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Yang Ye didnt want to interfere in the conflict between the Law Faction and the Scholarly Faction because he was just an outside in the end.

However, he hadnt expected that Li Laoguai would actually use Ocean of Clouds Academy to threaten him.

He wasnt acting impulsively by stepping forward.

Hed done so because Li Laoguais words allowed him to realize that if the Scholarly Faction really was driven out of White Deer Dimension, then would it really have the ability to protect Ocean of Clouds Academy

No! Just as Li Laoguai had said, the Scholarly Faction wouldnt even be able to keep itself safe!

He wouldnt have come forward if the Scholarly Faction had someone else, but it was obvious that no one in the younger generation of the Scholarly Faction could fight Feng Qingyi.

At this moment, Ocean of Clouds Academy would rise and fall with the Scholarly Faction!

Su Shihes expression changed when he saw Yang Ye step forward, and he was about to stop Yang Ye.

However, Li Laoguai suddenly roared with laughter, “Good! Yang Ye! Youre brave! Hahaha!”

As he spoke, he waved his right hand and a new arena appeared at the center of the square.

He gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Should we begin”

Feng Qingyi glanced at Yang Ye, and then his figure shook slightly before he appeared in the arena.

Yang Ye was about to head over when Xiao Bieli suddenly appeared in front of him, “Do you know how strong he is”

“I dont!” replied Yang Ye.

He wasnt lying because while he knew that Feng Qingyi was definitely very strong, he had no idea how strong Feng Qingyi was.

Xiao Bieli looked Yang Ye in the eye and said, “Hes very strong!”

Just the fact that he could make a Quasi Emperor speak such words was sufficient to prove how terrifying Feng Qingyis strength was!

Yang Ye looked Xiao Bieli in the eyes and said, “Im willing to give up this opportunity if theres someone else whos more suitable than me.”

Xiao Bieli gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “No matter what the outcome is, I promise you that Ocean of Clouds Academys business is my business.

So long as someone isnt afraid of the frenzied revenge of a Quasi Emperor, then that person can feel free to act against Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

Obviously, he was speaking to the Law Faction.

Meanwhile, Li Laoguai laughed coldly but didnt say a word.

Yang Ye said, “Thank you!” After all, with a Quasi Emperor standing behind it, anyone who intended to act against Ocean of Clouds Academy would have to consider the consequences of such actions.

Yang Ye didnt speak another word, and he immediately flashed up into the arena.

Hed just entered the arena when Li Laoguai waved both his hands, and then both Yang Ye and Feng Qingyi entered the battlefield within a pocket of space.

Feng Qingyi kept his left hand behind his back as he spoke indifferently, “Make your move!”

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp.


A moment later, he transformed into a black shadow that vanished on the spot, and he was above Feng Qingyi when his figure appeared again.

Yang Ye held the Herculean Sword with both hands and swung it down!

Right when the Herculean Sword arrived above Feng Qingyi, a green jade flute struck against the tip of Yang Yes sword.


The Herculean Sword shook violently, and then the space around the point of collision instantly cracked apart.

A moment of silence ensued before Feng Qingyi twisted his right hand slightly.


Along with a clear and resounding sound of collision, Yang Yes figure was blasted almost 300m away.

Moreover, the Herculean Sword was trembling, and there were even numerous cracks on it.

Feng Qingyi said, “Your strength isnt bad, and your control of strength is alright.

Your strength is sufficient to be ranked on the Martial Rankings!”

Yang Ye glanced at the Herculean Sword, and then he pondered deeply for an instant before he put the Herculean Sword away.

He said, “Come, let me see how strong the 21st on the Martial Rankings is!”


A pillar of blood surged up into the sky, and then a blood red sword appeared in Yang Yes grasp.

After that, Yang Yes figure transformed into a ray of blood red light that shot in Feng Qingyis direction.

Feng Qingyi pondered deeply for an instant as he gazed at the blood red ray of light, and then he transformed into a ray of green light that shot forward and smashed against the ray of blood red light.


The entire expanse of space there shook violently, and then countless waves of green and red energy swept out towards the surroundings.

Everywhere these waves of energy passed, the pocket of space instantly cracked apart, and it only took less than half a breath of time for the entire battlefield to be covered in cracks.

It didnt take long for a strand of blood red light and a strand of green light to crisscross within the endless waves of energy.

As these forces collided and cut each other incessantly, the entire battlefield was shaking violently, and it seemed like it would shatter at any moment.

It was truly a shocking sight!

It wasnt just the battlefield, even the arena outside the pocket of space was trembling violently at this moment!

Li Laoguai and Xiao Bieli exchanged glances, and then they stretched out a hand at the same time.

In an instant, the trembling arena became still once more, and the space within the battlefield returned to normal as well.

Meanwhile, the blood red light and green light could still be seen flashing through the battlefield.

An hour had passed since the battle began! Everyone had never imagined that Yang Ye could actually fight Feng Qingyi for an hour!

Moreover, Yang Ye was still just a Half-Saint!

There was hope and excitement in the eyes of the experts from the Scholarly Faction.

