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The Eye of the Heaven Dao!

All the experts on Immortal Island were stunned when they saw it in the air above the island!

Why would the Eye of the Heaven Dao appear here Around a dozen old men were staring blankly at the eye in the sky!

Meanwhile, a beam of violet light suddenly shot up from the ground below, and the Saints on the island watched as the black divine lightning which even they feared was obliterated.

After that, the beam of violet light continued up and collided with the Eye of the Heaven Dao.


A loud explosion resounded before that terrifying Eye of the Heaven Dao started to crack apart.


A strand of faint droning could be heard in the sky before the Eye of the Heaven Dao slowly closed its eyelids.

Meanwhile, another beam of violet light shot up from below, but the Eye of the Heaven Dao suddenly started to become illusory, and it actually vanished before the beam of violet light could arrive before it!

It fled

The Saints here were stunned, the woman behind Yang Ye was stunned, and even Yang Ye was stunned!

The Eye of the Heaven Dao fled just like that It fled just like thatThats the Eye of the Heaven Dao! Its the Eye of the Heaven Dao that can kill Saints with ease! But it fled just like that

The woman behind Yang Ye gazed at the tiny golden pagoda with disbelief.

What exactly is that It was even capable of making a formidable existence like the Eye of the Heaven Dao fear it and have no choice but to flee!

After all, even Emperor Rank treasures couldnt arouse fear in the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

Is that a treasure above the Emperor Rank The woman slowly clenched her fists!

At this moment, Yang Ye was quite stunned as well.

He knew that the Primordial Pagoda was terrifying, but he hadnt expected it to actually be so terrifying that even the Eye of the Heaven Dao feared it!

Yang Ye had no doubt that the Primordial Pagoda was much stronger than it had been in the past, and the reason it had gained so much strength was probably related to him.

Based on what Xiao Qi had said, the Primordial Pagodas strength was related to his own strength, and it grew stronger with him!

Now, he was a mid rank Half-Saint, so it was normal for the Primordial Pagoda to have grown stronger.

But he felt that it was a little too terrifying!

Of course, that was a good thing.

Meanwhile, the Tree of Creation had fully entered the tiny vortex.

As soon as that happened, the tiny golden pagoda which floated in the air above Yang Ye shook slightly, and then it transformed into a ray of violet light that entered the tiny vortex.

A moment later, Yang Yes brows were pressed tightly together.

Because hed thought that the Primordial Pagoda had recovered, but it was still in the form of the tiny vortex and he wasnt able to enter the Primordial Pagoda at all.

In other words, it hadnt recovered yet!

Meanwhile, Yang Yes expression changed abruptly because he sensed over a dozen powerful auras rushing towards him!

Yang Ye turned around and glanced at the woman.

He hesitated for an instant before he flashed over to her, wrapped his arm around her, and then leaped down the abyss.

Hed alarmed the experts on Immortal Island, and even the Asura Queen might have been alarmed.

So, it was utterly impossible for him to just escape the way he came.

Unless he concealed his aura and stood motionlessly on the spot, just the slightest movement from him would be noticed by them while they were on high alert.

So, he had no choice but to leap down the abyss.

Because that mysterious energy still remained within the abyss, and it could nullify the abilities of a cultivators divine sense.

Saints could only dream of catching him when they couldnt utilize their divine sense.

Besides that, the abyss was pitch black, so it was clearly a much more beneficial terrain to someone like him whod comprehended the Laws of Darkness!

The reason hed taken the woman with him was that he didnt want that scene from before to be exposed to even more people.

Of course, he could just kill her, but he wasnt able to do such a thing.

He was ruthless and merciless, but he had his limits!

Their figures descended for almost 4 hours, yet they were still falling, and it caused Yang Ye to be unable to avoid frowning.

Suddenly, a blue vortex appeared before them.

Yang Yes expression changed when he saw the vortex, and he hurriedly stopped while holding the woman in his arms.

Meanwhile, a powerful suction force suddenly surged out from within the blue vortex, and it instantly enveloped both of them and swept them into the vortex before they could react.

As soon as he entered the vortex, Yang Ye felt a wave of dizziness strike him, and his consciousness gradually blurred.

Yang Ye didnt know how long had passed when he finally opened his eyes.

A cloudy blue sky was the first scene to enter his eyes!

Where am I Yang Ye quickly stood up and sized up the surroundings.

He was at a wasteland, and the mysterious woman was not too far away from him.

She was sitting weakly on the ground and sizing up the surroundings.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

Even though he didnt know where they were, it was obvious that theyd escaped.

