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A head flew off abruptly, and it caused the woman and the remaining black robed man to be stunned.

After a short while, the woman recovered from her shock and glanced deeply at Yang Ye.

She felt that shed still underestimated this man.

Because the speed of this sword strike was something that even numerous First Heaven Realm experts were unable to attain!

The black robed man that remained had recovered from his shock as well, and then he gazed at Yang Ye with terror.

No matter how stupid he was, he knew that the two of them had offended someone they couldnt afford to offend.

The two of them had frequently robbed and plundered others in this area, and they naturally selected targets with weak strengths and had come to the Shang Dynasty Ruins for the first time.

There was no doubt that Yang Ye and the woman conformed to their criterion, but reality….

After glancing at Yang Ye with terror, the black robed man didnt hesitate at all to turn around and flee.

Fight Yang Ye What a joke! He wasnt even able to discern how the young man before him had struck just now! So how the heck would he fight the young man Presently, all he wanted was to grow two more legs and run faster.

Right at the instant that the man turned around, a sword light flashed.

The black robed man seemed to have noticed something, and his eyes opened wide.


His cry stopped abruptly as a golden strand of sword qi pierced through his chest, and it instantly destroyed the vitality within him.

Yang Ye sheathed his sword, and then he glanced at a stone house on the right and said in a cold voice, “Are you still not going to show yourself”

Actually, he knew that they were being followed since a long time ago, and these two black robed men were merely two pawns that this person had sent to probe Yang Ye and the woman.

This person had concealed himself very well, but with the little fellow present by his side, that concealment was merely a joke before him.

When she heard Yang Ye, the woman glanced at Yang Ye with a curious gaze.

She was naturally aware that someone was hiding in the surroundings, but she was very curious about how this man had noticed that person as well.

Because Yang Ye was merely at the Mortal Realm!

Sure enough, as soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, a young man around the age of 20 walked out from the corner of that house.

The young man glanced at the corpses of the two black robed men on the ground, and then a cold light flashed in his eyes.

After that, he turned around to look at Yang Ye and the woman, and a wisp of an unusual expression flashed in the depths of his eyes when he looked at the woman.

His gaze stopped briefly on the woman before he looked at Yang Ye and said in a cold voice, “Your sword is really swift.

Are you a disciple of the Sword Sect”

Yang Ye didnt answer.

He stretched out his hand and pointed at the woman instead, and he said, “Youve taken a living to her, right”

Both the young man and the woman were stunned, and they didnt understand what Yang Ye meant.

Yang Ye sneered and continued.

“Isnt it all because you took a liking to my concubine and werent aware of our ability, so you sent them to probe us Now youve got your answer, right”

A wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed in the young mans eyes from being exposed in such a direct manner by Yang Ye.

But he quickly turned this expression into a smile and said, “Youre overthinking things.

Im Bai Jiang.

I noticed that both of you were new to the Shang Dynasty Ruins and were followed by those two brothers, and thats why I followed you with the intention of lending a hand.

However, now it would seem like my actions were unnecessary.”

“Is that so” Yang Ye smiled, and then he said, “Then now that weve dealt with the two of them, Brother Bao can leave!”

Bai Jiangs smile froze.

After a short while, he smiled and said, “Both of youre new to the Shang Dynasty Ruins, so I presume youre extremely unfamiliar with it.

Why dont we form a group”

Even though he was speaking to Yang Ye, his gaze had been constantly locked onto the woman by Yang Ye\'s side.

Yang Ye looked at the woman and said, “Hes inviting you.

What do you think”

The woman glanced at Bai Jing, and then she stretched out her hand to embrace Yang Yes arm.

She revealed a charming smile and said, “I naturally intend to go with you, my Husband.”

Yang Ye shrugged toward Bai Jiang and said, “Brother Bai, you can leave!”

Bai Jiang slowly clenched his fists together.

Hed been following them for a long time, and he was clearly aware that they werent a pair of husband and wife.

The reason the woman called the young man husband was mostly that she hoped to obtain the young mans protection.

After all, in a place like this where there were no rules and everything was decided by strength, it was impossible for a weak woman like her to survive.

Of course, this wasnt the main point.

The main point was that Bai Jiang had taken a liking to the woman that stood before him.

This woman was simply countless times better than the women hed played with in the past, and that was the reason why hed sent those two subordinates of his to deal with the young man.

However, hed never imagined that this young mans strength would actually be so formidable and would be enough to deal with his two subordinates in an instant.

This caused him to be unable to help but feel slight fear in his heart!

“Could it be that Brother Bai really intends to seize my concubine” Yang Ye spoke with a smile on his face when he noticed the man refused to leave.

Since the young man before him was able to order First Heaven Realm experts around, then the young mans identity would definitely be extraordinary.

He could boldly kill those two black robed men, but he wouldnt be stupid enough to kill this young man for the woman who stood by his side.

