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Violet divine lightning!

What was it It was Divine Lightning of Obliteration!

Not to mention a Quasi Emperor, even an Emperor would tremble before it!

Why has Divine Lightning of Obliteration appeared here

That was what everyone thought right now.

Because there were usually only 2 circumstances that made Divine Lightning of Obliteration descend.

The 1st was when someone tried to destroy the world, like an Emperor descending to the world and carrying out large scale destruction of the world.

Under such circumstances, it was very likely for Divine Lightning of Obliteration to descend.

Because ordinary black divine lightning was utterly useless against Emperors!

The 2nd circumstance was when someone acted in defiance of the heavens or when the Eye of the Heaven Dao was facing a sinner of the dimension that had defied the heavens in the past!

If one was branded a sinner of the dimension by the Eye of the Heaven Dao, then it represented that the person had committed an act that defied the heavens.

Moreover, the Eye of the Heaven Dao had been helpless against that person at the time it occurred.

So, the Eye of the Heaven Dao sacrificed itself to brand that person as a sinner of the dimension!

Since there were no Emperors damaging the world right now, it represented that there was a sinner here!

All of them gazed at Yang Ye!

Yang Ye is a sinner of the dimension

Many people really did have such thoughts, but it didnt take long for them to refute it.

What a joke! Yang Ye was just a Half-Saint! No matter how heaven defying his strength was, how great could it be It was impossible for Yang Ye to render the Eye of the Heaven Dao helpless with the strength that he possessed!

Even though Yang Ye was very strong, he was absolutely not that strong!

But if Yang Ye wasnt a sinner, then why would the Eye of the Heaven Dao send down Divine Lightning of Obliteration

The violet divine lightning was definitely aimed at Yang Ye because it had immediately locked onto him upon appearing in the sky.

The pig-riding young womans gaze had descended onto Yang Ye as well, and so had Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maidens gazes.

Even Nether Maiden couldnt figure out why the Eye of the Heaven Dao would target Yang Ye and even send down violet divine lightning.

Even though Yang Ye really had caused quite a bit of trouble, it wasnt to the extent of offending the Eye of the Heaven Dao to such an extent!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then the ancient sheath appeared in his left grasp.

He sheathed Heavens Gravestone before drawing it swiftly.


A ray of blood red sword energy shot up into the sky while accompanied by a sword howl, and it shot towards the divine lightning.

120 overlapped Heavenrends!

Yang Ye naturally didnt dare to act carelessly.

This bolt of divine lightning was numerous times stronger than the violet divine lightning on Profounder Continent, so how could he dare to act carelessly or underestimate it

The spectators watched as Yang Yes sword energy smashed against the divine lightning.


A loud explosion resounded while countless threads of blood red sword energy shot towards the surroundings.

The sword energy was gone, but the divine lightning was still there, and it was descending at the exact same speed as before.

The experts of White Deer Academy revealed gloomy expressions at the sight of this.

Nether Maiden frowned and was about to help, but Oblivion Maiden stopped her.

Oblivion Maiden didnt say anything, but the pig-riding young woman did, “Thats Divine Lightning of Obliteration.

Youll definitely suffer heavenly wrath if you interfere! I know that you dont care, but youll only complicate things if you act now.”

Nether Maiden hesitated for a moment, and then she gazed at Yang Ye.

Indeed, the Eye of the Heaven Dao would definitely send down 2 bolts of violet divine lightning if she interfered now.

Unless she could destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

Otherwise, it would never end.

But even the entire Nether Pavilion had to give great consideration to a decision like destroying the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

Yang Yes face became solemn when he saw that his sword energy hadnt affected the divine lightning at all.

This time, he didnt dare to hold back at all.

Because it was less than 300m away from him now!

If it were allowed to descend, then White Deer Dimension would be obliterated in an instant!

Yang Ye pressed his sword against the center of his forehead while closing his eyes.

A moment later, his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot, and he was behind the violet divine lightning when his figure appeared once more.

The divine lightning was still descending, but it suddenly exploded apart just 2 breaths of time later and transformed into arcs of violet lightning that swept towards the surroundings.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye waved his sword swiftly.

Strands of sword energy flashed incessantly, and it didnt take long for all the arcs of lightning to be obliterated!

“That sword technique isnt bad!” Meanwhile, the pig-riding young woman suddenly praised, “Physical speed, the Laws of Speed, 2 types of intents, and the speed of that cape of his.

Even Emperors cant look down upon that attack.”

She gazed at Oblivion Maiden and Nether Maiden, and continued, “Whats your relationship with him Why did the 2 of you actually disregard the embarrassment you would suffer and called for help!”

Oblivion Maiden stepped aside to display that it had nothing to do with her.

Nether Maiden glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Friends!”

“Friends” The young woman glanced at her with strong interest, “That really makes me curious.”

Oblivion Maiden glanced at Nether Maiden and remained silent.

After he destroyed that bolt of lightning, another appeared as expected.

