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“Dont you think that youre sad” Meanwhile, her voice resounded by his ears, “Dont you think allowing your lower body to control you is pitiable and sad”

Even though her voice was soft and calm, it seemed to be penetrative and struck straight at his heart, causing even Yang Yes Heart of Slaughter to stop momentarily.

Yang Yes figure stopped moving.

He gazed at the woman while the flames of lust still filled his eyes, but there was a faint thread of clarity within them.

She was looking at him as well.

They gazed at each other for a long time before Yang Ye finally closed his eyes.

He moved away from her and rolled off to the side before trying his best to sit up cross-legged on the ground.

At this moment, his face had warped, and his body was trembling!

Earlier, hed almost violated her.

However, her words had allowed him to resist his most primitive desires.

A man who was controlled by his lower body was a disgrace and a weakling!

Similar situations had occurred in the past, but hed used his sword intent and profound energy to suppress it.

Yet now, he wasnt able to utilize them, and only now did he realize that his will wasnt as strong as hed imagined.

No, it should be said that his will was still very weak, but he just hadnt noticed how weak it was!

At this moment, while the backlash from utilizing stellar energy was unbearable, he gritted his teeth and endured it.

Just as the woman had said, he didnt want to have endured such pain for nothing! Moreover, he didnt want to become a person who was under the control of his lower body!

Time passed by slowly.

An hour later, Yang Yes face gradually returned to normal.

Even though his body was still trembling slightly, he was in a much better state.

The woman slowly relaxed her tightly clenched fist when she saw Yang Ye gradually return to normal, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out from her mouth before she slowly collapsed to the ground.

Her face was pale as a sheet, and it seemed like shed suffered a heavy injury.

At the same time, threads of black energy were released from her relaxed grip.

Hiss! Hiss!

The black energy descended towards the ground.

Everywhere they passed, space was torn apart like a weak piece of paper.

A few moments after the black energy entered the ground, everything in an area of a few tens of thousand of kilometers around Yang Ye and the woman, and even the ground beneath their feet was instantly obliterated!

It was obliterated without making a sound!

A huge and deep abyss appeared here.

At the same time, the entire world suddenly became slightly fainter at the exact same instant that everything around Yang Ye and the woman had vanished!

At this moment, countless living beings had shot their gazes towards this direction, and their eyes were filled with horror!

A long time later, Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes and smashed his fist forward.


The space before him instantly cracked apart!

“She wasnt lying!” There was excitement in Yang Yes eyes, “My current physical strength is much stronger than before.

If I do it a few more times, then my physical strength would definitely be able to ascend to a higher level.

But tempering myself with stellar energy….”

Yang Ye couldnt help but shudder when he recalled the pain he experienced! That pain was really not something an ordinary person could endure!

Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something and raised his head to look towards his surroundings, and he was instantly stunned when he noticed that he was within an abyss which he couldnt see the end of.

What happened He looked to the side towards the woman, and his expression changed when he saw her lying weakly on the ground.

He hastily went over to her side and supported her up.

Yang Yes expression changed again when he noticed the state that she was in.

Because her aura was very faint, and it seemed like she would perish at any moment! Moreover, there were black threads wriggling beneath her skin.

What is that Yang Ye was shocked.

He pulled open her robe, and he almost dropped her to the ground when he saw the scene before his eyes.

The same black threads were wriggling beneath her skin throughout her body, and they were wriggling incessantly as if they wanted to break through her skin!

“What is that” Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face while he stretched out his hand to touch her face.

But she suddenly started to slowly open her eyes when his hand was about to touch her face.

She gazed at him and spoke calmly, “Do you want to die”

Yang Yes hand instantly stopped on the spot when he heard her, and then he gazed at the black threads on her face and gulped, “What… what is that”

She didnt answer him and just closed her eyes.

A long time passed before those black threads started to vanish slowly, and around 10 minutes passed before all the black threads had vanished.

However, the woman seemed even weaker than before.

Yang Ye was shocked, “Are… are you alright”

She raised her head to look at him and said, “I dont want what happened earlier to happen again.

Trust me, if it does, then even that tiny pagoda of yours wont be able to save you!”

Yang Ye fell silent.

He naturally knew what she was speaking about.

Coupled with the 1st time that day, hed offended her twice now.

Even though he hadnt completed the deed, it was on the verge of completion.

Because hed seen, touched, and kissed her.

While hed done so in an unconscious state, it was still him!

Yang Ye laughed bitterly when he thought up to this point, “It was my mistake.

I guarantee that it wont happen again.”

She gazed at him for a long time before she said, “I refuse to help when we encounter danger because I cant.

