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Right when Yang Ye was about to charge into Doomsday City, the yellow robed middle aged man obstructed Yang Yes path before raising his right hand.

He formed a blade with his palm and swung it at Yang Ye.


A strand of saber energy that stretched out for 3km appeared out of thin air, and it shot towards Yang Ye.

The space in the surroundings instantly started cracking apart, and it was an extremely shocking sight!

A ferocious smile arose on the corners of Yang Yes mouth.

He sheathed the blood red sword and drew it swiftly.


A sword howl shot into the sky as a blood red strand of sword energy tore through the sky and slammed against the saber energy.


A loud explosion resounded as the saber energy and sword energy exploded apart, and then a wave of sword energy and saber energy swept towards the surroundings.

Yang Ye and the middle aged man were standing 300m away from each other, and they didnt attack again.

Yang Ye gazed at the middle aged man with a smile on his face, and he said, “Let me be honest, youre not strong enough to kill me in an instant! Of course, you really do have a chance to kill me if you fight with everything youve got.

But if I were to fight desperately, I would have a chance to kill you as well.

Even if I cant kill you, I can still heavily injure you! If youre heavily injured, then your Doomsday City would be in danger.

Of course, perhaps Doomsday City still has Emperors, but if Im not wrong, since that Emperor still hasnt made an appearance now, that fellow is either not at Doomsday City or has other urgent matters to attend to.


The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “This isnt the end of it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and transformed into a ray of light that vanished into Doomsday City.

However, Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword and swung it.

A ray of sword energy shot into an expanse of space in the distance, and then a loud explosion resounded as the middle aged man appeared once more in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at the middle aged man and smiled, “Were you waiting to see how heavy my injuries are so that you can kill me”

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye in silence.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued, “Actually, Im really quite heavily injured.

If you use all your strength, youll definitely have a huge chance to kill me.

But the problem is, would you dare to do that Would you You wouldnt! I can abandon the people in Cloudfall City at any time.

In any case, I only establish it on a whim.

But your Doomsday City is huge.

Would you be willing to abandon it”

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before a wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of his mouth, “The true reason why you said so much and did all of this is because you actually want to protect Cloudfall City.


Yang Ye nodded, and then he looked up at the middle aged man, “Since youve seen through it, then why dont you dare to play with me After all, it would only take a few breaths of time for you to destroy Cloudfall City.

But it would probably be impossible for me to destroy Doomsday City in a short period.

However, your Doomsday City will be suffering from then on because an expert comparable to an Emperor would be eyeing it at all times from the shadows!”

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Just wait and see!”

“As you wish!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he shot off towards the distance.

The middle aged man clenched his fists slowly as he watched Yang Ye leave, and there was ghastly coldness in his eyes.

Hed had countless urges to kill Yang Ye earlier, but hed restrained himself in the end.

He was worried indeed.

He was worried that there would be an expert comparable to an Emperor eyeing Doomsday City from the shadows, and it was especially so when Doomsday City had already lost an Emperor.

As one of the few top powers of this world, Doomsday City naturally had many enemies.

Once those enemies were given the opportunity, they would definitely act against Doomsday City!

Besides that, Yang Ye seemed like a madman.

No, he should be called a madman.

After all, hed comprehended Void Rank slaughter intent, so was there anything that such a person wasnt capable of

In the end, the yellow robed middle aged man didnt want to fight Yang Ye to the death.

In any case, there was no rush to take revenge.

The middle aged man took a deep breath, forcefully suppressed the killing intent in his heart, glanced coldly at Cloudfall Citys direction, and then vanished into the sky.

Cloudfall City.

The entire city seethed with excitement when Yang Ye returned.

Yang Yes return proved that Yang Ye had won! Moreover, it proved Yang Yes strength wasnt just comparable to Emperors, it surpassed many Emperors!

At this moment, they felt their future wasnt so unclear anymore!

After all, with an expert comparable to an Emperor on their side, it was very likely for the Sword Alliance to become a Diamond Rank power of the continent in the future! Just thinking about it caused many to be unable to help but seethe with excitement, and their blood boiled with excitement as well!

Once he got back to Cloudfall City, Yang Ye immediately returned to his room, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, pondered deeply for a moment, and then sat cross-legged and started absorbing the energy within some violet crystals.

Actually, the yellow robed middle aged man didnt know that he was practically exhausted earlier.

Just the battle with an Emperor had consumed a huge amount of his profound energy, and his body was already tired.

In the end, hed even allowed himself to suffer injuries in order to kill that Emperor.

So, it could be said that his injuries were already very severe at that time.

Of course, when compared to the injuries hed suffered when his body had almost collapsed in the past, such injuries were just ordinary.

