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Not too far away in front of Yang Ye was a completely black ferocious beast that seemed like a tiger, was the size of an elephant, had 2 light golden dragon horns on its head, and a pair of black wings.

It was the Qiong Qi that Lady and the tiny vortex had joined forces to seal within Yang Ye that day!

As soon as Qiong Qi appeared here, the expressions of the white robed old man and the other Emperors had instantly changed.

It had become unsightly and solemn.

Even though they didnt know what that monster before them was, their instinct told them that it was dangerous, very dangerous!

It wasnt just the white robed old man and the others who had extremely solemn expressions on their faces, Yang Ye was the same as well.

Because Qiong Qi was much stronger that he was in the past! Just that roar had almost caused Yang Yes mind to collapse! Most importantly, Qiong Qi had immediately severed the link between them once he emerged!

Yang Ye grabbed Sword Precursors hilt as he gazed at the Qiong Qi before him whose blood red eyes were filled with ferocity.

Moreover, the profound energy and stellar energy within Yang Ye had started to circulate slowly.

Besides the huge increase in his strength, the reason hed dared to summon the Qiong Qi was because he knew that the Heaven Dao and the guardians would definitely not tolerate Qiong Qis existence.

After all, Qiong Qi was from the same place as the defiant cultivators!

Moreover, that fellow really hated the Heaven Dao of this dimension.

Even if the Heaven Dao decided to spare him, he would definitely not spare the Heaven Dao.

Yang Ye was absolutely right.

Another Eye of the Heaven Dao had immediately appeared when the Qiong Qi appeared here, and it was even larger than the last one.

Besides that, the first thing Qiong Qi had looked at one he appeared here hadnt been Yang Ye, and hed looked up at the Eye of the Heaven Dao instead.

That allowed Yang Ye to heave a sigh of relief.

He felt that it was best if Qiong Qi were to fight the Eye of the Heaven Dao and the guardians so that he could take advantage of the situation!

However, Qiong Qi suddenly withdrew his gaze and looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched while he slowly tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword.

Qiong Qi started walking towards Yang Ye, and it made Yang Yes eyes narrow slightly.

Suddenly, the white robed old man in the sky spoke abruptly, “A ferocious beast….

Youre that ferocious beast which came to this world with those defiant cultivators all those years ago.

I never expected that survivors still existed in this dimension.

Its fine, Ill just deal with you today as well.”

As soon as the white robed old man finished speaking, one of the Emperors by his side immediately transformed into a huge golden beam of light that shot at the Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi stopped, moved his gaze away from Yang Ye, and looked up at the golden beam that was coming at him.

A ferocious expression flashed through his eyes before he roared with fury and transformed into a black ray of light that shot up into the air.


Yang Ye, the white robed old man, and the others watched with astonishment as the golden beam of light dispersed in an instant.

A loud explosion and a muffled grunt resounded in the sky before the golden light and black light fully dispersed.

Both Qiong Qi and the Emperors figure appeared before everyone.

Yang Yes eyelids twitched once more when he saw the scene before his eyes while a drop of cold sweat couldnt help but appear on his forehead.

Qiong Qi was still there, and so was the Emperor.

However, that Emperors head was missing, and it was in Qiong Qis claw.

Qiong Qi had killed that Emperor in an instant, and hed done so with such ease!

Yang Ye felt that it was too much for him to fathom.

After all, when had Emperors become that weak

The white robed old man and the others revealed unprecedentedly solemn expressions!

Qiong Qi tossed the head into his mouth, took a few bites, and then spat it out, “The ants of a lowly world like this one are truly disgusting.”

He suddenly turned around to gaze at Yang Ye and said, “Your flesh should be not bad!”

Yang Ye refused to show weakness!

He looked up at Qiong Qi and spoke indifferently, “Im afraid your teeth might not be strong enough!”

“Let me try!” Qiong Qi was about to attack once he finished speaking, and Yang Ye was prepared to draw his sword.

However, a bolt of violet divine lightning suddenly emerged from the Eye of the Heaven Dao in the sky, and it descended in Qiong Qis direction.

Qiong Qi moved his gaze away from Yang Ye and looked up at the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

His eyes were filled with disdain as his figure transformed into a ray of black light that slammed against the divine lightning.


The divine lightning was instantly obliterated! It simply seemed as if it had never appeared here!

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched slightly. That fellow is beyond strong!

Qiong Qi hadnt stopped there.

His figure shot up with the intention of colliding with the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

“How dare you!” The white robed old man roared furiously and slapped his palm at Qiong Qi from afar.

An energy palm immediately descended from above and smashed down in Qiong Qis direction.

A wisp of astonishment arose in Yang Yes eyes because he noticed that there were at least 10,000 energy palms overlapped in that palm attack!

The energy palm struck against Qiong Qis body.

The sky shook violently while the space in the surroundings was about to shatter.

However, for some unknown reason, the space there instantly returned to normal.

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that the space there had grown even stronger.

Even the true form of Heavenrend might not be able to damage the space there at this moment!

The white robed old mans eyelids twitched at the sight of this, and there was a trace of shock in his eyes.

He didnt continue looking down on Qiong Qi and immediately gave the order, “Kill that beast first!”

As far as the white robed old man was concerned, Yang Ye naturally couldnt compare to Qiong Qi.

Moreover, Qiong Qi posed the greatest threat to him.

So long as he dealt with Qiong Qi, then wouldnt dealing with Yang Ye be as easy as waving his arm

As soon as the white robed old man gave the order, the other 8 Emperors behind him attacked simultaneously and shot towards Qiong Qi.


