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Three days later, Yang Ye finally walked out of Death Mountain Range, and he arrived at a plain.

Yes, a plain, and this plain was extremely vast and seemingly boundless.

Yang Ye didnt know what this plain was because the map Manzi gave him only had the areas outside Death Mountain Range recorded on it.

It could be said that since he stepped foot onto this plain, everything before him was the unknown, and this included the distribution of Darkbeasts.

During these three days of time, Yang Ye had encountered some King Rank Darkbeasts around Death Mountain Range, but Yang Ye didnt subdue them because the violet mink didnt think they were good enough.

After the violet mink gave him an explanation, Yang Ye understood why it thought they werent good enough.

It was because their bloodlines were inferior.

Yes, the importance of bloodlines amongst Darkbeasts was equal to the importance of natural talent amongst humans.

An inferior bloodline represented that the Darkbeasts accomplishments were limited.

Since its accomplishments were limited, then it was better to not nurture them.

After all, Yang Ye hoped the King Rank Darkbeasts he subdued were able to become stronger and stronger, and not forever remain as King Rank Darkbeasts!

So, Yang Ye came to this place, and his objective was naturally to find King Rank Darkbeasts that had potential!

As he gazed at the expanse of green that lay before him, a wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Yang Yes mouth.

He seemed to have thought of something, and he turned around and glanced at the dense forest behind him while he said in a light voice, “I wonder if you have the courage to follow me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didnt stay here any longer, and he flashed ahead.

During these three days of time, that assassin had never made another appearance.

But his instincts told him that the assassin hadnt left the Grand Myriad Mountains at all and was watching him from the shadows.

Perhaps, the assassin hadnt made a move against him during these three days of time because that assassin had been unable to find the right opportunity.

Now, he was about to enter the mysterious and dangerous depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains, so would that assassin dare to follow him in here or not

Right when Yang Ye turned around and flashed off, a black figure walked out from within a tree.

The black figure glanced at the direction Yang Ye left at, and then it didnt hesitate to flash off in Yang Yes direction.

If someone was here, that person would notice that the black figure was extremely strange.

Because the black figures body was flickering.

It wasnt teleporting, but the black figures body would vanish for a moment every time it moved 3m in distance, and when it appeared once more, it would already be over 10m away.


For the sake of drawing the assassin out, Yang Ye didnt summon Grey, so his speed was naturally much slower, and he was still on this plain after he traveled for a few hours.

After traveling for another two hours, Yang Ye suddenly stopped and frowned.

He noticed that there was something off about this plain.

Because all along the way until now, he hadnt noticed a single Darkbeast on this plain, and it was even to the extent that he hadnt noticed a low rank Darkbeast.

Normally, there were only two explanations for such a situation.

The first was that there was something that terrified the Darkbeasts on the plain, and the second was that the plain was a Darkbeast or the territory of a species.

Just like the Death Mountain Range that belonged to the Earth Bear King, but unlike the situation there, the King Rank Darkbeast or species here forbade other Darkbeasts from stepping foot into their territory.

Yang Ye leaned towards the second possibility.

How terrifying would the strength possessed by a King Rank Darkbeast or species that was able to cause other Darkbeasts to fear to enter this plain be It would definitely not be inferior to the Earth Bear King.

It was fine if it was only a single Darkbeast, but what if this King Rank Darkbeast wasnt all alone like the Earth Bear King and had a large group of lackeys

“Little Fellow, what sort of Darkbeast doesnt have to fear you” Yang Ye turned his head around as he asked the violet mink that sat on his shoulder.

He had to ask this question, otherwise, he would lack confidence in his heart.

The violet mink blinked, thought for a moment, and then it pointed its little claw towards the sky before pointing it to the ground.

In the end, it stretched out a single paw.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched when he saw this, and he gulped down a mouthful of saliva before he said, “Youre saying that only five types of Darkbeasts in the heavens and the earth dont have to fear you”

The violet mink nodded.

“So, in that way, besides those five types of Darkbeasts, there are no other Darkbeasts that you cant deal with Right, I mean those that arent of too high ranks.”

The violet mink thought for a moment and felt that it hadnt left anything out, so it nodded again.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he said in an extremely serious manner, “Little Fellow, dont start boasting with me, otherwise, if I offend an extremely formidable Darkbeast, then the both of us will be doomed!”

The violet mink was extremely displeased by Yang Yes doubt, and it clawed fiercely at Yang Yes hair.

Yang Ye rubbed the violet minks little head, then he didnt continue speaking about this topic, and he started walking forward instead.