Yes, they saw hope at this moment.

Yang Ye was much stronger than theyd imagined, and he was strong to the point of being able to fight Feng Qingyi! Conversely, the expressions of the experts from the Law Faction had turned grim.

Similarly, they hadnt imagined that Yang Ye was actually so trying to the point of being able to fight Feng Qingyi!

However, Li Laoguais expression was extremely calm, and there was a cold smile on the corners of his mouth.

Meanwhile, Han Yus eyes were filled with interest, “This fellow, Yang Ye… is actually able to fight Feng Qingyi, and hes even doing it at the Half-Saint Realm.

Tsk, tsk….”

Lin Yueyins face was covered in shock instead.

She knew Yang Ye was very strong, and shed personally experienced his strength.

However, she hadnt imagined that he would actually be able to fight Feng Qingyi who was ranked at the 21st position on the Martial Rankings.

Moreover, he was even doing it at the Half-Saint Realm! It could be said that Yang Yes strength was entirely sufficient to enter the Martial Rankings!

She pondered deeply for a short while, and then she gazed at Xiao Yuxi, “Yuxi, are you really his wife”

Xiao Yuxi frowned slightly.

Meanwhile, Lin Yueyin added, “You should be aware that youve lost your memories.

In other words, you might have really been his wife before losing your memories!”

Xiao Yuxi replied, “What are you trying to say!”

Lin Yueyin spoke in an indifferent tone, “Yuxi, you should realize that Mo Yuntian isnt just a student of White Deer Academy, hes a disciple of one of the 4 great clans, the Mo Clan.

I admit that Yang Ye really isnt bad, but so what Hes just a rash nobody who has no background.

Do you think White Deer Academy would be able to protect him if the Mo Clan wanted to kill him If it was the White Deer Academy before it split up, then perhaps it could.

As for the current Scholarly Faction, haha… even they are on the verge of being in danger!”

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Lin Yueyin and said, “Elder Lin, one should know their own limitations.

Otherwise, that person might die.”

Lin Yueyins face instantly turned gloomy, and she glanced coldly at Xiao Yuxi and didnt speak another word.

Xiao Yuxi paid no further attention to Lin Yueyin, and she shot her gaze towards the battlefield instead.

At this moment, she could only see a ray of blood red light and a ray of green light crisscrossing incessantly through the battlefield.

It was because their speed was truly too quick to the point that even she couldnt see their figures!


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded in the battlefield, and then the ray of blood red light and green light each shot over 500m backwards.

It didnt take long for the spectators to see Yang Ye and Feng Qingyis figures again.

The experts of the Law Faction were delighted while the faces of the experts from the Scholarly Faction fell.

Because Yang Yes body was actually covered in numerous injuries, and blood was slowly seeping out from those injuries.

In the end, his blood surged into the blood red sword in his grasp.

As for Feng Qingyi, he was completely unharmed, and he didnt seem like hed been in a fierce battle at all!

Yang Ye was in a disadvantaged situation!

A wisp of a cold smile instantly curled up on the corners of Lin Yueyins mouth.

In her opinion, it was best if Yang Ye died in the battle!

In the battlefield.

The slaughter intent Yang Ye emanated dispersed slowly, and it didnt take long for the blood red sword in his grasp to vanish.

In next to no time, Yang Ye had returned to normal.

Yang Ye gazed at Feng Qingyi, and there was an extremely solemn expression in his eyes.

After all, he hadnt been able to harm Feng Qingyi after utilizing Heavens Gravestone, Void Rank sword intent, and Void Rank slaughter intent!

Not only had he been unable to harm Feng Qingyi, hed been suppressed in their battle as well!

Most importantly, Feng Qingyi hadnt even used his full strength!

Meanwhile, Feng Qingyi raised his head and looked up towards the sky.

A short while passed before he gazed at Yang Ye, “Its getting late.

How about we end it with one move”

Yang Ye replied, “Are we deciding life and death in this move”

Feng Qingyi shook his head slightly and said, “My realm of cultivation is higher than yours.

So, I can be considered to be bullying you in this battle.

How about we do this Itll be my loss if youre able to survive my next move, alright”

Yang Ye replied, “Are you that confident”

“Confidence comes from strength!” Feng Qingyi continued, “I have such strength, right”

Yang Ye gazed at Feng Qingyi for a short while, and then he nodded, “Then bring it on.

Let me see how youll kill me with a single move!”

Feng Qingyi nodded lightly, and then he raised the jade flute in his grasp and started playing it.

It didnt take long for a beautiful tune to drift through the battlefield.

Xiao Bielis expression changed drastically when he witnessed this scene, and he howled involuntarily, “The harmony of Crossing The Ocean! Yang Ye! Watch out!”

“Haha! Crossing The Ocean! Hahaha!” Li Laoguai roared madly with laughter, and his laughter was filled with happiness.

Because Yang Ye was about to die!

Yang Ye slowly clenched his right fist tightly.

In an instant, the strength within him surged like a torrent and converged towards his fist!


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