However, if the yellow robed middle aged man hadnt decided to leave, then he would really be in danger.

So, he had to act like a madman and act like he had no regard for his life.

Because that was how the world was.

The weak feared the strong, the strong feared those who had no regard for their own lives, and those who had no regard for their lives feared the insane.

Would a normal person fight a madman to the death

The middle aged man was a normal person, and he was a sensible person, so he naturally wouldnt!

Of course, the main reason was Yang Yes strength.

If one acted like a madman but possessed no strength, then one was just a fool!

As the Primordial Violet Energy repaired his body incessantly, the injuries throughout his body were gradually healing.

In less than an hour, most of his injuries were healed.

Even if Yang Ye was used to how extraordinary Primordial Violet Energy was, he was still shocked by its ability.

It was truly too heaven defying when it came to healing.

If it wasnt for his Primordial Violet Energy, he wouldnt have dared to let himself suffer injuries in order to strike his opponent down.

It could be said that besides the strength of his body, there was another reason why he dared to act like such a madman, and it was the Primordial Violet Energy.

So long as he wasnt killed with a single strike and was still breathing, then Primordial Violet Energy could bring him back!

Yang Yes immersed his consciousness into his body, and he gazed at the revolving tiny vortex in silence.

Hed attained the Saint Realm, but the tiny vortex still showed no signs of recovering. Is it because Im still not strong enough

He wouldnt have thought like that in the past because the Saint Realm was very strong.

Especially him.

His combat strength was pretty good, and at the very least, it was quite difficult for him to find a match amongst his peers at the same realm of cultivation.

But after hed witnessed the strengths of numerous other experts, he knew that Saints were actually very weak! So, not to mention the Saint Realm, even the Emperor Realm was very weak.

Lady, Qiong Qi, and the guardian who fought Lady that day.

Every single one of them was an existence who could kill Emperors with ease! But there were even stronger experts above them.

Not to mention the old man in Daoist robes, just the past number one expert of Dark Hell Continent, Jian Wuji whod created the Stellar Sword Diagram, was an existence that countless had to look up to!

As for the old man in Daoist robes….

In short, as his strength grew, he had a clearer understanding of how weak he was.

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time before he sighed softly, and then he opened his eyes.

No matter what, he felt it was fine so long as Su Qingshi and the others were alright.

As for the Primordial Violet Pagoda, he believed that it wouldnt be long before he could access it again.

Because the tiny vortex was clearly much livelier now, and it was even willing to communicate with him.

For example, it would immediately send him Primordial Violet Energy when he needed it, and he didnt have to try and convince it like he had in the past.

Yang Ye shook his head and restrained his thoughts before withdrawing the spatial ring hed gained from killing that Emperor just now.

He glanced at its contents.

There were almost 5,000 violet crystals, and a huge pile of other things.

But he didnt attach importance to any of them because all the treasures and techniques were mostly at the Divine Rank.

Even though he had no need for them, he could give them to the Sword Alliances members or sell them.

After all, the Sword Alliance needed violet crystals to improve its strength!

Yang Ye put the spatial ring away, and then a spear appeared in his grasp.

It was completely pitch black and icy cold, and there were mysterious symbols inscribed on it.

It was at the Quasi Emperor Rank!

Yang Ye sized it up for a short while, and then he nodded slightly before putting it aside.

Next, a blue palm-sized mirror appeared on his palm.

It was the treasure that Emperor had used to stop his attack earlier!

The mirror was completely blue and didnt seem special at all.

But Yang Ye knew that it wasnt ordinary because a blow that carried his full strength hadnt even been able to leave a mark on it.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he put it away as well.

Even though it wasnt bad, it wasnt really useful to him.

After all, his body was comparable to the Emperor Realm, and it was equivalent to Emperor Rank treasures.

So, if his enemys strength could pierce through his defenses, then it could naturally pierce through the mirror!

So, he felt that it was a waste to use it himself!

After he put the mirror away, Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant before he withdrew the corpse of that Emperor.

Hed never refined an Emperor into a Sword Servant, so he wasnt really confident! After all, besides exhausting spiritual energy, it might even cause him to suffer backlash.

It would be quite severe if he suffered backlash.

Because it wasnt something like his body, it couldnt be healed in a short while by Primordial Violet Energy.

If it was in the past, a little backlash wouldnt be a problem for him.

Yet now, Cloudfall City would be in danger if he suffered from backlash and was heavily injured.

Of course, it was impossible for him to give up.

He would absolutely not try if he was still just a Half-Saint.

But he was a Saint now!

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to raise his hands and start refining.

It didnt take long for the corpse to start shaking violently, and Yang Yes brows were knit tightly together while sweat had started to appear on his face.


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