If I do, then everything here including both of us will be unable to survive.


Yang Ye was astounded when he heard this.

Because if she was telling the truth, then he could only imagine how strong she was!

He didnt know how strong she was, but he knew that he was absolutely incapable of causing the same damage as what was caused around him.

Perhaps only by executing the Brink Laws 10 times or more in succession would he have the chance to replicate the damage shed caused here!

At this moment, he suddenly felt he had a slight understanding of why the number one expert of Pine Prefecture, the Asura Queen, had treated this woman in such a way.

She wasnt weak, but too strong.

She was strong to the point that even the Asura Queen feared her!

She suddenly said, “Youre afraid now”

Yang Ye glanced at her, thought for a moment, and replied, “To be honest, I am slightly afraid.

However, you wouldnt act against me if were able to leave this place, right After all, no matter what has happened, we can be considered as friends now, right” If I can become friends with her and even trick her to come to Ocean of Clouds City, then it would be equivalent to gaining powerful backing!

As for relying on women

Yang Ye didnt have such chauvinistic concerns.

All he knew was that he needed the help of experts!

The woman spoke indifferently, “I dont befriend humans!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

The woman suddenly asked, “Do you have the blood of the Dragon Clan within you”

Yang Ye nodded and spoke with slight surprise, “How did you know”

She asked, “Besides that, theres another strange energy as well, right”

Yang Ye knew that she was talking about his bloodline which had been modified by the Primordial Violet Energy, and he glanced at her and nodded.

She said, “Stretch out your hand!”

Yang Ye didnt understand what she wanted to do, but he still did as she said.

Hed only just stretched it to her when she suddenly opened her mouth and bit his wrist, and then a strand of blood instantly surged into her mouth.

“What the **!” Yang Ye was shocked and instinctively jerked his hand back to him.

However, her teeth were latched firmly onto his wrist, and he was actually unable to jerk it back.

Such a result shocked Yang Ye further.

After all, his body was comparable to a Saint Realm demon beast now, but her teeth were actually able to bite through his skin with such ease!

Yang Ye sized her up.

At this moment, he was suddenly quite curious about her true form!

A short while passed before she released his hand, and Yang Ye noticed that her face was actually rosy now!

My blood can be used to heal Yang Ye gazed at the bite marks on his wrist.

Should I drink a few mouthfuls as well

She gazed at him, and then suddenly licked off the remaining blood on her lips.

The sight of this caused Yang Yes heart to thump quickly twice.

After all, it was such a seductive sight.

Especially when her robe merely concealed half her figure.

“The dragon blood belongs to at least an ancestral level dragon.

As for the other energy within your blood, its very strong, and its even purer than the dragon blood.” She gazed at him and continued, “Even though youre weak like an ant, you have quite a few secrets, and there are even some that Ive never seen or heard of!”

Yang Yes face darkened, “Perhaps my strength is inferior to yours, but Im not weak as an ant, right”

She didnt say anything in response.

She just glanced at the surroundings, remained silent for a while, and then said, “I heard the roar of a beast not too long after you left.”

Yang Ye revealed a solemn expression when he heard her, “Its that beast from outer space!”

She glanced at the surroundings again, and a short while passed before she spoke in a low voice, “If Im not wrong, this world is being used to suppress it.

But this world is already extremely weak from the corrosion of countless years, and its probably unable to hold on for long because of what I did just now.

So, Ive sensed the aura of that beast!”

“Youre telling me that thing is about to escape” Yang Yes eyelids twitched.

After all, just its roar could cause hundreds of savages at the Saint Realm to fall flat on the ground, so how powerful would it be if it escaped

In any case, he was absolutely unable to fight it!

“We must leave this place before it escapes!” Her voice had a trace of seriousness in it, “Even the joint forces of everyone in this world is no match for it!”

“Lets go.

Well head to Rock City right away!” As he spoke, Yang Ye tidied up her clothes, and then he carried her up and was about to leave.

However, the 20 shadowy figures from before suddenly appeared not too far away from them.

Yang Ye felt a chill run down his spine when he saw them, and then he didnt hesitate to turn around with the intention to flee.

However, the woman stopped him.

She asked, “Why are you fleeing”

“I cant defeat them!” Yang Ye told her the truth.

After all, even the Stellar Ward technique had been blasted apart by them, so only death would await them if they didnt flee.

He could give it a try if they were in the Radiant Dimension where he could utilize spirit energy, but he really couldnt defeat them right now!

She suddenly said, “Havent you comprehended the Laws of Darkness”

Yang Ye nodded.

“Want to get a few experts to fight for you”


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