse just now, playing us like monkeys, right!”

“Yes, we listened to your commands, but you sold us out in the blink of an eye.

Dont you feel ashamed”

“Thats right, youre too much!”

“You used us as pawns to exhaust Yan Wuyue and the others, and then you planned to reap the benefits.

When the situation didnt go well, you ran away.

Admit it!”

Upon hearing these questions, Zhang Mian, who took off his mask, said with an unchanged expression, “Would you believe me if I said I didnt”

“Dont tell me you still want to make excuses for yourself at this juncture”

“Thats right.

Youve already done such a shameless thing, and youre still trying to fool us with words”

“This time, we wont believe you no matter what you say!”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Mian suddenly smiled and said, “Foolish people, I gave you hope when all of you were helpless, but now you all conveniently forget about how I helped you, and even blame me ”


After saying that, Zhang Mian covered his face with his hand and said in a slightly crazed tone, “Youre saying that I used you as pawns Then do you know how pitiful it is to be someone who doesnt even have value to be used”

“If not for me, you would have all been eliminated by now, you know”

“If not for me, do you think you would have been able to even stand in this arena right now”

“What a ridiculous bunch of people.

You refuse to admit your own problems and are blaming others like cowards.”

“Since you guys cant figure it out, then I dont see a need for you to use your brains anymore.

Dont ever use it again.”

“Come on, didnt you want to vent your anger Come, let me see what abilities you cowards have to have the audacity to shout at me!”

After saying that, Zhang Mian stared at his opponent team with a look of contempt and disdain.

The three of them were enraged.

Without hesitation, they summoned their spirits and dashed toward Zhang Mian.

They had to give Zhang Mian a good beating to vent their anger!

After all, the fact that they were able to make it this far showed that their coordination and strength were decent.

They were not something that the earlier students could compare to.

Unleashing their skills at the same time, the well-coordinated attacks went directly for Zhang Mian.

“Indeed, they are a bunch of idiots!”

“Hmph!” Zhang Mian snorted.

With a raise of his hand, a large black shadow spread out from under his feet.

The black shadow moved so fast that no one could react in time.

In the blink of an eye, it had already touched the three opponents shadows on the arena.

The instant the black shadow made contact with these peoples shadows, it was as if they were cast with a freeze spell.

Their movements halted mid-air and all three of them fell straight to the ground.

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