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“Youre here just to tell me that” Yang Ye sized up Fang Yun and said, “I dont think thats the reason, right”

Fang Yun nodded lightly and said, “I would have turned around and left if you used those puppets to kill Kaiyang Jun and the others, and I would even suggest that my Scholarly Faction stops interfering in the matter of Ocean of Clouds Academy.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you were actually able to kill them with your own ability.”

Fang Yun paused for a moment, and then he continued, “Your natural talent and potential are extremely great.

Especially your strength.

Your strength has surpassed Saints.

Not to mention Pine Prefecture, youll even be able to survive in my White Deer Academy with the strength you possess.

Kaiyang Jun and the others investigated you, but they didnt take it seriously.

Theyd only casually inquired about you, so they can only be said to have died to their own carelessness!”

“Get to the point!” Yang Ye continued, “I dont like people beating around the bush!”

Fang Yun gazed at Yang Ye and spoke seriously, “Join my White Deer Academy!”

Everyone here was stunned by these words.

Join White Deer Academy

Yang Ye was stunned as well because he hadnt expected Fang Yun to actually invite him to join White Deer Academy!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and asked, “Why”

“Its very simple!” Fang Yun grinned, “Your natural talent and strength are completely sufficient for you to join my White Deer Academy! If you agree, I can immediately recommend you to the academy.

So, you dont have to go through the usually complex process of recruitment and can immediately become a student of my academy.”

The blood of everyone here boiled when they heard Fang Yun!

After all, White Deer Academy was a Diamond Rank power!

Yang Ye just had to nod and he would be a member of such a power.

At that time, would anyone throughout Pine Prefecture dare to go against Yang Ye Moreover, that wasnt even the important part.

The important part was that based on the strength and potential which Yang Ye possessed, it was very likely for White Deer Academy to attach great importance to him.

If they thought highly of him, then Yang Ye would truly be leaping to greatness!

But it didnt take long for the excitement and happiness on their faces to vanish, and it was replaced by worry and anxiousness!

After all, what would the academy and city do if Yang Ye agreed

Instructor Zhuo and the others who were still standing nearby gazed at Fang Yun with disbelief.

Obviously, they hadnt expected that White Deer Academy had sent someone, and it was even someone from the Scholarly Faction.

Moreover, that representative of the Scholarly Faction had actually invited Yang Ye to join White Deer Academy! It was White Deer Academy! The goal that countless students of Ocean of Clouds Academy had for generations!

It was something that countless students fought their entire lives for yet were unable to accomplish, but Yang Ye just had to agree and it would be realized for him!

Instructor Zhuo and the others had complicated expressions on their faces when they thought up to this point, and it felt rather bad!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye remained silent for a moment before he shook his head, “I refuse!”

Everyone here instantly heaved sighs of relief when they heard Yang Ye.

But they also felt it was a pity that Yang Ye had refused.

After all, such an opportunity was absolutely difficult to come by!

Fang Yun asked, “Is it because of Ocean of Clouds Academy and Ocean of Clouds City”

Yang Ye nodded, “I know that most people in the academy and city arent qualified to join White Deer Academy, and I have any wishful thoughts that Ill be able to lead them to join White Deer Academy.

However, I wont join White Deer Academy as well.

At the very least, I wont for now.

I have many reasons for that decision.

Firstly, I promised old man Shang that I would lead the members of the academy to participate in the competition at White Deer Academy.

Who would lead them there if I joined White Deer Academy now As for the second and most important reason, Im a disciple of the Ancient Sword School right now and joining another power without the approval of the Ancient Sword School is equivalent to betrayal.

So, I refuse!”

“How just of Dean Yang!” Countless cultivators of the city couldnt help but clap and praise Yang Ye when they heard him.

“Even though Dean Yang is quite a decisive and ruthless person, he\'s a loyal person as well.

Im truly convinced of his ability and character!”

“I truly cant imagine what would happen to the city if Dean Yang were gone.

All of you say hes ruthless, but just think about it.

Would the academy and city be in its current state if it wasnt for his ruthless methods after Dean Shang left If it wasnt for him, the city would have probably fallen into chaos by now!”

“Youre absolutely right.

No one with malicious intent throughout the city would dare to act rashly while Dean Yang is here, and only with his presence can our city maintain its foothold in the prefecture.

In any case, Ill be the first to leave the city if he leaves.

Because any clan of demon beasts would be able to annihilate us with ease!”

“But he gave up the opportunity to join White Deer Academy….”

Tempestuous waves had arisen in the hearts of Instructor Zhuo and the others as well when they heard Yang Ye.

Obviously, they hadnt imagined that Yang Ye would actually give up the opportunity to join White Deer Academy! Moreover, the reason was actually Ocean of Clouds Academy!

At this moment, all of the members of Ocean of Clouds Academy, including Instructor Zhuo and the other elders, had complicated emotions in their hearts!

