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The battle stopped abruptly when this yellow barrier appeared.

Because the Earth Bear King had stopped attacking, and it looked at Jiang Weis group of four and didnt conceal the disdain and contempt in its eyes.

The Earth Bear King ceasing its attack was naturally everything that the other seven people wished for.

One of the men within the barrier gazed at the barrier and seemed to have thought of something, and then he cried out involuntarily.

“Its actually the Origin Schools Barrier Ward!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly shot his gaze towards Jiang Wei that stood outside the barrier and said furiously, “Jiang Wei, whats the meaning of this”

When she heard the words Barrier Ward, Qingxues countenance turned pale as well.

Shed heard of the Barrier Ward, it was a Divine Ability of the Origin School.

It wasnt that type of Divine Ability that caused adverse effects to the user after it was executed, and it was a true Divine Ability.

The solidity of the Barrier Ward was something that even a Spirit Rank Darkbeast found difficult to break through.

As for a King Rank Darkbeast, it was even more difficult.

Of course, she was more concerned about the intentions of Jiang Wei and the others!

Jiang Wei disregarded the seven of them, and he turned around to look at a man by his side and said, “Senior Brother Xuan Ming, if the Grand Qin Empires Martial Future Academy finds out about what weve done here, well probably be in huge trouble!”

Amongst the seven people within the barrier, two were from Brightmoon Sect, one was from the Sword Sect, and four were from the Martial Future Academy of the Grand Qin Empire.

Even though the Martial Future Academy was only a second-rate academy in the Grand Qin Empire, it still represented the Grand Qin Empire.

So, if the Grand Qin Empire found out about what the four of them had done today, then they would definitely be in trouble.

As for the Brightmoon Sect and the Sword Sect They werent worried about these two sects at all!

A wisp of an evil smile arose on the corners of Xuan Mings mouth, and he said, “Dont worry.

So long as all of them die, then would anyone know about all of this”

When he spoke up to here, he turned around and nodded to Jiang Wei before he said, “Jiang Wei, you did well this time.

If you didnt lead them over to keep the Earth Bear King busy, then we would have been utterly unable to establish the Barrier Ward.

With the gains from this Earth Bear King, the four of us wont have to worry about cultivation resources for three months at least.”

Jiang Wei didnt speak any further when he heard this.

Cultivation resources were something that every disciple of a sect required.

Besides those that possessed an extraordinarily monstrous natural talent, the sects wouldnt hand out cultivation resources for free.

If one wanted to improve ones strength at a better and quicker rate, then one needed cultivation resources.

Because ones speed of cultivation would lag far behind other disciples if one didnt possess such resources.

There was competition in all sects, and the competition within the Origin School was even more intense while the requirements to participate in the Inner Court Exam was extremely harsh.

If they wanted to become inner court disciples, then they had to possess even more formidable strengths because the spots for inner court disciples in the Origin School was limited.

Theyd come to hunt the Earth Bear King this time because theyd accepted an assignment in the sect.

However, they were clearly aware that it was undoubtedly impossible for them to kill this Earth Bear King with their own strengths.

So, the four of them had formulated a plan.

This plan was to find some disciples from the other sects that had come to temper themselves in the Grand Myriad Mountains, and then utilize them to keep the Earth Bear King busy while they established the Barrier Ward to trap the Earth Bear King.

However, the development of the plan wasnt smooth because the Earth Bear King had stopped attacking the seven of them!

Xuan Ming frowned.

In his original plan, the seven of them were supposed to fight to the point both sides sustained great injuries and losses.

Their strengths couldnt compare to the Earth Bear King, but if the seven of them chose to detonate themselves, then it would absolutely be able to injure the Earth Bear King.

In that way, it would be much easier to deal with the Earth Bear King.

However, the Earth Bear King had stopped attacking now, and this was slightly unusual!

“Jiang Wei, quickly open up the barrier and let us out!” A young man from Martial Future Academy spoke anxiously.

A wisp of ridicule suffused the corners of Xuan Mings mouth as he said, “Are they members of Martial Future Academy so lacking in their discerning ability You still dont understand our intentions until now Sure, you can come out.

Kill that Earth Bear King behind all of you, and then well open up the barrier and let all of you out, alright”

When they heard this, that last trace of hope in their hearts instantly vanished because these four disciples from the Origin School really intended to eliminate all seven of them along with the Earth Bear King.

“Arent all of you afraid of the Sword Sect, Brightmoon Sect, and Martial Future Academys revenge” Qingxue spoke in a cold voice.

“Revenge” Xuan Ming started laughing, and his face was covered in disdain as he said, “I agree about the Brightmoon Sect and Martial Future Academy, but your Sword Sect Even if your Sword Sect finds out about what happened today, would your Sword Sect dare to take revenge on my Origin School Based on what you said, youre definitely a disciple that has just joined the Sword Sect, and you dont know the gap between the Sword Sect and the other sects.

Allow me to enlighten you.

Not to mention anything else, how many outer court disciples does your Sword Sect possess Less than 10,000, right Do you know how many outer court disciples my Origin School possesses 140,000! What do you think Now you know how worthless the Sword Sect is, right”

Qingxues expression was livid when she heard this.

