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When they saw Yang Ye lead the charge, the others who were originally hesitating had immediately stopped hesitating and charged over.

At this moment, they had no way to avoid this! Presently, while they would offend the Dark Sky Sect, they would be able to stay alive now and have a chance at survival in the future.

But if they didnt attack, then they would die right now!

They had no choice but to attack!

Ye Liuyun gazed at Yang Ye.

Shed figured out his intentions earlier.

She knew that he wanted to tie them all together!

Even though she knew about Yang Yes scheme, it was done so openly….

Many others here were aware of Yang Yes intentions, but they had no other choice as well.

Because if they didnt follow Yang Ye into battle, then the members of the Dark Sky Sect would annihilate them.

But if they joined forces, then they would have a chance to survive!

Ye Liuyun sighed softly, glanced at Yang Ye who was leading the charge, and didnt hesitate a moment longer.

She led the Souleater Mercs in a charge at the experts from the Dark Sky Sect.

Once they saw Ye Liuyuns group charge, the Snow Lion Mercs and the other mercenary groups stopped hesitating, and they immediately led their groups forward.

The Quasi Emperors of the Dark Sky Sect stopped hesitating when they saw Yang Yes group attack, and they hurriedly counterattacked.

Because the other experts of the Dark Sky Sect would be slaughtered if they didnt join the battle.

“Kill! Well kill our way out!” The countless people behind Yang Ye roared in unison.

All of them were like desperados, so they were definitely experienced when it came to fighting with their lives on the line.

Especially when they were being led by Yang Ye, their aura was absolutely powerful.

“Get that woman! Get her!” The woman in a blue dress was pointing at Nan Shuang and shouting ferociously.

As soon as she gave the order, countless experts from the Dark Sky Sect charged at Nan Shuang.

However, they were blasted away before they could even get within 30m of her, and then numerous piles of mush appeared in the air!

Nan Shuang gazed at Yang Ye who stood before her and clenched her fists, “I… I can fight!”

Yang Ye turned around to glance at her and smiled, “I know.

Youve killed many people! Hahaha!”

Yang Ye immediately turned around and vanished once he finished speaking.

He was in front of the woman in a blue dress when his figure appeared again.

The woman was horrified, but she was no fool.

Her reaction wasnt slow, and she slammed both her palms at Yang Ye.

A ray of dazzling blue light suddenly erupted from her palm, but it had only just emerged when it was blasted apart by a punch from Yang Ye!

Her pupils constricted.

She swiftly stomped her right foot against the ground and shot backwards.

However, her figure had just started moving backwards when Yang Ye appeared in front of her again, and then his hand clamped down on her throat.

“How dare you!” The white robed old man was furious at the sight of it, and he disregarded the Quasi Emperor who was fighting him and shot towards Yang Ye.

“Kill our way out!” But Yang Ye paid no attention to the old man, and he just held the woman by her throat as he shot towards the distance.

“Kill!” Countless roared with fury as they followed closely behind Yang Ye.

It didnt take long for them to kill their way out under Yang Yes lead.

Some of the independent cultivators intended to leave immediately upon charging out of there, but they hadnt gone far before the experts of the Dark Sky Sect annihilated them.

This made many whod intended to flee to instantly abandon such thoughts.

Presently, they were all together, so their strength far surpassed the experts of the Dark Sky Sect.

But once they separated, they wouldnt be a match for the Dark Sky Sects forces at all!

After they traveled almost 3km away, the experts of the Dark Sky Sect were still following closely behind them, and it made the expressions of many become quite unsightly.

In the beginning, it was just as Yang Ye had said, and they just wanted to leave.

They had no intention to offend the Dark Sky Sect.

However, the Dark Sky Sect insisted on killing them! This made killing intent arise within many of them!

Even though the Dark Sky Sect was strong, even the nicest person had a temper, let alone people like them!

As if he knew what they were thinking, Yang Ye suddenly stopped and turned around to gaze at the experts from the Dark Sky Sect who were pursuing them, “Everyone, killing one or all makes no difference.

Since they insist on killing us, then do we really have to worry about anything else Kill them! Even if we die later, well still have taken a few down with us!”

As he spoke, he raised the woman in a blue dress and tossed her over to Ye Liuyun, “Watch her!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye shot towards the experts of the Dark Sky Sect.

Yuan Feng and the other members of the Sword didnt hesitate to follow Yang Ye.

As for the others, they were slightly hesitant.

But it didnt take long for Ye Liuyun to wave her right hand, and then the experts of the Souleater Mercs hurriedly charged over.

After that, the others from the Snow Lion Mercs charged forward as well.

When they saw all the powerful groups charging forward, the others stopped hesitating and followed the group.

They didnt want to go against the Dark Sky Sect, but the Dark Sky Sect was determined to kill them.

Moreover, many of them people here understood that there was no chance for them to be reconciled with the Dark Sky Sect.

Based on the way the Dark Sky Sect did things, it would definitely not let them go!

Since that was how it was, exercising forbearance and avoiding conflict was stupid.

Meanwhile, the experts of the Dark Sky Sect had gloomy expressions on their faces when they saw Yang Ye counterattack.

Even though the mercenaries and independent cultivators here were nothing worth mentioning, their joint forces wasnt something that the experts of the Dark Sky Sect could resist.

