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Yang Ye watched solemnly as Lady twisted her palm slightly before slapping it upwards.


Yang Ye wasnt even able to see what happened clearly, but the pillars of lightning in the sky were instantly obliterated.

The corners of Yang Yes mouth couldnt help but twitch at the sight of this.

Lou Qianyun was an Emperor, and he felt that Lady should be an Emperor as well.

But he wondered why the gap in strength between 2 Emperors was so huge!

Meanwhile, Lady suddenly shot into the sky and arrived before the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

“Leave! Or die!” Lady gazed at the Eye of the Heaven Dao while she spoke in an extremely calm voice, but what she said caused Yang Yes face to twitch.

Thats the Eye of the Heaven Dao! The Eye of the Heaven Dao! Yang Ye was shouting in his heart. She actually threatened the Eye of the Heaven Dao! Whats going on in this world When has the Eye of the Heaven Dao ever been bullied like that

A moment of silence ensued, and then the Eye of the Heaven Dao suddenly exploded!

At the exact same moment, Yang Yes countenance instantly turned ghastly pale because he felt a wave of sharp pain assault his forehead.

He was feeling puzzled by it when Lady appeared in front of him.

She gazed at him while a trace of complicated emotions could be seen in her eyes.

Yang Ye asked, “Whats going on”

She didnt speak and just pulled out a mirror out of nowhere.

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw his forehead in the mirror.

Because there was a罪 character which represented sin on his forehead.

Yang Ye gazed at her with a puzzled expression, “What… what is that”

She pondered deeply for a short while before she spoke, “If there are those who defy the heavens, yet the Eye of the Heaven Dao is helpless against them, then it would instinctively sacrifice itself and brand that person a sinner of the world.

Anyone in the world can kill such a sinner, and the one who kills that person will be protected by the world and receive abundant karmic luck!”

She glanced at him when she spoke up to this point, “Those with abundant karmic luck cultivate without encountering any barriers or difficulties.

Moreover, they possess extraordinarily good luck and frequently receive the blessings of the world.

As for those who are protected by the world, the Eye of the Heaven Dao might descend to help them in a dangerous situation.

Besides that, the Heaven Dao might even exempt them from overcoming their heavenly tribulations in the future!”

Yang Ye was stunned in the spot, and a long time passed before he laughed bitterly, “Based on what you just said, Ill be pursued by everyone, right”

She replied, “Theres even worse news.

Do you want to hear that”

Yang Yes figure stiffened slightly, and then he laughed bitterly, “Go on, let me hear it.

Let me see whats worse than that!”

She spoke solemnly, “Youll be pursued by the guardians of the Radiant Dimension!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Guardians”

“They are the guardians of the Radiant Dimension that defend it from invaders.

At the same time, they kill those who defy the heavens and the sinners of the dimension.”

Yang Ye asked, “Are they very strong”

Lady asked, “Do you know what happened when the guardians found out that the Nether Pavilion had one such sinner”

Yang Ye shook his head.

She continued, “That person died.

Right in front of all the experts of the Nether Pavilion.”

Yang Yes face froze, and quite some time passed before he spoke again, “Im finished!” After all, hed witnessed how terrifying the Nether Pavilion was.

However, even such a terrifying power hadnt dared to resist those guardians.

So, how could he, Yang Ye, fight them The Qiong Qi What a joke! Even though that fellow was strong, could that fellow crush the Nether Pavilion Besides that, he would be the first to die if Qiong Qi was released!

“Dont let anyone find out about that character on your forehead.

Otherwise, no one will be able to save you!” She flicked over a black scarf as she spoke, and it coiled around Yang Yes forehead, “It can stop the divine sense of Emperors.

However, there are countless people with extraordinary ability throughout this world.

I dare not guarantee that no one is capable of disregarding its effects.

In short, its all up to your own luck.

Besides that, you absolutely shouldnt use that sword in the future!”

Yang Ye gazed at the Sword Precursor and asked with a puzzled tone, “Why”

Lady said, “Its at the Emperor Rank, but it surpasses its rank when united with that sheath in your grasp.

Such a divine treasure shouldnt be in this world, and itll definitely draw down the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

Besides that, it might cause countless experts to try and seize it.

You are naturally able to fear nothing in this prefecture, but there are countless in the Central Divine Prefecture who can kill you!”

“I understand!” Yang Ye touched the black scarf on his forehead, and then he looked at her, “Why did you give up that day” He was naturally talking about the tiny vortex.

He didnt believe that the woman had given up on taking it that day.

However, he had no choice but to believe it now.

Because she held no ill intent towards him.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have helped him.

Lady remained silent.

Shes doing it again! Yang Ye shook his head, “No matter what it was, thank you.

Even though I dont know why you want that tiny pagoda of mine, but Im telling you the truth right now, Im really unable to control it.

Moreover, it isnt just a tiny pagoda.”