The joint attack of 8 Emperors instantly slammed Qiong Qis figure down from the sky.

But it didnt take long for him to charge up once more, and then his figure expanded incessantly.

He was around 10 times larger than before when he arrived in the sky again.


An Emperor was struck by his figure and instantly transformed into a ray of light that flew off into the distance.

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that Emperor had been instantly blasted into a pile of mush.

Yang Ye gulped. Can the true form of Heavenrend really kill that fellow Yang Ye was very confident earlier, yet now….

After he grew larger, Qiong Qis strength had simply multiplied.

Anyone he slammed against was practically killed in an instant.

Even the strongest in the group, the white robed old man, didnt dare to go head-on against Qiong Qi!

The most terrifying part about Qiong Qi wasnt his physical strength, it was his claws and teeth.

They were so sharp that they could tear through space with ease.

In less than 15 minutes of time, 5 Emperors had fallen!

Yang Ye was horrified by the sight of this.

He wanted to flee, but there was a problem.

Where could he go Moreover, he noticed that Qiong Qis aura was constantly locked onto him.

So long as he dared to flee, Qiong Qi would definitely charge at him.

Even though Yang Ye was very quick, his speed was nothing before Qiong Qi!

Meanwhile, the Eye of the Heaven Dao suddenly opened its eyelids, and then a bolt of violet lightning which stretched for almost 3km descended from the sky.

It was extremely swift and slammed against Qiong Qis body in just an instant.


Qiong Qis figure crashed down from midair, but he stopped after just falling around 1km.

Yang Ye noticed that there were over a dozen injuries on Qiong Qis body, and the sight of this allowed Yang Ye to heave a sigh of relief. Luckily, that fellow isnt invincible!

It made sense.

After all, there were 9 Emperors and the Eye of the Heaven Dao, so it would be truly unbelievable if Qiong Qi was completely unharmed before such a force.

Even though Qiong Qi was injured, 6 of those guardians were dead now!

6 Emperors!

An absolutely terrifying number!

Qiong Qi didnt continue attacking, and the white robed old mans group didnt attack as well.

But the Eye of the Heaven Dao hadnt stopped and sent down another bolt of violet divine lightning.

This time, it was around 6km long.

As soon as it appeared in the sky, the space in an area of 50,000km around it had started to tremble violently!

Ferocity flashed into Qiong Qis eyes as he shot up once more into the sky, and he raised his claw and slammed it against the divine lightning.


This time, the divine lightning didnt vanish.

It just shook violently and cracked apart.

A moment later, Qiong Qis other claw slammed against it.


The divine lightning shattered into pieces, but Qiong Qi was also blasted around 1km downwards!

Yang Ye noticed that there was a wisp of scarlet red blood on the corner of Qiong Qis mouth.

Hed been injured!

If Qiong Qi was willing to work together, then Yang Ye wouldnt mind lending Qiong Qi a hand.

However, Qiong Qis aura was still locked onto him even until this very moment.

So, how could Yang Ye dare to help Qiong Qi After all, that fellow would immediately turn his claws on Yang Ye once the guardians were dealt with!

“Attack!” Meanwhile, the white robed old man spoke abruptly, and then the 4 of them dived down in Qiong Qis direction.

“Fuck off!” Qiong Qi roared with fury and slapped his right claw upwards.


The space around his claw shook violently as his claw tore straight through space and slammed against one of the Emperors in the sky.

That Emperor was instantly obliterated.

“Retreat!” Suddenly, a voice that carried an ancient aura resounded from far away in the sky.

The white robed old man and the others immediately revealed expressions of joy when they heard the voice, and they moved aside.

Even the violet divine lightning which had emerged from the Eye of the Heaven Dao had been sucked back into it.

Yang Ye noticed that Qiong Qi had a solemn expression on his face.

It didnt take long for an aged and ancient aura to appear here, and then a grey robed old man with a hunched back appeared in the sky.

Yang Yes pupils constricted because the old man felt simply unfathomable to him!

At the same time, the tiny vortex started to spin madly!

It was a warning!

The tiny vortex felt threatened!

Is he above the Emperor Realm

The grey robed old man glanced at Yang Ye, and then his gaze descended onto Qiong Qi, “A ferocious beast from outside our region….

Your strength isnt bad.

I just happen to lack a mount.

Are you willing to submit to me”

“Roar!” Qiong Qi transformed into a ray of black light that shot up into the sky in the old mans direction.

That was his answer!

“Perhaps I would fear you if you were at your prime.

However, you dont even have a fifth of your full strength right now, yet you dare to act presumptuously before me” As soon as the old man finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and tapped his finger forward.

It seemed like his finger possessed boundless energy, and Qiong Qi immediately howled with pain upon colliding with the old mans figure.

After that, Qiong Qis figure crashed down from midair and slammed into the ground.

But it didnt take long for Qiong Qis figure to emerge from beneath the ground.

However, his skin had cracked apart.

The grey robed old man was about to attack again, but he suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I should deal with you first.

Someone branded with the blood sentence will only bring calamity if allowed to live.”

As he spoke, he suddenly frowned while his gaze descended onto the scarf on Yang Yes forehead which Lady had given to him.

The old man pondered deeply for a moment before flicking a ray of bright light at Yang Ye, and it blasted the scarf apart before Yang Ye could even react.

At the same moment that the scarf shattered, Lady who was seated cross-legged in a palace on Immortal Island in the Zither of Love had suddenly opened her eyes!


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