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A beam of sword energy shot into the sky while accompanied by a sword howl that resounded through the heavens!


The entire city and everything within it was instantly transformed into powder!

Even the pockets of space that the Fox Queen, red haired old man, and the other Saints created in space had instantly shattered apart.

All of them were horrified and hastily tore space open to flee!

Besides that, the Eye of the Heaven Dao behind Lou Qianyun had actually chosen to flee when Yang Ye drew his sword!

At the same time, Lady who was seated cross-legged on the ground in Immortal Island suddenly opened her eyes, and she raised her head to look in the direction of Sky City.

A moment later, she vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile in Sky City, Lou Qianyuns eyes had instantly opened wide when Yang Ye drew his sword, and there was extreme shock in his eyes as well.

The sword techniques Yang Ye executed were quite strong indeed, but they were like childs play to him.

So, he hadnt taken Yang Ye seriously when Yang Ye intended to execute another sword technique.

However, he was almost frightened out of his wits when Yang Ye drew his sword!

He sensed danger!

Extreme danger!

Lou Qianyun couldnt be bothered about maintaining his bearing.

He immediately waved both his hands, and the spirit energy in an absolutely enormous area instantly surged into him.

In the end, the spirit energy converged on his right palm.

After that, he roared furiously as he slapped it down at Yang Ye!

At the same time, he waved his hands again, and the space around him started overlapping.

Because it was overlapped excessively, the space around him had started to warp strangely.

Moreover, countless rays of violet light surged out from him, and it overlapped and formed numerous barriers around him.


The ground beneath Yang Yes feet instantly started to collapse layer by layer beneath the pressure from Lou Qianyuns attack.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes sword energy had slashed through Lou Qianyuns first attack with absolute ease, and it didnt slow down at all as it shot towards the 2nd energy palm.

When the sword energy collided with Lou Qianyuns 2nd attack, both of them shook violently.

But only a moment passed before Lou Qianyuns 2nd attack exploded into pieces, and the sword energy continued up unobstructed.

It shot into the sky and slammed against the spatial walls in front of Lou Qianyun.


The countless overlapped spatial walls shattered in an instant, and the sword energy shot into the sky amidst a shrill cry and flew far up into the sky.


A mushroom cloud appeared so far away in the sky that it was almost beyond anyones field of vision!


At this moment, the entire prefecture had started to tremble violently.

Countless mountains and areas on the ground throughout Pine Prefecture started to crack apart and collapse while innumerable volcanoes started to erupt both on land and beneath the ocean.

Besides that, tsunamis arose from all oceans throughout the prefecture, and these countless tsunamis soared into the air and enveloped expanse after expanse of the ground before them.

The most terrifying scene was that the spirit energy in the north seemed as if it had been completely extracted, and it had completely vanished without a trace! It wasnt just the spirit energy, even the veins of energy beneath the ground were destroyed at this moment!

In short, it was like the end of the world had arrived in Pine Prefecture!

Sky City….

No, Sky City was actually gone now.

There was only a bottomless abyss left here.

Yang Ye was lying on the ground at the bottom of the abyss.

A long time passed before he slowly opened his eyes, and he hurriedly immersed his consciousness into his body, “Sword Spirit, Sword Spirit….”

He received no reply!

A trace of panic arose in Yang Yes heart.

Fortunately, a weak voice resounded in his mind, “I… Im fine….”

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he heard her, and then he quickly cried out, “Tiny… tiny vortex….”

A moment of silence ensued, and then the tiny vortex revolved slightly.

Yang Ye heaved another sigh of relief at the sight of this.

Both the Sword Spirit and the tiny vortex were fine!

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes lips.

However, hed just wanted to stand up when he noticed to his astonishment that he was actually unable to move.

He hurriedly inspected his body, and quite some time passed before he laughed bitterly.

The Sword Spirit and tiny vortex were fine, but he wasnt.

At this moment, it was just his profound energy that had been completely exhausted without leaving a shred behind, even his entire body had cracked apart.

Besides that, his meridians had cracked apart as well….

The only saving grace was that his cultivation hadnt dropped, and his mind was fine.

Suddenly, he felt something flowing beneath him, and his back felt very hot.

He moved his head to the side and was instantly shocked.

Because it was actually lava! Even though the lava posed no threat to him, he didnt want to be drowned in lava.

So, he forcefully endured the discomfort he experienced and stood up slowly.

Yang Ye withdrew another violet crystal and swallowed it.

A short while passed before profound energy appeared within him again, and the tiny vortex started to revolve swiftly.

After that, countless strands of violet profound energy seeped out from the tiny vortex before spreading throughout his body and repairing it.

A long time passed before Yang Ye finally had the ability to move a little.

He used his sword to fly slowly out of the abyss and arrive above ground.

But he was stunned when he saw the scene before his eyes.

