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As soon as the scarf was destroyed, the罪 character on Yang Yes forehead instantly appeared before the grey robed old man and the others.

Their eyes instantly narrowed slightly at the sight of it, and there was a trace of shock in their eyes.

Obviously, they hadnt expected that Yang Ye wasnt just branded with a blood sentence, he was even a sinner of the dimension!

The grey robed old man gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “A blood sentence and a sinner of the dimension….

Youve truly surprised me.”

Yang Ye didnt speak.

The profound energy and stellar energy within him was circulating madly as he held tightly onto Sword Precursors hilt.

The energy within him was accumulating madly, causing the space around him to start rippling soundlessly.

Even though the old mans strength felt unfathomable to him and wasnt something he could resist, Yang Ye refused to stand by idly and wait for death to arrive.

In his opinion, he had to fight regardless of whether he could win the battle!

“Do you know how laughable you are” The grey robed old man spoke abruptly when he noticed that Yang Ye was accumulating strength, “That sword of yours isnt bad.

Even though your cultivation is low, your strength is passable.

Your strength is barely sufficient when that sword of yours is included.

However, trying to kill me is like an ant proclaiming its intent to kill an elephant.

Its ignorant and laughable!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to the grey robed old man, and he turned around to look at Qiong Qi instead, “You have 2 choices right now.

The 1st is to wait for me to die, and then die.

The 2nd is to join forces with me and kill them.”

Qiong Qi gazed at Yang Ye in silence.

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and pointed a finger at the Eye of the Heaven Dao, “Both of our existence isnt tolerated by the Heaven Dao.

We can be considered to be the same to a certain extent.

Now, well have a chance to survive if we join forces.

Otherwise, both of us will be finished!”

“How laughable!” Meanwhile, the grey robed old man revealed a wisp of ridicule on the corners of his mouth.

It simply seemed like he was looking at 2 ants discussing how to kill an elephant.

Qiong Qi glanced at the old man, and then he turned around to look at Yang Ye, “Get on!”

Even though he was arrogant, he was no fool.

The current situation wasnt something that he could resist on his own.

Just like Yang Ye had said, they would have a chance at survival if they joined forces.

Otherwise, both of them would die.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he heard Qiong Qi, and then his figure shot onto Qiong Qis back.

Qiong Qi suddenly said, “Well destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao first!”

“Why arent we killing that old man first” Yang Ye was puzzled.

The grey robed old man was the strongest amongst the people here.

So long as they dealt with him, the others wouldnt be much of a threat.

“Hes just a clone!” Qiong Qi continued, “We have to destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao and charge out of this dimension.

Otherwise, once his true body arrives, then we will definitely die unless Im able to regain my peak strength.”

A clone! Yang Yes pupils constricted.

He hadnt imagined that the old man was actually just a clone! Even a clone was so strong, so he could only guess how terrifying the old man really was!

Qiong Qi instructed, “Hang your sword on your waist and hold onto my horn with your left hand.

Draw your sword and strike once Ive charged up to the Eye of the Heaven Dao.”

Yang Ye replied, “I can do that on my own!”

Qiong Qi explained, “The Eye of the Heaven Dao is nothing but trash.

We have to break through the barrier of this dimension in one go and leave this stellar region.

Otherwise, therell be no end to their forces.”

“So thats why!” Yang Ye nodded, “Then lets do it!”

“Do it my ass!” Qiong Qi spoke angrily, “Your body cant endure my speed and strength at all.

You have to strengthen your body with stellar energy.

Otherwise, youll be torn into pieces as soon as I start charging.”

Yang Ye was quite embarrassed, and he hurriedly drew down stellar energy into his body.

After he strengthened his body with stellar energy, Yang Ye hung his sword on his waist and grabbed tightly onto its hilt with his right hand while his left hand held tightly onto Qiong Qis horn.

He said, “Lets do it!”

“How laughable!” Meanwhile, the grey robed old man suddenly appeared below the Eye of the Heaven Dao, “Come! Let me see how you ants are going to destroy the Eye of the Heaven Dao right in front of my eyes.”

Yang Ye asked, “What should we do”

“Crush them both!” As soon as Qiong Qi finished speaking, he slammed his claws against the ground and shot upwards.

At the exact same instant that Qiong Qis figure charged upwards, Yang Yes eyes had instantly opened wide.

After that, he felt like his entire body was being dragged apart by a myriad of horses.

His entire body hurt!

“Draw your sword!” Suddenly, Qiong Qis voice resounded in Yang Yes mind.

Yang Ye shuddered and quickly drew his sword.

As soon as he swung his sword, Qiong Qi and him had just arrived before the grey robed old man.

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly as he slapped his palm against Yang Yes sword.


A loud explosion resounded.

The white robed old man and the others watched with astonishment as the grey robed old mans arm was instantly severed.

