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He was just wiping off his sweat

Instructor Zhuo and the others were quite stunned when they heard him, and then they heaved sighs of relief in their hearts.

If Yang Ye really were to attack in such a situation, then Welkin Wolf Demon King and the others would definitely ignite their souls.

At that time, Instructor Zhuo and the others would definitely have no choice but to ignite their souls against Welkin Wolf Demon King and the other Saints of the Welkin Wolf Clan.

So, Ocean of Clouds Academy and the Welkin Wolf Clan would truly be perishing together once that happened!

Even though they didnt fear igniting their souls and were prepared to do so, their sacrifice would be meaningless under such circumstances.

Because once 8 Saints were to ignite their souls and fight to the death, then both the Welkin Wolf Clan and Ocean of Clouds Academys forces wouldnt be able to survive!

Fortunately, Yang Ye didnt disappoint them, and he didnt act impulsively at a time like this.

Welkin Wolf Demon king heaved a sigh of relief as well.

While he was ready to ignite his soul at any moment, he didnt want to do it if it was avoidable.

It wasnt because he feared death, it was because he didnt want his Welkin Wolf Clan to vanish from Pine Prefecture.

Fortunately, that madman, Yang Ye, was still rational!

“The Welkin Wolf Clan doesnt have to be annihilated, but I have 3 conditions!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye gazed at Welkin Wolf Demon King and said, “Condition number one, the Welkin Wolf Clan must compensate Ocean of Clouds Academy with 1 billion extreme-grade energy stones.

The second condition, the Welkin Wolf Clan must leave Welkin Wolf Mountain Range.

The third and final condition, you, Welkin Wolf Demon King, must swear on your soul that you wont go against Ocean of Clouds Academy from today onwards.

Agree, and your clan can survive; refuse, and your clan will perish!”

“Youre going too far!” Ferocity instantly covered Welkin Wolf Demon Kings face, “Yang Ye! Dont you think that my Welkin Wolf Clan fears you! If you force us to a corner, then well just take you down with us.”

Yang Ye stared Welkin Wolf Demon King in the eyes, “Then you can ignite your soul right now!”

Welkin Wolf Demon Kings face was horrifyingly fierce.

The energy within him was surging madly, and he seemed like he would explode at any moment!

Should he take Ocean of Clouds Academy down with him, or should he agree to Yang Yes conditions

Welkin Wolf Demon King was conflicted!

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang suddenly walked over to Yang Yes side.

She gazed at Welkin Wolf Mountain Kings side and said, “Welkin Wolf Mountain Wing, those conditions are actually not bad to your clan.

Itll just cause you to suffer some losses.

If 1 billion extreme-grade energy stones are converted into inner cores, then while its quite a large number to your Welkin Wolf Clan, it isnt to the extent of making your clan go broke.

As for the 2nd condition, let me ask you something instead.

With the current strength that your Welkin Wolf Clan possesses, would you really dare to continue staying right outside our academy even if we didnt raise such a condition”

Yu Wushuang paused for a moment when she spoke up to this point, “As for the 3rd condition, let me ask you something.

Welkin Wolf Demon King, would you really dare to act against our academy while your clan is in such a state Welkin Wolf Demon King, let me be honest.

Your clan has been abandoned, it has been used and abandoned.

If I were you, I would leave.

I would lead my clan to find another place to stay, avoid the wars in the prefecture, and recuperate.

Your Welkin Wolf Clan still has a chance to rise up again while youre still alive, but it would never be able to hold its head up high again if youre gone!”

Welkin Wolf Demon Kings expression eased up slightly when he heard Yu Wushuang, but he was still visibly struggling to come to a decision!

Yu Wushuang continued, “Welkin Wolf Demon King, I know that you have the courage to ignite your soul, but have you thought about whether its worth it It isnt.

It isnt worth it at all.

Not only will you die, youll take your entire clan with you.