Now, he was much more confident in his heart.

At this moment, besides feeling confident, Yang Ye was extremely shocked.

Only five types of Darkbeasts in the entire heavens and the earth had to fear the little fellow! What did that mean Just thinking about it terrified Yang Ye.

In short, no matter what, hed found a treasure this time!

Clip clop! Clip clop! Clip clop!

Suddenly, the sound of horse hooves resounded from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stopped moving and turned around to look into the distance.

In his field of vision, a group of 100 cavalries had appeared.

Yang Ye was astounded when he saw these cavalries because they were obviously human, and they were actually riding fourth rank Darkbeasts, Windbreaker Horses.

Windbreaker Horses were fourth rank Darkbeasts that didnt possess any combat strength, yet their speeds were extremely swift.

According to rumor, a top-grade Windbreaker Horse could tear wind apart at its top speed.

In the entire southern territory, only a single power possessed Windbreaker Horses, and it was the Grand Qin Empire.

It wasnt that the other powers were unable to utilize them, but they had no need of them.

However, Yang Ye was puzzled about why this group of cavalries from the Grand Qin Empire would make an appearance in the Grand Myriad Mountains

Right when Yang Ye was bewildered, these over 100 cavalries had already arrived near Yang Ye.

When the golden armored middle aged man in the lead saw Yang Ye, a trace of vigilance flashed in his eyes.

It wasnt just him, the silver armored cavalries behind the middle aged man had faces covered in vigilant expressions as well.

When he saw this group up close, Yang Ye was visibly moved.

Every single one of these cavalries was experts at the First Heaven Realm, and the cultivation of the golden armored middle aged man in the lead was even unfathomable.

Moreover, the imposing aura of this group of cavalries was obviously tempered through a myriad of battles.

Why would such a group come to the Grand Myriad Mountains Yang Ye felt even more bewildered.

The middle aged man in the lead glanced at Yang Ye with vigilance, and a wisp of surprise flashed in his eyes when he noticed Yang Yes strength.

However, he quickly recovered his calm.

Moreover, he had no intention of greeting Yang Ye, and he just led the group to swiftly gallop forward.

The disciples of the sects frequently came to the Grand Myriad Mountains to temper themselves, so it wasnt rare for a person to appear here.

Yang Ye had no intention of greeting them as well.

It was fine so long as this group didnt come looking for trouble with him because he wouldnt go looking for trouble himself.

However, he still glanced at the carriage at the center of the group with slight curiosity.

It was obvious that this group was escorting this carriage because these cavalries had practically formed a few layers around it.

If anyone intended to launch a surprise attack or approach the carriage, then they had to pass through these cavalries first!


Right when the group passed Yang Ye, the ground trembled while rumbling that was even more terrifying that the sounds of the horse hooves suddenly resounded from the surroundings.

The expression of the middle aged man in the lead changed but he didnt panic.

He raised the golden spear in his hand and shouted.

“An enemy attack! Get into formation!”

As soon as he finished speaking, these cavalries swiftly converged backward and formed numerous layers of protection around the carriage.

After that, their Profound Energy surged while they revealed vigilant expressions.

Yang Ye said in his heart, Shit!

He wanted to flee immediately.

But right after he took his first step, countless Darkbeasts surged out from the surroundings.

These Darkbeasts swiftly formed an encirclement around Yang Ye and this group of cavalries.

Moreover, the impetus they revealed could simply be described as terrifying.

Yang Ye merely swept these Darkbeasts with his gaze before his expression became solemn.

These Darkbeasts had enormous figures, and every single one of them wasnt inferior in size to Grey.

Most importantly, all of these Darkbeasts were actually at the eighth rank and the ninth rank, and there wasnt a single Darkbeast beneath the eighth rank!

“Its the Flameroar Lion Clan! Withdraw your talismans!” When he saw these Darkbeasts, the middle aged man in the lead shouted with a low voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, those 100 cavalries didnt hesitate at all to withdraw a talisman from their pockets, and then they slapped these talismans on their bodies.

Yang Ye noticed that they were Strength Talismans, and they were all at the mid-grade.

Of course, he didnt have the mood to care about how wealthy this group was, and he was thinking about how he should flee.

The few thousands of Darkbeasts only stopped after they arrived a little over 30m away from Yang Ye and the others, and then they roared towards Yang Ye and the others.

Right at this moment, the Darkbeasts before Yang Ye and the others suddenly split towards the sides, and then a curly bearded man walked out from there….


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