Fang Yun remained silent for a long time, and his gaze had a trace of complicated emotions as well when he gazed once more at Yang Ye.

It was the first time, the very first time that someone had refused an invitation from White Deer Academy, and that person was even from Pine Prefecture!

A long time passed before Fang Yun spoke, “I admire your choice.

But you might not be aware of the strength that my White Deer Academy possesses.

Let me put it like this.

Kaiyang Jun and the other 2 were only the weakest existences in my academy.

The Law Faction sent them here because the true monstrous geniuses of the Law Faction disdained to come to Pine Prefecture.


Yang Ye nodded and said, “I know.

Even though their strengths werent bad, Im very well aware that they arent able to represent the true ability of White Deer Academys younger generation!”

Fang Yun said, “Theres one more thing.

The reason the Law Faction sent them was because its higher-ups didnt take Ocean of Clouds Academy seriously.

In their opinion, not to mention the current Ocean of Clouds Academy, even the past Ocean of Clouds Academy which had Shang Yunxi was nothing to them.

Theres one more thing you must realize.

The reason Ocean of Clouds Academy has been able to exist until now is because our Scholarly Faction has been competing with the Law Faction.

Yet now, youve killed Kaiyang Jun and the others, and thats equivalent to looking down upon White Deer Academy.

So, our Scholarly Faction will definitely stop interfering in this matter.

If my Scholarly Faction does that, then Ocean of Clouds Academy would have no chance before the Law Faction!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “The Law Faction would destroy us no matter what we do.

Since thats the case, then why should we act fearfully and hesitantly If a battle cant be avoided, then Ill always launch the first attack and be the first to kill.”

Fang Yun gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “Good luck!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Thank you!”

“Can I take those copper puppets with me” Fang Yun continued, “Only a secret technique of White Deer Academy is capable of activating them, so they are no different than scrap metal in your hands.

Of course, I wont take them for free.

Ill owe you a favor if you give them to me.

If… if youre able to come to the Central Divine Prefecture, then trust me, that favor of mine will be worth it!”

Yang Ye glanced at Fang Yun, fell silent for a moment, and then said, “Take them!”

He wasnt being generous, nor did he care about that favor Fang Yun had promised him.

Hed noticed that he couldnt take control of these puppets at all.

Not to mention anything else, he couldnt even send a thread of his soul into them.

He knew that Fang Yun wasnt lying to him, and they really were like scrap metal in his possession.

Since that was the case, then why not exchange them for a favor from Fang Yun Because Fang Yuns status in White Deer Academy was clearly not low! Perhaps he would have a use for that favor when he headed to the Central Divine Prefecture in the future!

In any case, he didnt lose anything!

Fang Yun couldnt help but take a deep and long glance at Yang Ye when Yang Ye agreed without the slightest hesitation, and then he pondered deeply for an instant and said, “I hope Ill be able to see you in the Central Divine Prefecture!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Yun waved his right hand and took the 13 copper puppets, and then he intended to leave.

However, Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “If Im not wrong, the experts of White Deer Academy will definitely come to Pine Prefecture once you return, right”

Fang Yun replied, “I can buy you some time if you want!”

“I dont!” Yang Ye chuckled, and then he spoke seriously, “I hope you take a message to the Law Faction for me.”

Fang Yun said, “Go on!”

“Tell them that theres no need to send anyone.

Isnt the competition about to begin Tell them that I, Yang Ye, will bring the elites of Ocean of Clouds Academy to participate in that competition.

Dont they want to kill us If they have the ability, then annihilate us then.

Otherwise, Ill annihilate them!” said Yang Ye.

Fang Yun gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he asked, “Are you joking”

Yang Ye replied, “Do I seem like Im joking”

Fang Yun nodded lightly, “That move is really not bad.

Because those arrogant fellows of the Law Faction will definitely wait for you to come.

In that way, all of youll definitely be safe for now.

However, do you know what awaits you once you do head to the Central Divine Prefecture”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I know!”

Fang Yun asked, “Then do you still want me to convey that message”

Yang Ye answered, “Yes!”

Fang Yun gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he nodded, “Ill be waiting for you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure vanished into the sky.

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists as he watched Fang Yun vanish.

He didnt want to bother about the business of Ocean of Clouds Academy, but he had no choice.

Because he wasnt all alone anymore, and there were too many people who were following him.

These people trusted him and were willing to place their lives in his hands!

Could he abandon them and pursue his Dao of the Sword He couldnt! At the very least, he couldnt until Ocean of Clouds Academy and City were truly safe!

It was his responsibility!

A man had to shoulder his responsibilities!

Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang suddenly spoke, “Look over there!”

Yang Ye looked over and saw those students of the academy who were standing behind Instructor Zhuo and the other elders had suddenly started walking towards him.

It didnt take long for hundreds to arrive in front of him, and then they knelt down in unison.


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