Sky City was nowhere to be found, and the surroundings were covered in rivers of blood and severed limbs.

After he flew out from the abyss, the blood throughout the surroundings suddenly shot into the sky and surged into him.

In the end, all of it was completely absorbed by the Heart of Slaughter.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the blood, and he just searched incessantly throughout the surroundings.

Wheres Lou Qianyun

Even though that attack of his could even destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao, Lou Qianyun was at the Emperor Realm! He was an existence who surpassed the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

Yang Ye scanned the surroundings for a long time before he finally looked up into the sky, and then his eyes suddenly narrowed.

He ascended slowly on his sword.

Quite some time passed before Yang Ye stopped, and there was a man standing around 30m away from him.

It was Lou Qianyun! Lou Qianyuns body was ethereal while his eyes seemed lifeless.

It seemed like he was stunned on the spot.

Lou Qianyun raised his head slowly upon noticing Yang Yes arrival, and he just gazed at Yang Ye.

A short while passed before he laughed with misery, “I, Lou Qianyun, cultivated for thousands of years and waited patiently for a thousand years.

Finally, I had the luck to attain the Emperor Realm.

I should have left freely to explore the wonders of the outside world, but I never imagined that I would die in a world that has no Emperors, and I never ever imagined that it would actually be a Half-Saint who killed me.”

Yang Ye didnt speak.

He just formed an intent sword in his grasp, and then he strode through the air towards Lou Qianyun.

In his opinion, speaking right now was an utter waste of time.

Since Lou Qianyun wasnt completely dead, then he should send Lou Qianyun off.

“Yang Ye, you think youve already won” There was a savage smile on Lou Qianyuns face as he said, “Just take a look at the world around you.

Youve slashed it apart.

Countless spirit veins and veins of earthen energy beneath the ground have been destroyed.

It wont be long before the spirit energy throughout this prefecture dries up.

It doesnt just end there.

Now that the veins of earthen energy are gone, lava will start seeping up into this world.

It wont even take 100 years for Pine Prefecture to be transformed into a world that isnt suitable for humans or demons.”

Yang Ye said, “So, youre saying that I should have just let you kill me and not fight back”

“Yang Ye, your actions have defied the heavens.

Even though youve killed me, allow me to tell you that this world wont let you live.

Not only will the Heaven Dao of this world not allow you to remain alive, even the guardians of the Radiant Dimension wont let you live.

Yang Ye! Just you wait! Wait for that day which you die!”

Lou Qianyuns figure started to disperse slowly once he finished speaking.

Meanwhile, the Sword Spirits anxious voice resounded in Yang Yes mind, “This isnt good! Emperors have a chance to gain new life if even a thread of their consciousness remains! Even though his body has been destroyed, and his soul has dispersed, his consciousness is still intact.

Its very likely that hell seize the body of another to gain new life!”

Yang Yes face fell, “How do I destroy his consciousness”

She spoke solemnly, “You cant.

Your strength isnt at that level.

You cant destroy his consciousness at once!”

Yang Yes heart sank.

Suddenly, a ray of dazzling red light shot out from the tattoo on his chest, and it didnt take long for a wave of suction force to surge out from Yang Yes chest.

“AH!!! AH!!!” At the same time, Lou Qianyuns shrill cries resounded!

It didnt take long for the red light to vanish, and so did the tattoo.

Yang Ye was stunned!

At the same time, the Sword Spirits voice resounded in Yang Yes head again, and her voice was filled with shock and a trace of fear, “That fellow within you ate Lou Qianyuns consciousness.

What… what sort of monster is it”

Yang Ye gulped.

He wanted to know what the Qiong Qi was as well.

The Sword Spirit wasnt the only one who feared it, even Lady who was powerful like a god feared it.

Most importantly, even the tiny vortex had almost failed to trap that fellow.

So, could anyone stop that fellow if he were able to escape

In any case, he was absolutely unable to do so.

However, that fellow would be able to charge out of the seal in a year at most.

The worst part was that Yang Ye noticed that Qiong Qi seemed to have grown stronger upon swallowing Lou Qianyuns consciousness!

Yang Ye felt that he had to find a way to send Qiong Qi away!


Suddenly, an explosion resounded in the sky, and then a huge eye appeared there.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao! Yang Yes face changed drastically, Whats that fellow doing here again

The Eye of the Heaven Daos gaze descended onto Yang Ye.

After that, a pillar of black lightning shot straight down towards Yang Ye!

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched.

After all, how would he resist the Eye of the Heaven Dao now

Suddenly, a woman appeared in front of Yang Ye.

She glanced at him before waving her hand backwards, and the black pillar of lightning was instantly obliterated!

Lady! Yang Ye was stunned, Whats she doing here

Meanwhile, countless flashes of lightning surged abruptly within the Eye of the Heaven Dao, and then almost a thousand pillars of black divine lightning rained down towards both of them!


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