Theyd launched a pursuit when they saw the independent cultivators and mercenaries flee just now because they felt that the independent cultivators and mercenaries merely wanted to flee and wouldnt dare to truly fight and kill them.

Because doing that represented going against the Dark Sky Sect!

However, those fellows had actually launched a counterattack against them now!

Meanwhile, one of the white robed old men spoke in a low voice, “Retreat for now!”

One of the other Quasi Emperors by the old mans side hesitated, “But the Young Miss….”

The white robed old man shook his head, “Retreat for now.

Well decide what to do once the experts of our sect arrive.

Otherwise, all of us will die here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the others with him as he fled towards the distance.

Yang Ye stopped when he saw the white robed old mans group flee, and the others behind him had stopped as well.

Even though the experts of the Dark Sky Sect had fled, their faces were absolutely gloomy.

The Dark Sky Sect!

A Diamon Rank power that had Emperors!

After a moment of silence passed, Yang Ye suddenly turned around and gazed at them, “I wonder what all of you plan to do from now on”

All of them gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Weve killed so many disciples of the Dark Sky Sect, so it will definitely not let us go.

I think that all of you should be very clearly aware of that.”

“Arent you very great” Meanwhile, the woman restrained by Ye Liuyun suddenly laughed with a fierce expression on her face, “What Youre afraid now”

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “I know that your status in the Dark Sky Sect is definitely not low.

However, its best for you to keep a low profile right now.

My temper isnt very good, and I might act rashly.

The consequence of that is that your head will be separated from your neck.

So, think about your head.

Its best for you to keep a low profile.”

She gazed at him.

Resentment still filled her eyes, but she didnt dare to speak another word.

Yang Ye gazed at the others and said, “If all of you dont have a plan, I have one.

I wonder if all of you are willing to hear it.”

Meanwhile, Elder Mo from the Snow Lion Mercs spoke in a low voice, “Please go ahead!”

The others nodded and looked at Yang Ye as well.

While Yang Ye was just a Saint, no one dared to underestimate him.

It wasnt terrifying for a Quasi Emperor to kill a Quasi Emperor, but it was quite terrifying when a Saint killed a Quasi Emperor.

They were no fools.

If someone could kill a Quasi Emperor at the Saint Realm and even do so at such a young age, would that person be ordinary

They would never believe that Yang Ye had no backing!

Yang Ye nodded and said, “The Dark Sky Sect wont spare us, and thats certain.

I think all of you wont be hoping to get lucky as well, right Any one of us or any one of the groups here are absolutely unable to fight the Dark Sky Sect.

So, if we want to live, then we have to join forces.

What do all of you think”

The expressions of many had become slightly off when they heard Yang Ye.

All of them were old geezers whod lived for hundreds of years, so how could they not understand Yang Ye”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “All of you are intelligent, so I wont beat around the bush.

Ive established a group called the Sword Alliance, and I hope that all of you will join it.

Its fine if you dont, and the relationship weve formed from overcoming the difficulties we faced earlier will not fade away!”

Yuan Feng and the other members of the Sword Alliance immediately walked over and stood behind Yang Ye when they heard him.

The others fell silent.

Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun suddenly asked, “Whats the benefit of joining the Sword Alliance Why should we join it”

Yang Ye smiled and patted his chest.

In an instant, a small white dragon emerged from there, and then the spirit energy in the surroundings immediately thickened.

A spirit vein!

The expressions of everyone here changed at the sight of this scene, and they gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief.

Obviously, they hadnt imagined that Yang Ye actually possessed a spirit vein.

It was the same for the others from the Sword Alliance.

But it was naturally an extremely good piece of news to them.

Yang Ye stated, “This isnt that Divine Grade spirit vein, and its just a Saint Grade spirit vein.

I believe that everyone will be able to cultivate much faster with this spirit vein in our possessing.

Thats the benefits.

As for why you should join my Sword Alliance, Ive already explained it.

Well only be able to fight the Dark Sky Sect by joining forces.”

“Even our joint forces wont be able to resist the Dark Sky Sect!” Elder Mo spoke in a low voice, “They have Emperors.

Just a single Emperor is enough to crush all of us.”

The others nodded as well because Emperors were experts who could instill despair in them!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Ill deal with the Emperors!”

All of them were stunned and thought they were hearing things.

Ye Liuyun glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Say… say that one more time”

Yang Ye said, “I said that Ill deal with the Emperors!”

Everyone here was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Nan Shuang spoke softly, “They have at least 3 Emperors.

Can… can you fight 3”

All of them gazed at Yang Ye and awaited his answer.

3…. Yang Ye was in quite the predicament.

If he said he couldnt at a time like this, then it would be quite embarrassing! After all, all of them were looking at him and waiting for his answer!

Yang Ye hesitated for an instant before he waved his hand and spoke heroically, “Its just 3! Thats a piece of cake!”

Suddenly, a terrifying wave of pressure descended from above.

As soon as it did, many comparatively weaker cultivators instantly fell flat on the ground!

It was the aura of an Emperor!

It didnt take long for an old man in linen robes to appear in the sky.

The old man looked down at them while a boundless aura surged out from within him and pressed down upon them.

An Emperor!

“Its an Emperor from the Dark Sky Sect!” The countenances of everyone here turned ghastly pale.

But it didnt take long for them to look at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye felt quite speechless in his heart.


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