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Yang Yes face was calm.

He kept his left hand behind his back as he gazed calmly at Yuan Fengs group.

Actually, his gaze should be described as indifference.

It was like Yuan Feng and the others were ants.

Nan Shuang was staring fixedly at Yang Ye from behind him, and she was slightly stunned.

“Kill him!” Meanwhile, Yuan Feng spoke abruptly.

He naturally wouldnt allow himself to be scared by a Half-Saint!

The experts from Wolf Soul Mercs that were charging earlier didnt hesitate to charge once more at Yang Ye.

Suddenly, Yang Ye flipped his palm, and an intent sword appeared in his grasp.

Everyone here was stunned at the sight of it, and those experts who were charging at Yang Ye had stopped again.

It was Void Rank sword intent!

They werent ordinary people, so they naturally discerned that the sword in Yang Yes grasp had been formed with sword intent, and it was even Void Rank sword intent.

Meanwhile, Nan Shuangs eyes grew even wider.

Obviously, she hadnt expected that Yang Ye actually possessed Void Rank sword intent!

Yuan Feng gazed at Yang Ye for a short while and said, “Void Rank sword intent.

I see that I misjudged you.

But youre only a Half-Saint, so Im really quite curious about how youll stop keeping a low profile.

If you intend to use your identity to scare us, then I advise you not to waste your breath.

Youll have to die even if youre a disciple of the World Devastator Cult.”

As far as Yuan Feng was concerned, Yang Ye was definitely not an ordinary person as hed been able to comprehend Void Rank sword intent while at the Half-Saint Realm.

However, it made his desire to kill Yang Ye grow stronger instead.

If one offended someone from a power which one couldnt afford to offend, then it was best to annihilate that person and put an end to all future problems if ones strength allowed it! Because if one didnt do that, it would truly cause one to face endless future troubles! It was even to the extent of causing one to face absolute calamity.

However, he still had some fears because people with extraordinary backgrounds definitely had trump cards.

So, Yuan Feng had decided to let Yang Ye attack first and avoid being caught off guard.

Even thought he was a Quasi Emperor, he always sought to act as carefully as possible! Because caution was the reason that hed been able to survive until now!

Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Feng and the others, and then his gaze descended onto Yuan Feng, “Ill kill you with a swing of my sword!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Feng and the others roared with laughter, and their laughter was filled with ridicule.

Nan Shuang shook her head as well, and she took 2 steps away from him and acted like she didnt know him.

A Half-Saint killing a Quasi Emperor!

It wasnt unprecedented, but those capable of accomplishing that were the best peerless geniuses of a world.

Nan Shuang glanced at Yang Ye.

Was Yang Ye a peerless genius Of course not.

If he was, then how could he be just a Half-Saint After all, while she was many years younger to him, she was a high-rank Saint.

But Yang Ye was just a Half-Saint!

During this period shed been with Yang Ye, she knew that Yang Ye was quite fond of bragging, but she hadnt expected him to be so good at it!

Yuan Feng first felt slightly stunned when he heard Yang Ye, and then he chuckled, “Im really very curious.

Im very curious about how youll kill me with a single swing of your sword.

Come, let me see how you do it!”

With Yuan Fengs discerning ability, he was naturally able to discern that Yang Ye was injured, and they were quite heavy injuries as well.

Yet an injured Half-Saint had spoken about killing him with a single swing of the sword!

Yang Ye spoke furiously, “You dont believe me”

“I do! I believe you! Come, Ill give you a chance.

Let me see how you kill me!” Yuan Feng chuckled while he looked down on Yang Ye a little more.

As far as he was concerned, Yang Ye was one of those disciples who had no experience.

Perhaps the power which stood behind him was quite strong, but Yang Ye himself was incompetent.

“Ill show you right now!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, a circle of light appeared beneath him, and it was slowly moving up and enveloping him.

Yuan Feng and the others expressions immediately changed at the sight of it.

Because it was at Emperor Rank technique at the very least!

Yuan Feng didnt dare act carelessly at all.

