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Blood surged out like a fountain from the middle aged mans shoulder!

The middle aged man was shocked.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye swiftly stomped his foot against the space below it and slammed his body against the middle aged man.


The middle aged mans figure was blasted away.

At the same time, Yang Ye stomped the space beneath him once more, and he transformed into a ray of light that slammed against the middle aged man.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from between the middle aged mans lips, and his figure was blasted flying again!

The middle aged man spat out multiple mouthfuls of blood in midair.

This time, there was horror in his eyes.

Because he really was quite fearful of Yang Yes complete disregard for his own life in battle.

After all, his spear was still stuck in Yang Yes chest right now!

Yang Yes countenance was blood red with a hint of paleness.

Obviously, it was a sigh of suffering a heavy injury.

However, Yang Ye was still attacking fiercely, and he was still willing to suffer injuries to injure his opponent!

This time, the middle aged man was truly quite afraid!

The middle aged man had aroused the intent to retreat, but Yang Ye had appeared before him once more, and the blood red sword in Yang Yes grasp rained down upon him.

The loss of an arm caused him to be truly suppressed in battle, and he was practically only capable of passively warding off Yang Yes assault.

He was an Emperor, so he was naturally able to regrow his limbs.

However, it took time! Yet now, Yang Ye didnt give him even a bit of time.

So, not to mention restoring his arm, he didnt even have the time to breathe!

The others on the ground below watched as the middle aged man was pushed back repeatedly while blood sprayed out successively.

Even then, the middle aged man was still tenaciously resisting Yang Ye.

However, all of them could discern that he wouldnt be able to hold on for long.


Meanwhile, a terrifying aura surged out from within the middle aged man.

It surged forward like a torrent and blasted Yang Ye around 100m back.

But when the spectators thought that he was going to turn the situation around, his figure suddenly turned around and vanished into the sky.

After that, his voice resounded from afar, “Good! Very good! Ill remember this.”

Hed fled!

All the spectators were stunned.

Another Emperor had been forced to flee!

However, it was a good thing, no matter what.

At the very least, the danger they faced had been resolved!

“I think its best if you forget it!” Yang Ye suddenly spoke softly in the sky, and then his figure transformed into a ray of light that entered into the space before him.

The Void Flash Sword Technique!

The middle aged man shot a glance behind him once he was extremely far away, and he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw no sign of Yang Ye.

He had quite a gloomy expression on his face, and it was even slightly savage.

Hed never imagined that he would be completely suppressed by a Saint and even almost die.

It was a humiliation to him! An absolute humiliation!

Actually, the main reason hed suffered such a miserable defeat was because hed underestimated Yang Ye a little.

If hed treated Yang Ye as an equal since the beginning of the fight, then he would have absolutely not suffered such a miserable fate.

But he hadnt!

However, that was quite normal because how could an Emperor possibly take a Saint seriously

Not to mention a Saint, even Quasi Emperors were ants in their eyes!

However, hed encountered a freak today!

The middle aged man took a deep breath as he slowly clenched his left hand and killing intent flashed through his eyes.

He naturally didnt intend to just let the matter rest! How would he hold his head up high amongst the other Emperors in the future if he didnt kill Yang Ye

The middle aged man turned around and shot a glance in the direction of Cloudfall City, and a vicious expression flashed through his eyes, “Just you wait!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to turn around and leave.

But his pupils suddenly constricted while his hairs stood on end.

He swiftly turned around and slapped his right palm forward.

At the instant his palm slapped forward, a ray of blood red light had appeared before him.


The blood red light instantly pierced into his arm and left through his shoulder, causing his entire left arm to be sliced into 2.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had appeared in front of him.

“No!” The middle aged mans eyes opened wide and were filled with rage.

“Stop!” Suddenly, a furious shout resounded from afar.

The owner of the voice hadnt arrived yet, but that shout of fury caused the space around Yang Ye to ripple violently.

It was another Emperor!

However, Yang Ye didnt even frown nor did his sword stop at all.

It instantly stabbed through the center of the middle aged mans forehead.


A strand of blood sprayed out from the back of the middle aged mans head while his pupils constricted.

A moment later, the color in his eyes gradually faded.

At the same time, a wave of terrifying spirit energy surged out like a torrent from within the middle aged man.

A huge area in the surroundings was instantly filled with spirit energy, and it simply seemed like Yang Ye was in an ocean of spirit energy.

Meanwhile, Snowy immediately emerged from Yang Yes chest, opened her mouth, and sucked.

The spirit energy instantly transformed into a torrent that surged into her mouth.