She knew that the Origin School was stronger than the Sword Sect, and she knew that the Sword Sect was the weakest amongst the six great powers.

However, as a disciple of the Sword Sect, she felt both furious and helpless when Xuan Ming scoffed at her and looked down upon the Sword Sect because she was utterly unable to refute it!

Xuan Ming glanced coldly at the seven of them and said, “Dont even think of breaking out of the barrier.

If you want to live, then kill the Earth Bear King standing behind all of you.

Kill it, and well open up the barrier!”

That disciple from Martial Future Academy laughed coldly and said, “Youll open up the barrier after we kill the Earth Bear King Do you think that were three year olds”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around to look at the Earth Bear King, and he said, “Bear King, I know that you understand human speed.

We were in the wrong just now, and I apologize to you.

Now, were in the same situation, so we should join forces to break open this barrier.

What do you think”

The other six people within the barrier hurriedly apologized as well.

Presently, their only path of survival was to join forces with the Earth Bear King!

Xuan Mings expression changed when he witnessed this.

If they joined forces with the Earth Bear King, then it would undoubtedly be a huge problem for the four of them.

Right when he was about to instruct the other three to make a move in advance, the Earth Bear King made its stand clear.

The Earth Bear King glanced with disdain at the seven of them within the barrier, and then it went silent before it glanced towards the spot Yang Ye was hiding while a seemingly human glow of contemplation flickered in its eyes.

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart when he noticed the Earth Bear Kings gaze because the Earth Bear King had noticed him.

Looks like this Earth Bear King has really concealed its strength!“Little Fellow, are you able to deal with this big fellow” Yang Ye asked in a low voice.

The violet mink was displeased by Yang Yes doubt, and it clawed randomly at Yang Yes face.

After that, it intended to go deal with the Earth Bear King.

However, Yang Ye hurriedly stopped it, and then it finally calmed down after he apologized countless times.

When they saw the Earth Bear King make its stand clear, the hearts of the seven people within the barrier instantly sank.

Both fighting or not led to death, and they were truly troubled.

On the other hand, Xuan Ming started roaring with laughter when he saw this.

Beast kings really are extremely arrogant.

However, right at this moment, his laughter stopped abruptly because the Earth Bear King within the barrier had raised its enormous paw and slapped it towards the barrier!


An enormous bang resounded.

The ground quaked, yet the barrier didnt break.

However, if one looked carefully, one would be able to notice that traces of cracks had appeared on the barrier.


Another paw smashed down, and the cracks on the barrier grew larger.


When the 10th paw struck the barrier, the barrier rumbled and shattered under the astounded gazes of everyone.

After the barrier shattered, the Earth Bear King didnt attack all of them, and it sat at the side instead while revealing a mocking expression.

Because wasnt it extremely interesting to watch humans kill each other

When the barrier shattered, Qingxue and the others were delighted while the expression of Xuan Ming and the others turned grim.

Because if the seven of them left the Grand Myriad Mountains with their lives intact, then it would undoubtedly be a disaster for the four of them.

Because they werent the monstrous geniuses of the Origin School, and the Origin School wouldnt offend the Grand Qin Empire and the other two sects for the four of them.

So, if the seven of them left the Grand Myriad Mountains alive, then the best case scenario for the four of them would be having their cultivations crippled before being expelled from the Origin School!

Xuan Ming and the others exchanged glances, and then they nodded.

At this moment, all of their thoughts had coincided.

In next to no time, Qingxue and the others noticed that something was off, and when they saw the gazes of Xuan Ming and the others, they knew that Xuan Mings group intended to silence them!

One of the men from Martial Future Academy quickly made a decision.

He flipped his wrist before four talismans appeared in his hand, and then he flicked with his finger, causing three talismans to instantly stick onto the bodies of the other three disciples from Martial Future Academy.

He said, “We arent a match for the four of them.

These are mid-grade Strider Talismans, lets leave quickly!”

After he finished speaking, he hesitated for a moment before he withdrew two more Strider Talismans and flicked them towards the two disciples from Brightmoon Sect.

After that, he didnt even look back as he ran towards the distance with the other three disciples from Martial Future Academy.

The Brightmoon Sect was the strongest amongst thethree sects in the six great powers, so it would definitely be beneficial to him in the future if he formed a good relationship with these disciples from Brightmoon Sect.

As for Qingxue, hed completely disregarded her.

Was there any point in forming a good relationship with a disciple of the Sword Sect A mid-grade Strider Talisman was worth a few tens of thousands of gold coins!

Besides Qingxue, the other six of them ran towards the entrance of the gorge after they utilized the Strider Talisman.

Xuan Ming had a gloomy expression as he said in a cold voice, “Leave that woman to Jiang Wei!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he withdrew three Strider Talismans and slapped them on himself and the other two by his side before he moved to pursue the six of them.

As she gazed at Jiang Wei that stood before her, Qingxue tightened her grip on the sword in her hand, and her eyes were filled with rage and unwillingness.

She knew that shed been constantly disregarded since she joined this small group that was established at the last minute to hunt the Earth Bear King, yet shed never expected that it would be so undisguised this time.

Jiang Wei didnt waste his breath at all.

His spear shook while his figure flashed, and he stabbed it towards Qingxue.


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