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Yang Yes eyes were shut while his sword intent burned madly.

Had he ignited his sword intent impulsively Sort of! But he knew that if he stopped here today, then he might not ever be able to improve throughout his lifetime.

Moreover, his beliefs in the Sword Dao which he held firmly onto would instantly collapse as well.

He couldnt retreat, he absolutely couldnt! Hed done it so that he could take a step forward and so that he could maintain his heart towards the Sword Dao!

Otherwise, wouldnt his belief that hed held onto for so long, his belief that sword cultivators should be fearless, would be nothing but empty talk

Did he regret it

He didnt!

Yang Ye didnt regret it at all.

He feared nothing, but his sword intent felt fear.

Since it was like that, he didnt want his sword intent anymore!

Meanwhile, the old man was clearly shocked by Yang Yes actions.

He ignited his sword intent just because of that….

Hes absolutely insane.

Thats Void Rank sword intent! How much fortune had to be gained and pains had to be taken in order to attain Void Rank sword intent! Yet now, its gone just like that!

The old man withdrew his gaze and shook his head, “What a pity! What a pity!”

After all, a top-rate sword cultivator was gone just like that.

A sword cultivator without sword intent couldnt be considered to be a sword cultivator at all! As for such a persons combat strength, it would probably be inferior to an ordinary cultivator.

In next to no time, Yang Yes sword intent had been burnt to the 1st level, but Yang Ye was still burning it.

Another short while passed and Yang Yes sword intent had vanished completely.

At the moment his sword intent vanished, Yang Yes body felt light while his countenance turned ghastly pale.

However, there was a trace of a smile on the corners of his mouth.

“What a pity!” Meanwhile, the old man shook his head and turned around with the intention of leaving.

However, the intent sword which obstructed Yang Yes path had suddenly become translucent.

It didnt take long for it to slowly disperse into the air.

Yang Ye and the old man were stunned by this scene.

Suddenly, the sword intent in the surroundings started to surge madly towards Yang Ye.

In the beginning, it was only the sword intent around Yang Ye, but as time passed, more and more sword intent was surging incessantly towards Yang Ye for all over the mountain.

The old man was stunned on the spot.

Because he noticed that the sword intent throughout the mountain was surging madly towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned as well.

He didnt feel anything unusual after the sword intent surged into him, and it was even to the extent that he didnt sense the sword intent.

He felt like normal.

The slovenly old man suddenly said, “Kid, close your eyes and sense it.

Senior Jian Wuji is helping you improve your sword intent.

Attaining sword intent above the Void Rank sword intent requires comprehension! Hes definitely trying to remind you about it now!”

Comprehension! Yang Yes pupils constricted when he heard this.

He didnt hesitate to close his eyes and started sensing the sword intent that was surging incessantly into his body.

The old man gazed at Yang Ye with a trace of excitement and happiness in his eyes.

Because he might be able to personally witness the birth of sword intent above the Void Rank.

However, there was more bitterness and dejection in his eyes.

Hed thought that the intent sword had been left here by Jian Wuji to stop others from ascending the mountain, but he was wrong.

The intent sword was here as a test!

A test of what Resolve Courage Determination Fearlessness

He didnt know the answer.

But he knew that this young man who was just a little over 20 had passed.

A trace of bewilderment appeared in the old mans eyes, “Could it be that my heart towards the Sword Dao isnt even on par with a young man”

Yang Yes eyes were closed while countless strands of sword intent surged madly into him.

In the end, the sword intent stayed within him for a while before seeping out of his body again.

However, it didnt take long for the sword intent to surge back into him, and it formed an endless cycle of seeping out and surging back in.

Meanwhile at the foot of Godfall Mountain.

Dugu Jian, Qin Zhuyao, Huan Kong, and the others were looking up at the peak of the mountain, and there was shock in their eyes.

Because the sword intent around them was surging up the mountain.

Whats going on

All of them had the same question in their minds.

The sudden commotion created by the sword intent on Godfall Mountain was too great, so it didnt take long for numerous experts to flash over from all directions.

There were Quasi Emperors and even Emperors amongst them!

Suddenly, a ghastly voice swept out from the top of Godfall Mountain, “Besides sword cultivators, if anyone dares to come within 3,000km of Godfall Mountain or dares to sweep Godfall Mountain with their divine sense, then die!”

It was the slovenly old man.

He glanced at the surroundings with a sharp gaze, and he didnt seem so slovenly anymore.

Suddenly, a cold glow flashed through his eyes, “Youre courting death!”

As soon as he spoke, he twisted his finger forward and tapped it towards the distance.

After that, the sword on his waist transformed into a ray of light that shot forward.

“AHH!” A shrill cry resounded from 3km away.

A moment later, a shocked voice resounded, “Sword Control Point! You… youre from the Sword Gods Palace!”

The old man shot a cold glance at the man, “Ill kill you if you get closer!”

The other voice didnt resound again.

The others around Godfall Mountain whod intended to come closer had instantly discarded such thoughts.

The Sword Gods Palace!

Jian Wuji had established the Sword Gods Palace all those years ago.

However, it was gone now.

But no one dared to look down upon the power which had once been the number one power of the continent! Moreover, while the Sword Gods Palace had vanished, many of its members hadnt.

Especially those whod survived.

Every single one of them was a peerless expert!

Now, one of them was here!

Even though they were still curious about why such phenomena had appeared on Godfall Mountain, no one dared to come closer or scan the mountain with their divine sense.

Godfall Mountain.

Yang Yes eyes were closed, and his figure remained completely still like hed turned into a rock.