As more and more spirit energy was absorbed, Snowys body grew even whiter.

It didnt take long for all the spirit energy here to be absorbed, and then Snowy burped before returning to the pocket of space.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye used his right hand to grab the spear that was still stuck in his chest, and he pulled it out slowly.

Blood immediately started to spray from his chest as he pulled it out, and all that blood flowed into the blood red sword in his grasp.

After Yang Ye finished pulling out the spear, he was about to just toss it away, but he decided to keep it when he noticed it was at the Quasi Emperor Rank.

After that, he gazed at the middle aged mans corpse, waved his right hand, and took the 2 spatial rings that the middle aged man wore.

He was about to look through them when his expression changed slightly, and he immediately placed the middle aged mans corpse and the spatial rings into the ancient sheath.

Once he was done with that, he turned around and looked towards the distance.

The space there trembled before it gradually cracked open for a yellow robed middle aged man to walk out from within!

The yellow robed middle aged mans appearance was slightly similar to the middle aged man that Yang Ye had just killed.

“I asked you to stop! Didnt you hear me” The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye, and while his tone was calm, it carried ghastly coldness.

“Stop” A smile arose on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “Do I look like a fool You want me to keep him alive so that he can join forces with you and kill me How idiotic would I be if I really did that”

Would Doomsday City bury the hatchet with him if he spared the middle aged man No! They would join forces to kill him!

The yellow robed middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Youre truly surprised me.

Underestimating you is the most foolish decision my Doomsday City made.

But we wont anymore!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “How do you know that you arent underestimating me now”

“Is that so” The middle aged man slowly clenched his right fist and said, “Id like to see if I underestimated you!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I refuse to fight you now.

If you attack, then I will flee.

Trust me, youre absolutely unable to catch up to me.”

The middle aged man said, “Thats fine, the people at Cloudfall City are still there for me to kill!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Go ahead! Its fine even if you slaughter all of them! Because I really wouldnt be able to protect them if Doomsday City dispatches all its forces against us!”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at the middle aged man and spoke seriously, “However, Ill avenge them.

Ill use the remainder of my lifetime to hunt and kill members of your Doomsday City until Doomsday City is annihilated.

Right, you too.

Perhaps I cant kill you now, but what about when I attain the Quasi Emperor Realm Or the Emperor Realm”

The middle aged man looked Yang Ye in the eyes and said, “Are you threatening me”

A fierce smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, “Then how about we do this You go slaughter Cloudfall City, and Ill go slaughter Doomsday City.

I dont care.

See, my slaughter intent is at the Void Rank.

Do you know how many I killed to attain that Its definitely more than all the residents of your Doomsday City! So, I really dont mind if you want to play that game.

Itll just result in the deaths of a few, and I really dont care!”

“I can kill you first!” The middle aged man tapped his finger forward, and the entire expanse of space here trembled.

After that, a speck of cold light flashed.

In an instant, countless ghastly and sharp blades flashed out from the surrounding space and shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly while viciousness flashed through his eyes.

He swiftly swung the blood red sword in his grasp, and a ray of blood red light shot forward and collided with the sharp blades!


Numerous explosions resounded incessantly through the sky while the space there rippled violently without end!

The middle aged man grunted coldly and was about to attack once more.

However, Yang Ye suddenly transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

The middle aged man expression instantly changed at the sight of it.

Because Yang Ye was heading in Doomsday Citys direction!

“Dont you dare!” The middle aged man roared with fury as his figure vanished into the sky as well.

However, his face grew more and more unsightly as he pursued Yang Ye.

Because he noticed that Yang Yes speed wasnt slower than his own at all.

Especially Yang Yes sword technique which traveled through space, it was even much faster than him.

He realized that what Yang Ye had said earlier was no lie! He really couldnt catch up to Yang Ye if Yang Ye fled!

Around 15 minutes later, a huge city appeared within Yang Yes vision.

Yang Ye didnt look at the city, and he stopped instead before turning around to look at the yellow robed middle aged man whod just arrived not too far away from him.

He pointed his blood red sword at the middle aged man and said, “You go slaughter Cloudfall City and Ill slaughter Doomsday City.

Do you dare To be honest, I hope you do.

Because my sword has been stuck at the Emperor Rank for too long.

If I slaughter this entire city, then perhaps it might be able to advance further!”

The yellow robed middle aged man was furious, “Are you threatening me”

“I am threatening you!” As soon as Yang Yes ferocious voice resounded, he didnt waste another moment and immediately transformed into a ray of red light that shot towards Doomsday City.


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