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The top 10 on the Martial Rankings had always been mysterious.

Because most who entered the top 10 of the Martial Rankings wouldnt stay in the radiant dimension, and they would head to other dimensions to train and temper themselves.


Because a world without Emperors didnt pose any threat to them.

So, how could they improve in a world which wasnt able to pose any threat to them Thus, once many attained a certain level of strength, they would choose to leave and temper themselves in other dimensions.

That was exactly why few were ever able to meet such geniuses.

However, everyone throughout the Central Divine Prefecture knew of these monstrous geniuses.

Just like the Saber Monarch, Ye Lingfeng.

There were countless legends about him, and the most renowned one was how hed killed an Emperor outside the Radiant Dimension!

No one knew if it was true, but rumors didnt just pop out of nowhere.

Since such a legend had spread, it proved that even if he hadnt killed an Emperor, hed definitely fought one!

The ability to fight an Emperor was shocking enough!

After all, Ye Lingfeng was just a high-rank Saint!

The gazes of everyone here had descended upon Ye Lingfeng.

Ye Lingfeng wore a white robed, and there was a white cape behind him.

The striking part about him was his white hair.

Of course, the gazes of everyone here wasnt on his hair, it was on his left shoulder instead.

Because his sleeve was fluttering with the wind, and it was completely empty.

Obviously, hed lost his arm!

It aroused the curiosity of everyone because those at the Saint Realm could regrow their limbs, but Ye Lingfeng remained with a single arm.

No one knew why!

At this moment, none of them were interested in the reason.

Ye Lingfengs arrival was undoubtedly like adding fuel to the flame for the experts of White Deer City.

Because Ye Lingfeng had been brought here by Mo Tian.

What was the relationship between Ye Lingfeng and the Mo Clan

That was the question in all their minds right now.


Suddenly, an expanse of white mist appeared in the sky, and then a pillar of light descended to White Deer City.

A violet robed old man who held a white ruler in his hand descended slowly from within the pillar of light.

At the same time, a terrifying aura rained down from above.

The entire world trembled before this aura, and many within the city were even forced down on their bellies.

Of course, the reason they were in such a state was mainly because theyd used all their profound energy to summon the old man.

So, they werent able to utilize any profound energy to resist the pressure!

The aura of an Emperor surpassed the aura of the world!

But it didnt take long for the aura to vanish, and then everything here returned to calm.

After the old mans figure appeared here, Xiao Bieli and all the other students of White Deer Academy immediately bowed to the old man and spoke in unison, “Martial Ancestor!”

Meanwhile, Ye Lingfengs right hand held tightly onto the hilt of his saber while he gazed at the old man.

As for Mo Tian and the others, they revealed solemn expressions.

After all, it was an Emperor! Even though they were confident in Ye Lingfeng, they would be finished if he didnt live up to his reputation.

The old man glanced at the surroundings.

In the end, his gaze descended upon Xiao Bieli, “Bieli”

Xiao Bieli nodded, “Martial Uncle Ying!”

The old man glanced at the surroundings again, and then he said, “I never expected our academy to fall to such a state.”

Xiao Bieli spoke with embarrassment, “It was my lack of ability that caused this.”

The old man shook his head slightly, “The academy shouldnt have been divided into the Law and Scholarly Faction.

The seeds of this calamity were planted all those years ago, and it just ripened now.

Of course, you cant escape blame for the fate of the academy.

Benevolence is a merit of yours, but its a flaw of yours as well.”

Xiao Bieli bowed slightly and didnt refute it.

The old man immediately gazed at Mo Tian right after that, “Is there any chance of reconciliation”

Mo Tian replied, “No!”

The old man nodded, and then he gazed at Ye Lingfeng, “Amongst the people here, there are 4 who feel dangerous to me.

Youre one of them, and your gaze has been locked on me.

I presume they brought you here to deal with me.

Come, let me see how strong the current geniuses of the Radiant Dimension are!”

Ye Lingfeng took a step forward, and then he stretched his right hand forward, “Lend me a saber!”

As soon as he spoke, the sky here dimmed down, and then the spirit energy in a vast area suddenly converged towards him.

In just an instant, a saber that was condensed from countless strands of spirit energy had appeared in his grasp.

The saber wasnt long, and it was only a little over a third of a meter in length, and its width was shorter than a finger!

However, when Ye Lingfeng took it in his grasp, a terrifying aura surged out from within him, and it was like an invisible blade that swept directly at the violet robed old man.

The old man shook the white ruler in his right grasp, and a clear and resounding of a bell swept out from it.


An explosion resounded through the sky.

The old man waved his left hand slightly, and then the sky instantly returned to normal.

“Slash!” Meanwhile, Ye Lingfengs voice resounded, and then a snow white ray of saber energy swept forward.

The space before Ye Lingfeng was instantly shattered into bits.

At the same time, the spectators were astounded to notice that the saber energy was actually spinning like a top as it shot towards the old man.

The space in its path was instantly minced into bits, and even the Laws of the Heaven Dao couldnt immediately restore the damaged space!