She gazed at him for a short while before she said, “Return my swords to me!”

Yang Ye was stunned.

But it didnt take long for him to recall something, and he waved his right hand.

The 4 black swords hed taken out of the woman appeared before her.

Hed studied all 4 of them, but he noticed there wasnt anything special about them.

So, hed just put them away.

She waved her right hand, and all 4 of them vanished.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “You… you wont do the same thing to yourself again, right” He still remembered that shed used those 4 swords to nail herself to a wall.

She glanced at him and said, “Wheres that Heavens Gravestone of yours”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned and puzzled by why she suddenly asked about Heavens Gravestone.

Meanwhile, she continued, “It has absorbed too much blood, and its going to evolve.”

Yang Ye was overjoyed, “Thats a good thing!”

She said, “Are you trying to die”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She continued, “It has absorbed the blood of too many experts, including Saints and that Emperor from before.

So, its about to evolve.

However, once it succeeds, youll be the 1st to die.”

“Ive made peace with it!” Yang Ye said, “It wont try to harm me on purpose anymore!”

She shook her head slightly, “Even if it doesnt do it on its own, you wont be able to endure its evil energy and intent to kill.

The Emperor Rank isnt as simple as you think! As for that sword you hold, her intelligence has fully matured and acknowledged you.

Coupled with the fact that it isnt a sword of slaughter, it wont harm you.

However, Heavens Gravestone is a sword of slaughter.

Once it attains the Emperor Rank, then you, its master, will be the first to be impacted by its intent to kill and the evil energy it exudes.

You arent able to resist it at all right now!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, “Then what should I do”

She didnt say another word.

She just walked over to him and tapped his chest.

In an instant, a pillar of blood shot into the sky, and then a blood red sword appeared in Yang Yes grasp.

Yang Ye was shocked to notice that the blood red sword in his hand was completely material.

Moreover, he felt like it was about to struggle free from his grasp!

Suddenly, Heavens Gravestones anxious voice resounded, “Yang Ye, tell your woman that were on the same side now.

Dont let her do anything!”

She gazed at Yang Ye, “Your woman”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words again.

Heavens Gravestone said, “Yes, he said that youre his!”

“Shut up!” Yang Yes face was completely dark.

The womans gaze was still on Yang Ye, and it caused him to feel quite uncomfortable.

A short while passed before he smiled with embarrassment, “I was afraid that fellow would act rashly, so I….”

Lady withdrew her gaze while she spread her hand that was touching Yang Yes chest before striking him lightly with her palm.

In an instant, another pillar of blood shot into the sky.

Lady said, “Dont resist! Ill help you attain the Emperor Rank!”

Heavens Gravestone was overjoyed, “Thank you!”

Heavens Gravestone immediately stopped resisting.

Meanwhile, Lady waved her right hand, and countless strands of blood converged down from the sky.

In the end, all of it entered Yang Yes body and was absorbed by the Heart of Slaughter.

Yang Yes Heart of Slaughter gradually started beating faster and faster, and it stored an immeasurable amount of slaughter intent.

Suddenly, Lady flicked a droplet of blood from the tip of her finger, and it entered Yang Yes chest.

The droplet had only just entered his body when the Heart of Slaughter immediately absorbed it, and then Yang Yes eyes instantly turned crimson red while a wave of monstrous slaughter intent and evil energy surged out explosively from within Yang Ye.

At this moment, the entire sky was blood red!

As for the slaughter intent and evil energy, it could be clearly sensed even from tens of thousands of kilometers away!

Lady suddenly pressed her palm against the top of Yang Yes head, and the evil energy and slaughter intent immediately shrunk back into his back and returned into the Heart of Slaughter.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye gradually started to return to normal.

After he opened his eyes, fear could be seen within them.

Earlier, the slaughter intent and evil energy emanated from his Heart of Slaughter had instantly swallowed his mind, causing him to have the impulse to destroy this world!

He knew that it wasnt Heavens Gravestones intention! It could only be attributed to the fact that he was too weak and was utterly incapable of resisting it after Heavens Gravestone attained the Emperor Rank!

A long time passed before Lady removed her palm, “Ive suppressed all its slaughter intent and evil energy into your Heart of Slaughter.

Remember not to utilize Heavens Gravestone rashly.

Because your Heart of Slaughter contains boundless slaughter intent and evil energy.

Once its released, its sufficient to destroy the world.

At that time, your consciousness and will might be completely eradicated if youre unable to resist it!”

Yang Yes heart shook, and he nodded, “Ill remember that!”

She nodded lightly, “Good luck!”

She turned around once she finished speaking, and she was about to leave.

However, she suddenly turned around to look at him again, “Someone said I was his once.

Do you know what happened to him”

Yang Ye remained silent.

She gazed at him as she spoke, “Hes dead, and he was an Emperor.

What about you”

Yang Ye was speechless.

— End of Book Eight —


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