Doing that will only benefit the people who were using you, like Sky Divine Hall! Right”

Welkin Wolf Demon King spoke in a low voice, “This is our home!”

Yu Wushuang added, “You can never hope of recuperating if you stay here.

Because we wouldnt allow it.

It isnt just us, if those who used you refuse to let my academy survive, then theyll definitely come looking for you again and continue using you.

At that time, would you dare to refuse with the current strength you possess But if you dont refuse it, youll be used again and made into cannon fodder.


Welkin Wolf Mountain King fell silent!

Yu Wushuang didnt speak another word.

Both of them just fell silent.

Regardless of whether it was Instructor Zhuo and the others, or the demon beasts on Welkin Wolf Demon Kings side, all of them had solemn expressions on their faces.

Because whether they would fight until both sides are destroyed or stop fighting was entirely up to Welkin Wolf Demon king!

The only person here who remained calm was Yang Ye.

Actually, he really wanted to put an end to all future troubles.

But it was clearly impossible because he had to consider the safety of everyone here.

If he chose to fight, then countless would die because of his decision, and that included Instructor Zhuo and the others.

Moreover, Ocean of Clouds Academy really did need to recuperate, and that was why hed raised such conditions!

He knew what his own flaws were, and he knew that he wasnt suited to be a leader.

Because a leader would consider too many things, and that was like a shackle to him!

The heart of a sword cultivator shouldnt be shackled!

But it couldnt be helped, he had to step forward and assume such responsibility right now! Moreover, until Ocean of Clouds Academy could find someone suitable, he had to continue holding this responsibility.

Not for anything else, but for Shang Yunxi.

Even though he didnt know why Shang Yunxi had ignited his soul and detonated himself so resolutely, Yang Ye knew that Ocean of Clouds Academy and he, Yang Ye, would have been destroyed if it wasnt for Shang Yunxis sacrifice!

After all, the arrival of 4 more Saints was sufficient to obliterate their forces!

Time passed slowly while the atmosphere here grew more and more oppressive to the point that it was suffocating!

A long time passed before Welkin Wolf Demon King gazed at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, youre won!”

Actually, it had been a competition of ruthlessness.

If he could allow himself to be that ruthless, then both sides would have been obliterated in battle.

But the problem was that hed lost to Yang Ye.

To a certain extent, Yang Ye was forcing him to ignite his soul and detonate himself when Yang Ye raised those conditions.

Why did Yang Ye dare to do that Because Yang Ye was ruthless, and he was bold!

Yang Ye was clearly aware that both sides would be obliterated if he and the others were to ignite their souls and detonate themselves, but Yang Ye still dared to be so overbearing.

That was the most terrifying part about Yang Ye.

If one tried to make it sound nice, then he was bold, ruthless, and daring! But if one were to be honest, he was a madman who ignored the consequences!

But it just so happened that it made Welkin Wolf Demon king lose.

Because he was still sensible and wasnt ruthless enough!

Instructor Zhuo and the others truly heaved sighs of relief when they heard Welkin Wolf Demon King.

After all, Welkin Wolf Demon Kings compromise means that both sides didnt have to perish together.

Moreover, Ocean of Clouds Academy would obtain a huge amount of compensation and the Welkin Wolf Clans territory!

Most importantly, the academy would have no further threats residing in its vicinity from now on.

Even then, everyone here wasnt able to arouse a shred of happiness within them.

Because Shang Yunxi was gone!

“Yang Ye, the day will come when you meet a miserable end.

Itll definitely come!” Welkin Wolf Demon King stared fixedly at Yang Ye and said, “All bloodthirsty people throughout the annals of history have never been able to live for long.”

“1 billion extreme-grade energy stones, not a single one less! If the Welkin Wolf Clan still remains on this mountain range in 3 days from now, then Ill kill every single wolf I see.” Yang Yes figure vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Welkin Wolf Demon King just gazed at where Yang Ye stood earlier for a long time.