Yang Ye glanced at the mysterious woman and said, “No matter who you are, it isnt important to me.

The important thing is that weve escaped.

Alright, farewell!”

Yang Ye turned around and intended to leave one he finished speaking.

However, he was astounded to notice that he couldnt utilize his profound energy at all! He hurriedly inspected his body, and he noticed that his profound energy was actually in a deathly still state.

Yang Ye frowned, “Whats going on”

“A mysterious form of energy has sealed off this place!” Meanwhile, the woman raised her head and looked up at the sky, “It surpasses the strength of Saints.

So, both profound energy and divine sense cant be utilized here.

In other words, youre like an ordinary person now!”

Yang Ye calmed down, glanced at the surroundings, and said, “Where are we”

“The world beneath Immortal Island!” The woman glanced at him and continued, “According to legend, a peerless beast from outer space is being sealed beneath Immortal Island.

Id thought that it was only a legend, but now it would seem like it was no legend.

It really does exist.”

“From outer space” Yang Ye frowned, “Experts from other stellar regions”

She suddenly said, “Have you heard of defiant cultivators.

Defiant cultivators! Yang Yes eyelids twitched because hed heard of defiant profounders, and he knew that profounders were considered cultivators here.

So, he glanced at the woman and nodded.

She continued, “All those years ago, the defiant cultivators appeared out of nowhere, and the entire Radiant Dimension was almost destroyed at the hands of their undying physique.

Fortunately, they werent united.

Coupled with the fact that they were too arrogant, haughty, and acted without any fear or restraint, they didnt just offend the experts of our Radiant Dimension, they even offended the experts of other stellar regions.

So, everyone joined forces and were finally able to seal them in a lower dimension.

However, there were some who werent sealed!”

Yang Ye said, “Youre saying that a defiant cultivator is being kept here That peerless beast”

She nodded, “If Im not wrong, then yes!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I dont care about that.

Do you know a way to leave this place”

The tiny vortex had taken the Fruits of Creation, so he just had to return to the city, and he could restore Lu Waners Dantian.

He didnt want to delay it at all because the longer it was delayed, the worse it was for Lu Waner!

“There are 2 methods!” She explained, “The 1st is to destroy this world.

Its not a real world but a world created by a supreme expert.

So, well naturally be able to return to the Radiant Dimension if its destroyed.

The 2nd method is to find a teleportation point.

Since theres a teleportation point into this place, theres naturally one that leads to the outside world.

Well be able to leave if we can find it!”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and he shook his head a while later.

Not to mention that he couldnt utilize his profound energy now, he couldnt do anything to this world even if he was at his peak strength.

Perhaps he could only give it a try if he utilized Heavens Gravestone.

So, since the 1st method wasnt possible, he had no choice but to choose the 2nd method!

“Lets go look for the teleportation formation!” Yang Ye started walking towards the distance while he spoke, but he only took a few steps before he suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the woman, “Why arent you coming”

She glanced at him and said, “I cant move!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned.

He walked over to her and pulled open the robe that covered her.

The holes that the black swords left behind on her feet were still visible.

Theyd completely pierced through her feet, and even shattered the bones and meridians within her feet.

Besides that, blood was seeping out incessantly from those holes.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he glanced at her hands.

There were 2 similar holes on her wrists as well.

At this moment, both of them were slowly bleeding as well!

“Exactly how deep is the enmity between you and the Asura Queen to actually make her treat you like this” Yang Ye tore off 4 pieces of cloth from her robe and started to bandage her wounds.

If it was at any other time, then he could utilize his violet profound energy and heal her injuries in an instant.

Yet now, he couldnt utilize his profound energy, and he didnt have the habit of taking healing pills with him.

So, he could only use the most primitive form of treating wounds.

She glanced at him and didnt answer his question.

Yang Ye stood up, pulled her hands towards him, and started to bandage them as well.

At the same time, he looked her in the eyes and said, “I know that youre not an ordinary person, or perhaps you should be a very formidable person.

All Id like to say is that I have no ill intent towards you, and were in the same boat right now.

So, we should work together.

Thats beneficial for both you and me, right”

She suddenly said, “Behind!”

“Huh” Yang Ye was stunned, “What do you mean”

“Behind you!” She spoke again, and her voice was much louder this time.

Behind me Yang Ye turned around to look behind himself.

But hed only just done that when a fist smashed against his stomach.

A mouthful of blood sprayed from Yang Yes mouth as his figure collided with the woman and flew backwards with her!

They flew for over 3km!


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