This bolt was much larger than the last! Xiao Bieli and the others had just visibly relaxed when they saw it, and they frowned once more!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he gazed at the pig-riding young woman, “Hey, Ill give you 10,000 violet crystals to destroy that Eye of the Heaven Dao, alright We can even discuss a higher price!”

The young woman blinked and said, “Do you think that Im a mercenary”

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he looked up at the divine lightning.

A wisp of ferocity arose in his eyes as he looked at it.

Since he destroyed the Eye of the Heaven Dao on Profounder Continent, he knew that he would be enemies with the Heaven Dao.

It was a problem, a terrible problem.

But he had no other choice!

The Heaven Dao hadnt hesitated to destroy the entire continent in order to destroy the defiant cultivators.

As a member of the continent, he naturally had a duty to draw his sword and fight!

Just like this very moment, he had no choice as well!

He didnt want to go against the Eye of the Heaven Dao, but it insisted on his death.

In Yang Yes opinion, if someone wanted to kill him, then he would kill that person; if the heavens wanted to kill him, then he would destroy the heavens!


A sword howl resounded through the surroundings while Yang Yes figure shot up into the air.

A pillar of blood pierced the sky, and it only took an instant for the pillar of blood to pierce through the violet divine lightning.

But that wasnt the end of it.

The pillar of blood didnt slow down and slammed against the Eye of the Heaven Dao!

The expressions of everyone here changed when they witnessed this scene!

Has he gone mad He actually attacked the Eye of the Heaven Dao!Xiao Bielis hands were trembling.

He knew Yang Ye was a madman, but he hadnt expected Yang Ye to be that crazy to the point of even attacking the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

After all, it was the Eye of the Heaven Dao! It represented the Heaven Dao!

Is Yang Ye really trying to defy the heavens

It wasnt just Xiao Bieli who had such thoughts, the pig-riding young man, Nether Maiden, and Oblivion Maidens expressions had changed.

Their eyes carried a trace of shock and disbelief.

Attacking the Eye of the Heaven Dao represented that Yang Ye was going against it, and it meant that he was standing in opposition of the guardians of the Radiant Dimension!

The pig-riding young woman spoke abruptly, “He really is brave!”

Oblivion Maiden nodded in agreement.

As for Nether Maiden, there was worry in her eyes instead.

Meanwhile, the pillar of blood smashed against the Eye of the Heaven Dao.


The entire sky trembled violently while countless rays of blood red sword energy sprayed through the surroundings.

Every single ray of sword energy tore space apart as they shot through the sky.

Countless pitch black rifts instantly appeared in the sky.


Meanwhile, another loud explosion resounded in the sky, and then a figure crashed down from the sky.

It was Yang Ye, of course!

Nether Maidens expression changed slightly.

She flashed over to the Yang Ye and pressed her right palm lightly against his back.

In an instant, Yang Yes figure stopped descending, yet Nether Maidens right hand had turned blood red.

Nether Maiden was shocked by this.

She gazed at Yang Ye and noticed that Yang Yes body had cracked apart, and blood was seeping out from the cracks!

Her pupils constricted as she looked up at the sky.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao was still there, but there were numerous cracks on it.

Meanwhile, another bolt of violet divine lightning slowly emerged from within it.

Nether Maidens eyes narrowed slightly.

She was about to lend Yang Ye a hand when Yang Ye pulled on her arm.

She turned around to gaze at him and saw him shaking his head at her.

He said, “Youve helped me enough.

I cant continue dragging you down with me.

Let me deal with it myself!”

Nether Maiden replied, “Youre still trying to put on a show of strength”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Let me do it myself!”

Fighting against the Eye of the Heaven Dao represented going against the Heaven Dao, so he didnt want to implicate her in the matter.

She gazed at him for a long time before nodding and moving aside.

Yang Ye gazed at the descending bolt of divine lightning.

A short while passed before he relaxed his grasp slightly, and the blood red sword in his grasp instantly dispersed.

At the same time, the slaughter intent and baleful energy he emanated surged back into his body.

Yang Ye gazed at the bolt of divine lightning while a wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes.

He suddenly roared, “Sword Spirit!”


As soon as he spoke, a sword howl shot up into the air.

The spectators in the surroundings watched with astonishment as the violet divine lightning actually cracked apart in midair.

Countless cracks swept throughout it!

This made their pupils constrict!

For the very 1st time, the pig-riding young woman revealed shock as well.

Her gaze was fixed on the sword in Yang Yes right grasp, and besides shock, there was a trace of fear in her eyes!

Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden were in a similar state!

Yang Ye suddenly sheathed the Sword Precursor within the ancient sheath!


Another sword howl shot up into the sky!


The others watched with astonishment as the violet divine lightning was instantly blasted into pieces by the sword howl, and it dispersed into the surroundings….

“Since you want to kill me, then Ill kill you!” Yang Ye\'s voice was filled with ferocity as it resounded through the surroundings!


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