He waved his hand and numerous profound energy barriers appeared around him.

At the same time, he slowly clenched his fists while a cold glow flickered on them.

A breath of time passed….

Two breaths….

When the 3rd breath of time passed, Yang Ye suddenly roared with fury.

Yuan Feng and the others eyelids twitched.

But right when they thought that Yang Ye was about to launch the attack, Yang Ye suddenly turned around and wrapped his arms tightly around Nan Shuang, “Flash!”

As soon as his voice resounded, they instantly transformed into a ray of light that entered the area of space in front of them.

They were gone.

Yuan Feng and the others were stunned, and it took them a short while to recover from their shock.

“Shameless bastard!” Yuan Feng roared with fury, and his voice rumbled through the gorge.

Because hed actually been tricked! Hed been tricked again! Moreover, hed been tricked by a Half-Saint!

Since the very beginning, Yang Ye had never intended to fight him, and the only reason Yang Ye had done so was to buy time to execute the Void Flash Sword Technique and escape.

But Yuan Feng had actually acted like a fool and given Yang Ye time to execute the technique!

Actually, besides rage, he felt a trace of shock as well.

Because Yang Ye had instantly escaped the scope of his divine sense.

His divine sense could cover an area of 50,000km!

“Boss, what should we do now” One of the experts by Yuan Fengs side spoke in a low voice.

Yuan Feng pondered deeply for a short while before he spoke with a gloomy expression on his face, “Find them!” He wasnt able to swallow this humiliation!

Deep within a forest.

Yang Ye was lying on the ground while Nan Shuang laid in his arms.

Over a dozen trees around them had been blasted apart.

A moment of silent ensued before Nan Shuang suddenly opened her eyes, and then she pushed against Yang Yes body to swiftly push herself up.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye gasped, and then a wisp of blood seeped out slowly from the corner of his mouth.

Nan Shuang lowered her head, and she instantly gasped when she saw Yang Ye.

The blood on the corner of Yang Yes mouth wasnt the most shocking; the most shocking was the blood on him.

At this moment, his clothes were dyed completely red with blood.

Nan Shuangs gaze descended onto Yang Yes bare chest, and she noticed that it had cracked apart while blood was seeping out from the cracks.

It was absolutely horrifying!

Nan Shuang was stunned for a moment before she hurriedly withdrew over a dozen blue herbs and placed them near Yang Yes mouth, “Eat them….”

Yang Ye glanced at the herbs and shook his head, “They are useless to me!”

As he spoke, he gazed at Nan Shuangs spatial ring because there were energy stones in there.

She noticed his gaze and quickly pulled her hand away.

After that, she glanced at him and spoke softly, “These… these are mine….”

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched slightly, and then he withdrew his gaze and sighed softly in his heart.

He wasnt sighing because she was stingy, he was sighing because he was so unfortunate.

His injuries were already bad, and now theyd worsened from executing the Void Flash technique.

If he were to encounter danger now, then he could only wait for death to arrive.

Meanwhile, Nan Shuang suddenly asked in a soft voice, “Around… around how many extreme-grade energy stones do you need to recuperate”

“10….” Yang Ye was about to say 10 violet crystals.

But when he thought about how precious they were and her attitude towards them, he hurriedly changed what he was about to say, “Err, give me….

No, lend me 3 violet crystals.” Even though just 3 couldnt fully heal his injuries, they could restore around 30% of his strength.

“3 violet crystals!” Nan Shuang eyes opened wide, and she gazed at him and said, “You….


Why dont… why dont you just eat these herbs I… I have a lot of herbs.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

A short while passed before Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, “Just leave.

Those fellows might not let us go, and they might send their forces to search for us.”

Nan Shuang spoke softly, “Then… then what about you”

Yang Ye replied, “This place is cooling.

Ill just lay here for a while before leaving!”

Nan Shuang hesitated for a moment and said, “Then… then Im really leaving, OK”

Yang Ye answered, “Go on!”

She glanced at him, turned around, and left.


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