Xiao Bieli and the others revealed extremely solemn expressions at the sight of this scene.

It wasnt just Xiao Bieli who reacted in this way, even Mo Tian and the other Quasi Emperors there revealed solemn expressions as well.

Because the might of this attack was something that even they would probably be unable to resist.

Just this attack alone told them that Ye Lingfengs reputation wasnt undeserved!

The old mans face was calm as he gazed at the saber energy.

When it arrived in front of him, the old man tapped the white ruler forward, and a spec of cold light instantly flashed out from its tip.


The saber energy stabbed against the old mans ruler, and rumbling resounded through the sky.

The entire sky was trembling violently, and the space there even cracked apart.

Numerous cracks covered the sky, and it was truly a shocking sight to behold.

Most importantly, the old man had actually been pushed 5 steps back.

Moreover, the saber energy hadnt vanished! It was still pressing down against the old mans ruler!

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly, and he suddenly twisted the ruler, causing a ray of cold light to instantly explode in the sky.


The saber energy was instantly blasted apart by the cold light, and the sight of this allowed Xiao Bieli and the others to instantly heave sighs of relief.

However, the shattered pieces of the saber energy suddenly shook in midair, and then they swiftly converged together before the saber energy shot at the old man again.

A wisp of surprise flashed through the old mans eyes.

But his expression remained calm and composed as he swung the ruler forward, and a ray of white light shot forward and slammed against the saber energy.


A loud explosion resounded in the sky again, and then a terrifying wave of energy swept towards the surroundings.

The space throughout the entire sky rippled violently in its wake.

It didnt take long for the sky to return to calm.

The old man gazed at Ye Lingfeng while a trace of seriousness could be seen in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Ye Lingfeng pondered deeply for an instant, and then he stomped his right foot against the space beneath him.

His figure shot up into the sky while enveloped by saber energy.

Everywhere he passed, space was instantly torn apart! When he was about to reach the old man, Ye Lingfeng raised the saber in his hand and swung it!

There was a solemn expression in the old mans eyes, and he didnt dare act carelessly in the slightest as he raised his ruler swiftly to collide with Ye Lingfengs attack.


The saber and ruler collided, and the entire sky trembled.

They split apart as soon as they collided, and then the old man took a few dozen steps back!

But just a moment passed before Ye Lingfeng suddenly appeared before the old man again, and then he swung his saber again.

Just like that, Ye Lingfeng had swung his saber almost 100 times in less than a breath of time!

Every single swing of his forced the old man back, and the old man was being pushed further and further back by every single collision!

He was completely suppressed!

The countenances of everyone from White Deer Academy had turned pale!

A long time passed before another huge explosion resounded, and then the old man moved almost 300m back.

This time, Ye Lingfeng didnt attack again.

He just moved aside and said, “Theres no enmity between us, so I wont kill you.”

As soon as Ye Lingfeng finished speaking, jet black clouds covered the sky, and then a huge eye appeared in the sky.

The eye had locked onto the violet robed old man.

It was the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

The old man took a deep breath, and his gaze descended onto Ye Lingfeng as he said, “Good! Very good!” As soon as he spoke, a wisp of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

Once he finished speaking, he gazed at Xiao Bieli and the others, “I must leave, or the heavens wrath will destroy the academy.

While Im leaving, the academy still has a chance to survive!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Yang Ye who was engaged in fierce battle with Feng Qingyu, and then he glanced at a certain area in the sky.

After that, he immediately vanished on the spot.

Once the old man left, Ye Lingfeng relaxed his grip, and the saber in his grasp instantly transformed into spirit energy that dispersed into the surroundings.

After that, he turned around to gaze at Mo Tian, “From this moment onwards, I dont owe your Mo Clan anything!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward and vanished on the spot.

All the students of White Deer Academy had despair on their faces.

At this moment, their spirit energy was exhausted.

In other words, they didnt have the strength to fight anymore.

So, how could they resist the experts of the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and the Law Faction

Xiao Bielis face was covered in despair as well, and his eyes were deathly still.

Suddenly, someone cried out involuntarily, “The Eye of the Heaven Dao hasnt left!”

Everyone looked up and noticed that the Eye of the Heaven Dao was actually still in the sky, and it caused them to be stunned. The Emperor has left, so why hasnt the Eye of the Heaven Dao left

Mo Tian and the others were stunned as well. Logically speaking, it should have left! Why is it still here

Suddenly, the Eye of the Heaven Dao gazed at Yang Ye and Feng Qingyu.

A moment later, a bolt of black divine lightning shot out from within it, and it descended towards Yang Ye and Feng Qingyu who were in fierce battle.

Everyone here was stunned once more by the sight of this.

Whats the Eye of the Heaven Dao doing Why is it attacking Yang Ye and Feng Qingyu

Feng Qingyu was stunned when the Eye of the Heaven Dao locked onto her, and then her face became extremely unsightly as if a pile of ** had been stuffed into her mouth!


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