In the end, he turned around and vanished with the other Saints.

A day later, the mountain range quaked as countless wolves left.

Meanwhile, Ocean of Clouds City was seething with excitement and cheers, and their voices shot into the sky!

Ocean of Clouds City had won, and it represented that they could live.

Most importantly, Yang Ye had promised that the academy wouldnt take a single inner core from the dead demon beasts! Besides that, Yang Ye had given him a string of other promises, and they would be fulfilled as well!

They werent worried that Yang Ye would go back on his word because they had absolute faith in him!

The City Governors Estate of Ocean of Clouds City.

Yu Wushuang spoke slowly within the hall, “Welkin Wolf Demon King sent over a million inner cores to us.

The weakest amongst them is at the Monarch Realm while there are over 10,000 at the Half-Saint Realm.

Ive counted them and converted them to extreme-grade energy stones.

They are valued at no less than 1 billion extreme-grade energy stones! Besides that, the wolves of the Welkin Wolf Clan have started to leave since yesterday, and I assume that theyll be able to retreat completely by the morning!”

Yang Ye was seated on the seat of the host, and Instructor Zhuo and the other Saints were seated by Yang Yes side.

Shang Qingying was here as well.

Yang Ye nodded lightly and said, “Wushuang, you make arrangements for those inner cores.

Right, from now onwards, you and Miss Shang will be the Vice Deans of the academy, and youll manage all internal affairs of the academy and city.” When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye gazed at Instructor Zhuo and the others, “Senior, what do all of you think”

Instructor Zhuo glanced at Yu Wushuang and Shang Qingying before he nodded lightly, “Wushuangs very capable, and shes a suitable choice.

As for Little Girl Shang, she knows the academy very well.

So, theyll definitely be able to manage the academy and city well.” He glanced at Yang Ye when he spoke up to this point and said, “Youre the dean now, so youre fully able to make all of these trivial decisions on your own.”

Yang Ye asked, “Senior, do you think Im suited to be the dean”

Instructor Zhuo shook his head lightly, “You arent! I understand what youre trying to say, but only you can truly save our academy!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean”

Instructor Zhuo took a deep breath, “Do you know why Brother Shang detonated himself”

Yang Ye replied, “Thats exactly what puzzled me!”

Instructor Zhuo explained solemnly, “It was because those 4 were from White Deer Academy!”

Yang Ye frowned, “White Deer Academy wants to crush our academy”

Instructor Zhuo shook his head and said, “We would have ceased to exist if White Deer Academy wanted to destroy us.

There are 2 factions in White Deer Academy, the Law Faction and the Scholarly Faction.

The Law Faction intends to govern the academy through laws, and everything in the academy would be done according to its rules.

The Scholarly Faction stresses upon benevolence, and it seeks to appeal to a person before considering the rules and laws.

Its the Law Faction which desires to crush our academy because the dean violated the rules of White Deer Academy all those years ago.

In their opinion, his actions of establishing Ocean of Clouds Academy is like betrayal of White Deer Academy!”

Instructor Zhuo paused for a moment when he spoke up to this point, and he spoke solemnly, “But our academy has been able to exist until now because of the Scholarly Faction.

Because the Scholarly Faction thinks that we should be given a chance, and its the competition in White Deer Academy.

So long as someone from our academy is able to be ranked in the top 10 of the competition, then well be allowed to return to the Central Divine Prefecture and belong to White Deer Academy.

That was why the dean has been constantly sending students to participate in White Deer Academys competition all these years! Because well only be truly safe by returning to White Deer Academy.”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Those fellows who came this time were from the Law Faction, right”

Instructor Zhuo nodded, “They suffered a loss this time, so they definitely wont let the matter rest.

I presume that it wont take long for them to send someone else! Moreover, itll definitely be a supreme expert.

Perhaps it might even be no less than 10 Saints!”

Yang Ye spoke in an extremely serious manner, “Can I quit”


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