The old man gazed at Yang Ye while complicated emotions could be seen in his eyes.

Because even if Yang Ye wasnt able to attain a breakthrough in his sword intent, he would definitely obtain huge gains.

Moreover, once Yang Ye attained that breakthrough….

The old man withdrew his gaze and looked up at the peak of Godfall Mountain while complicated emotions remained within his eyes.

Time passed slowly, yet Yang Yes eyes were still closed tightly.

However, unlike before, his hands were clenched tightly, and his brows were knit tightly together as well.

The old was gradually revealed a nervous expression.

What was above the Void Rank Not to mention him, all the sword cultivators of Dark Hell Continent didnt know.

Will he succeed or fail

In the blink of an eye, 2 days had passed, but Yang Yes eyes were still closed.

Moreover, the sword intent throughout Godfall Mountain was still maintaining the cycle of surging into him and seeping out.

After 5 days had passed, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes.

As soon as he did, the sword intent within him instantly seeped out.

This time, it didnt surge back into him again, and they returned to where they once were.

It didnt take long for Godfall Mountain to return to how it had been.

The old man asked with a slightly anxious expression, “Did you succeed”

Yang Ye didnt answer the old man and just closed his eyes.

Almost 2 hours passed before Yang Ye opened his eyes again.

He turned to look at the old man and said, “Actually, sword intent is everywhere.”

As he spoke, Yang Ye stretched out his hand and tapped the space in front of him.

After that, the old man watched with astonishment as an intent sword appeared in front of Yang Ye.

This intent sword wasnt the intent sword from before, but it gave him the same feeling as the intent sword from before.

He succeeded! The old man took 2 steps back, and he shot a complicated gaze at Yang Ye.

But his eyes were mostly filled with bitterness.

Hed thought about igniting his sword intent as well, but he quickly rejected such a stupid thought.

Because if he did that, then he would really be courting death.

Jian Wuji could have used the simplest method to pass down his knowledge to the future generations, but Jian Wuji hadnt.

Why Was he trying to keep it for himself No! If he wanted to do that, then he wouldnt have left the intent sword behind.

The reason he did that was because one had to truly gain comprehension in order to advance from the Void Rank of sword intent.

Such comprehension couldnt be expressed through words, and it required one to gain comprehension on ones own!

Just like many other things in the world.

It sounded very simple when others spoke of it, and it even seemed simple, but only when one tried to accomplish it would one realize that it wasnt simple at all.


Wholehearted comprehension was the key to breaking through the Void Rank of sword intent.

If he were to copy Yang Yes actions without gaining true comprehension, then he would just be courting death.

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes again.

After almost 6 days of time, hed finally understood what Jian Wuji wanted to tell him.

He possessed Void Rank sword intent, and it was the limits his body was capable of enduring.

It was like how a cup could only hold a certain amount of water, and it was impossible to fill a cup with a basin of water!

What should be done once those limits are reached

The solution was to transform the body into an ocean.

In that way, it wouldnt just hold a cup of water, it would hold an ocean of water!

But to transform the body into an ocean, it required destruction and reconstruction.

In other words, thecup which was the limit, had to be destroyed.

Now, his sword intent didnt come from within his body, and so long as he willed it, his sword intent would be everywhere! It could be said that the intent swords he condensed into form now were even stronger than Emperor Rank weapons!

As for its suppressive effects towards sword cultivators, it was even more terrifying than before now.

Just like this very moment, even 100 Dugu Jians wouldnt be able to harm the intent sword that hed just condensed into form.

Not to mention Dugu Jian, even the slovenly old man beside him could do nothing to it.

Unless the old man didnt utilize sword energy and sword intent, otherwise Yang Ye could utilize sword intent to completely suppress the old man even if the old man had surpassed the Emperor Realm!

It was absolute suppression!

Just like how Jian Wujis sword intent had suppressed him earlier!

Yang Ye opened his eyes.

He was about to continue forward when he suddenly looked at the old man, “Senior, are you all alone”

The old man nodded and said, “Why”

Yang Ye replied, “I wonder if youre willing to stay in Cloudfall City I stay there.

Seniors attainments in the Sword Dao are extraordinary, so Id like to seek guidance from you!”

The old man glanced at him and said, “Kid, stop beating around the bust.

Your current sword intent is entirely capable of suppressing me.

You want to seek guidance from me I should be the one who seeks guidance from you.

You asked me to head to Cloudfall City because you hope that I will fight for you, right”

He saw through me. Yang Ye didnt reveal any embarrassment.

He just smiled and said, “That is my intention, but my intent to seek guidance from you isnt fake.

I presume youve realized that while my sword intent has advanced, my knowledge in the Sword Dao is extremely limited.

Of course, if youre not willing, then just forget I ever asked!”

The old man glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Even if you didnt say anything, I still would have gone with you.”

After all, he wanted to attain a breakthrough as well, and he would have the best chance of doing so if he went with Yang Ye.

Even though Jian Wujis sword intent was above the Void Rank as well, but this fellow before him was a living existence with sword intent that was above the Void Rank!

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard this.

After all, the old man wasnt just an Emperor, he was a sword cultivator.

So, those ordinary Emperors couldnt compare to the old mans strength at all.

Besides that, he wouldnt have to fear Doomsday City and the Dark Sky Sect with the old mans presence in Cloudfall City.

Of course, he wouldnt fear Doomsday City and the Dark Sky Sect now even if the old man refused, and that even included their joint forces!

Presently, he could annihilate ordinary Emperors with a flick of his finger!


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