The grey robed old mans expression changed drastically because hed never imagined that the joint forces of these 2 ants would actually be so formidable! If he hadnt dodged at the critical moment, then he would have been slashed into 2!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye and Qiong Qi didnt slow down at all as they charged towards the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao noticed that danger was approaching, and it immediately emanated a ray of dazzling light before a bolt of violet divine lightning flashed out from within it.

However, it was instantly sliced up like paper when it came into contact with Yang Yes sword!

After slicing through the bolt of divine lightning with ease, Yang Ye and Qiong Qi instantly arrived before the Eye of the Heaven Dao, and then Yang Ye swung his sword at it!


The entire sky shook violently, and then the Eye of the Heaven Dao exploded into pieces.

It transformed into countless specks of energy that rained down from the sky.

However, Yang Ye and Qiong Qi still didnt stop moving.

They transformed into a ray of violet light that shot towards the distance.

The true form of Heavenrend coupled with both Qiong Qis speed and strength caused its might to be entirely capable of obliterating the world.

It could be said that the true form of Heavenrend which hed just executed was countless times stronger than any of the times hed executed it in the past.

That was exactly why the grey robed old man had almost been killed in an instant!

As for the Eye of the Heaven Dao, it was shattered with ease.

Most importantly, the energy of Yang Yes Heavenrend hadnt dispersed yet!

“Stop them!” Meanwhile, the grey robed old mans voice resounded, and then 3 of the Emperors at the side shot off in Yang Ye and Qiong Qis direction.

However, they noticed to their astonishment that they couldnt catch up at all.

They could only watch as Qiong Qi shot forward explosively while carrying Yang Ye who was holding his sword up high.

Actually, even if they could catch up, they wouldnt dare to obstruct Yang Ye and Qiong Qis path.

The current state that man and beast were in was something that could kill Emperors like dogs.

10 breath of time later.


A loud explosion resounded far away in the sky, and then a large hole appeared in the distant sky.

The grey robed old man and the others had utterly gloomy expressions on their faces.

Because the barrier around this dimension had been breached! What was a dimensional barrier It was a barrier that stopped the inhabitants of a world from entering outer space.

Those at the Emperor Realm could leave the dimension they were from, but they had to overcome their heavenly tribulation and obtain the Heaven Daos permission to leave.

In other words, the dimension barrier would only open up for Emperors and allow them to leave a world.

Yet now, it wasnt the Heaven Dao that had opened the barrier, and the barrier had been broken open by force!

In other words, until the barrier was repaired, many who hadnt attained the Emperor Realm could leave the dimension at any time.

Of course, those without sufficient strength would be courting death by leaving the Radiant Dimension.

In the sky.

As soon as a hole was blasted open in the barrier, a finger that was covered in wrinkles suddenly appeared and tapped Qiong Qis body.


Qiong and Yang Ye instantly crashed down from the sky, and it only took a few moments for them to slam into the ground.

But it didnt take long for them to charge out from beneath the ground.

However, both Yang Ye and Qiong Qis bodies were covered in injuries.

Yang Ye was the one with the heaviest injuries.

This time, he was simply crippled.

The skin throughout his body had cracked apart….

In short, it was almost similar with the injuries hed suffered after the first battle at the Thousand Crane Sect.

The only difference was that he was awake.

Of course, he wished he could fall unconscious.

Qiong Qi wasnt in a better state.

His scales had crackled apart.

Especially his head, there was a bloody hole there which had been pierced open by the finger from before!

Both of them looked up into the sky, and they saw an old man walking slowly through the hole in the sky.

The old mans appearance was actually exactly similar to the grey robed old man!

When the grey robed old man saw this old man, he instantly transformed into a ray of light that entered the old man in the sky.

Qiong Qi said, “Thats his real body!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly while the tiny vortex within him was revolving.

A short while passed before the old mans gaze descended onto Yang Ye and Qiong Qi, “I never expected that 2 abnormalities like you would have appeared in this dimension.

You killed guardians and destroyed the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

Both of you are quite capable indeed! I intended to kill both of you right away, but that would be meaningless.

So, Im going to extract your souls, hang them before the barrier of this dimension, and allow both of you to suffer the pain of having your souls burned by the sun for eternity!”

The old man didnt waste another bit of his breath.

He immediately stretched out his right hand and waved it downwards, causing an emaciated palm to instantly appear in the air above Yang Ye and Qiong Qi.

Right when Yang Ye was about to utilize the tiny vortex to fight to the death, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

That figure raised her hand and tapped it upwards!


The old mans palm instantly exploded into bits.


It was Lady!

The old man frowned when he saw her, “An Emperor in the world of mortals….

I never expected another abnormality to exist in this dimension.

Fine, Ill deal with all of you at the same time!”

The old man was about to attack once he finished speaking.

However, Lady suddenly stretched out her hand towards the sky and said, “Peacekeeper!”

As soon as she spoke, a ray of white light suddenly tore through the starry sky from far away outside the Radiant Dimension, and it obliterated anything in its path.

In next to no time, a ray of white light descended from the sky and entered Ladys grasp.


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