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The faces of the 5 remaining Saints were unsightly to the extreme, but there still wasnt a single one of them who dared to attack.


Attacking would be equivalent to death! After all, Yang Yes side possessed absolute strength over them now!

A grin suddenly appeared on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “Actually, I hope that all of you would attack me.

Because then I can annihilate all of you.

To be honest, I really want to eliminate all future troubles.

But it cant be helped, Qing told me that I just have to kill the patriarch of the Python Clan.

Because Wang Mang took the position of patriarch which should have been hers.

Moreover, all of you played a part in allowing them to survive all those years ago.”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Understand Im not killing all of you because I owe Qing.

Now, Im returning that favor to her.

To be honest, if it wasnt for them, I would have annihilated you Python Clan by now!”

What Yang Ye said was partially true yet partially untrue.

The truth was that he would have really annihilated the Python Clan if it wasnt for Qing and Hong.

Because the Python Clan was very close to Ocean of Clouds Academy, so it was very easy for it to launch a surprise attack against the academy.

He didnt want the academy to have a neighbor that was hostile towards it.

As for the untrue part, it wasnt because he owed Qing that he refused to kill them.

On the contrary, he hoped to make Qing owe him instead.

If he killed all 5 of them, then the Python Clans strength would definitely suffer a sharp decline, and it would definitely be reduced to a 2nd rate power if it only had 2 Saints left!

He was confident that it wasnt something Qing and Hong wished to see!

Sure enough, Qing glanced at Yang Ye with a wisp of gratitude in her eyes.

Even Hong did the same.

The Python Clan was their home, so they naturally didnt want to see it be reduced to a 2nd rate power.

However, they were very well aware that they didnt have any room to negotiate with Yang Ye right now.

If Yang Ye wanted to destroy the Python Clan, then they could only watch.

Fortunately, he didnt do that and was even helping them win over the other Saints of the Python Clan!

When they found out that Qing and Hong were the reason that Yang Ye wasnt crushing them and the Python Clan, their gazes towards Qing and Hong grew much gentler.

In the beginning, theyd thought that Qing and Hong had brought him here to take revenge on their clan.

But obviously, that wasnt the case.

Qing and Hong just wanted to reclaim what belonged to them!

All the Saints here felt relieved when they thought up to this point.

A moment of silence ensued before one of the old men said, “Qing, we supported Wang Mang all those years ago because the patriarch of the Python Clan must be a Saint.

But you were only a high rank Half-Saint at that time.

To be honest, not to mention others, even we wouldnt be satisfied if a high rank Half-Saint assumed the position of patriarch in the clan.

I wont speak further about the past.

In any case, Wang Mang is dead, and youve attained the Saint Realm.

So, you deserve to assume the position of patriarch in our Python Clan!”

The other Saints by the old mans side nodded with agreement and displayed that they had no objections!

Qing nodded lightly, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, “From this moment onward, my Python Clan will be allied with Ocean of Clouds Academy.

Well live and die together in the future.”

Yang Ye nodded lightly, “I agree to the alliance on behalf of Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

The other Saints exchanged glances when they heard Yang Ye and Qing, and there was a trace of helplessness in their eyes.

There were benefits from allying themselves with the academy, and it was that even the number one clan of demon beasts in the south, the Bear Clan, wouldnt dare to attack the Python Clan while it was backed by a Platinum Rank Power like Ocean of Clouds Academy.

However, there were disadvantages as well, and it was that Ocean of Clouds Academy was enemies with Sky Divine Hall right now!

Sky Divine Hall was the number one power in Pine Prefecture!

If Ocean of Clouds Academy went to war with Sky Divine Hall in the future, it represented that their Python Clan would have to join the battle as well!

If they were given a choice, they would definitely choose not to support any side.

But they clearly had no right to choose right now!

“Come with me!” Yang Ye glanced at Qing and Hong, and then he vanished into the sky.

A few thousand kilometers away, Yang Ye stopped and flicked 5 rays of light towards Qing and Hong.

The light dispersed to reveal 5 golden fruits.

Yang Ye said, “These are Adamantium Fruits, and….”

“Adamantium Fruits!” Qing suddenly interrupted Yang Ye and cried out involuntarily, “You… you said that they are Adamantium Fruits”

Yang Ye nodded, “You know about them”

Qing took a deep breath and said, “Of course I do.

Adamantium Fruits are divine treasures to us of the demon race! Because it can significantly strengthen our bodies, and there are no side effects.

Not to mention in our prefecture, its definitely rare even in the Central Divine Prefecture.”

Yang Ye said, “It is a treasure indeed.

2 out of those 5 are for the both of you.