Of course, if this young man insisted on making a move against him, then he wouldnt mind sending the young man on his way to hell.

The woman smiled spuriously at Bai Jiang because she herself wanted to see if this young man standing before her would make a move.

Of course, she wasnt interested in this.

She was truly interested in the true strength of the young man by her side.

Even though shed exchanged a blow with this young man called Ye Yang, it wasnt sufficient for her to possess a clear understanding of his strength.

This was the reason why shed concealed her strength.

It wasnt for the sake of feigning weakness to defeat stronger enemies, and it was for the sake of discovering Yang Yes true strength.

As he gazed at the smile on Yang Yes face, Bai Jiang hesitated for a while before he discarded his intention to make a move against Yang Ye.

He wasnt able to see through the young man that stood before him, and the young man was too calm from the beginning until now.

After all, he was an expert at the seventh rank of the First Heaven Realm! However, the young man standing before him didnt reveal even a shred of fear, so he felt that the young man definitely had something to rely on.

When he thought up to here, Bai Jiang forced himself to smile.

“Brother, you must be joking.

How could I, Bai Jiang, be such a person.

Since youre unwilling to form a group with me, then I have no choice but to bid my farewells.

Right, allow me to give Brother a piece of advice.

Its best to keep a low profile!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced coldly at Yang Ye before he turned around and left.

“Keep a low profile” Yang Ye shook his head and smiled.

He looked at the woman and said, “Am I very arrogant”

“Husband was truly extremely domineering just now, and it caused my heart to thump!” The woman spoke in a slightly embarrassed manner.

Yang Ye remained unmoved by this, and he said, “Whats the point of putting on such an act”

“Ive really aroused interest towards you.

Why dont you believe me” The woman spoke in a slightly aggrieved tone.

“Stop!” Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “Lets not talk a bunch of nonsense here.

I told you just now that well split up upon arriving at these ruins.

Now, we should split up.

See you next time.

No, see you never!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and left.

Because he really didnt want to have anything to do with this woman.

After taking a few steps, Yang Ye took a deep breath, turned around to look at the woman that was following him, and then frowned as he said, “Do you really think that I wouldnt make a move against you”


“Can you speak normally” Yang Ye interrupted the woman.

The womans expression returned to normal when she heard this, and then she stared Yang Ye directly in the eyes and said, “You admit to kissing me just now, right”

Yang Yes lips twitched, and he said, “It was you who used me first!”

She said seriously, “My purity has been destroyed in your hands.”

“Are you joking” Yang Ye was angered to the point he almost stomped his foot with rage.

He said, “I merely kissed you once, and I didnt do anything else to you.

So, can you not act so shamelessly”

“Do you know about my identity” The woman said, “Im the younger sister of the current Emperor of the Grand Qin Empire, so Im the Princess Royal of the Grand Qin Empire.

Even though Im merely a princess that isnt thought highly of, but Im a princess at any rate.

Do you understand what I mean”

“You intend to use the Grand Qin Empire to threaten me” Yang Yes eyes narrowed while he spoke in a low voice.

The woman shook her head and said, “Oh my Little Brother, why do you still not understand Since the moment we encountered each other and fled together, both the Grand Qin Empire and the Second Prince of the Darkbeast Empire wont let us go.

Theres no relationship between the two of us, and wed only met each other by chance.

But would they believe that

“Firstly, I spoiled my nephews plans, so he definitely wouldnt let me off.

Secondly, I caused the Second Prince of the Darkbeast Empire to utterly lose face, so hell definitely not let me off as well.

Alright, you surely think that all of this is my problem, and its unrelated to you.

However, do you think the Grand Qin Empire and Darkbeast Empire will let you off If these two colossi make a move, then youll have no chance of survival even if youre a Direct Line Disciple of the Sword Sect!”

Yang Yes face sank when he heard this.

Needless to say, the womans words were extremely reasonable.

If two colossi like the Grand Qin Empire and Darkbeast Empire intended to deal with him, then he, Yang Ye, would really have no chance of survival.

After all, the strengths of both these colossi far exceeded the strengths of the Sword Sect or Flower Palace.

The woman continued.

“So, if we want to survive, then we have to work together.

Only by working together would we have a chance.

In other words, were both on the same boat, and we should help each other and not split up! I know that youre definitely extremely disgruntled in your heart.

After all, this originally my problem, but it has already come to this.

So, what else can we do”

As soon as she finished speaking, the woman gazed at Yang Ye and awaited his answer.

Her original plan was to conceal her identity after flying and live the rest of her life in hiding.

However, Yang Ye who stood before her had made her change her plans.

If this young man was willing to join forces with her, then she wouldnt just be confident in her ability to resolve the dangers they faced, she would even be able to make the imperial household think highly of her once more.

Of course, the precondition to all of this was the agreement of the young man that stood before her!


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