Even though both of you are Saints, if Im to be honest, then your bodies are still too weak and cant even compare to me.

Both your strengths will definitely increase significantly once youve consumed these Adamantium Fruits.

At that time, youll be able to deter those 5 old fellows in your clan!”

Qing spoke in a low voice, “Its too precious!”

However, Hong immediately took the Adamantium Fruits and said, “He definitely has a huge amount, and thats why he gave these to us.

We cant refuse his kind intentions!”

“Big Sister!” Qing glared at Hong, and the latter puckered her lips.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I still have more of these, so just keep them.

Use 2 of them.

As for the rest, I suggest you use them to win over the experts of your clan.”

Qing hesitated for a moment before she nodded, “Thank you.

If you need anything in the future, then feel free to say the word!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “I will.

Of course, dont hold back if you encounter any problems as well.

Ill be leaving now.


As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and vanished into the sky.

Hong suddenly said, “Actually, hes quite a nice guy!”

Qing glanced at Hong with surprise, “Didnt you really hate him”

Hong grunted coldly, “Its his fault for acting like hes matchless throughout the world!”

Qing chuckled, “Lets go.

We have many things to deal with in our clan!”

As soon as she finished speaking, both of them vanished on the spot.

Ocean of Clouds City.

Cloud Ocean Pavilion.

At this moment, only Yang Ye and Yu Wushuang were in Yang Yes room.

Yang Ye walked over to her and said, “Ill be heading to Sky Divine Hall in half a month from now.

If I dont come back, then remember to immediately disband the academy and the city.

Tell everyone to leave.

As for you, Waner, and the others, immediately hide yourselves.

Under no circumstances are you to return to the Ancient Sword School.

Because it might not be able to protect all of you at that time!”

Yu Wushuang was horrified, “What… what are you trying to say”

Yang Ye grinned, “Dont worry.

Im just planning for the worst.

If I fall in Sky Divine Hall, then Sky Divine Hall will definitely not spare all of you.

Even if Sky Divine Hall spares all of you, White Deer Academy wouldnt.

So, you have no choice but to disband the academy and city.

Only then would all of you have a chance to survive.”

“Can you not go there” Yu Wushuang grabbed Yang Yes hands while she pleaded.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I have to go.

Because they wont let us go even if I dont go.

There must be an end to the enmity between Sky Divine Hall and Ocean of Clouds Academy, and there must be an end to the enmity between Lou Qianxiao and me.

Its unavoidable, and I dont want to avoid it.”

The reason he told Yu Wushuang all of this wasnt because he wasnt confident in his ability to face Sky Divine Hall and Lou Qianxiao.

He just felt that it was best to prepare for the worst in every situation.

Yu Wushuang shook her head, “No, I wont disband the academy and city!”

Yang Ye frowned a little, and he was about to speak but Yu Wushuang spoke before he could, “If something really happens to you, then even disbanding the academy and city is pointless.

Because if a Platinum Rank power wants to find us, then its truly beyond easy.

So, if you want us to be safe, then you must come back alive.”

Yu Wushuang seemed extremely serious when she spoke up to this point, “Yang Ye, you must remember that you are related to the fate of many people.

Nothing can happen to you at all.

Once something does happen to you, then many in the city, academy, Lu Waner, I, and many others might be buried along with you.

Because youve offended a huge number of people and powers, and its absolutely easy for them to annihilate all of us once youre gone! So, you must come back! You must!”

Yang Ye and Yu Wushuang looked each other in the eyes for a long time.

In the end, he rubbed her head and said, “Youre right, I shouldnt have thought about all of that for no reason.

I promise that Ill definitely come back!”

Yu Wushuang asked, “Definitely”

Yang Ye smiled, “Definitely!”

Yu Wushuang nodded lightly, “I believe you!”

Yang Ye smiled and chatted with her for a while before he left the city again, and he arrived at a plain that was deep within Welkin Wolf Mountain Range.

Yang Ye glanced at his surroundings and confirmed that there was no one here before he waved his right hand.

The 10 shadowy figures appeared here and surrounded him.

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists as a strand of slaughter intent seeped out from within him.

The slaughter intent gradually grew stronger, and his hair and eyes started to turn blood red.

He was about to head to Sky Divine Hall, and he hoped to truly take control of Heavens Gravestone by then!

If it was in the past, then he would have definitely not dared to summon Heavens Gravestone.

Yet now, his will had been tempered by stellar energy, and it was countless times stronger than before.

Now, he was confident in his ability to resist Heavens Gravestones corruption!

“Heavens Gravestone!” As soon as he finished speaking, a pillar of blood shot into the sky!


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